In case you needed an excuse to go around slappin' hands held on high, there is a day specifically created for that purpose. Yes, April 18th is National High-Five Day. It's real. I don't think I know anyone that doesn't enjoy a good high-five. We've even got cards for you to give to your best bros. Two designs so you can pick your poison.


Miami Vice flavor?


Adventure Time Scented?

Want some history on the high-five? No? Sure you do.

The greatest celebratory hand gesture of the 20th century was first documented in 1977 by L.A. Dodgers players Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke, celebrating some homeruns. That's that.

Today we’ve added fist bumps, finger guns, and strange rocket gestures to our celebration repetoire, but none can replace the high-five. Celebrate this day by high-fiving friends, family, and complete unsuspecting strangers. High-five everyone. Forever.

high-five bro

high-five bro

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