In our opin­ion, good greet­ing card writ­ers are basi­cal­ly celebri­ties. They deserve all the hugs and choco­lates and flow­ers because they are the bread to our but­ter!

While we could spout end­less­ly about so many of the best card lines, we are super for­tu­nate to have a greet­ing card celebri­ty as part of our very own staff!! I mean, all of our staff are encour­aged to give writ­ing a good card a crack, but there is a star amount us, and in hon­or of Hug a Greet­ing Card Writer Day, I want to take a moment to send a big old shout out to our very own, super awe­some Jes­si Sedon!! 


Jes­si has designed some amaz­ing cards for us. Yeah.! Did you know that? Did you real­ize that some of the cards we sell here are our very own lines? Well, NOW YOU KNOW! Or you prob­a­bly knew that because we’re real­ly proud of them so we talk about them a lot. >.>

ANYWHO! Jes­si has designed some WHAM-BAM cards recent­ly. She’s like an artis­tic genius and we could not be more thank­ful to have her in our fam­i­ly of crazy-cool weirdos.

Next time you stop in the store, say hi to (yeah, i’m just going to say it) Pittsburgh’s GREATEST Greet­ing Card Writer! She gets to refuse hugs if she wants to (HER BODY HER CHOICE), but I bet you she won’t refuse a giant smile and may­be some choco­lates! Or, just spend some time check­ing out all of her beau­ti­ful art­work.

Thanks for every­thing Jes­si! We Love You! 

So, what do you think?