I hope you’re eat­ing break­fast all day because it is Leslie Knope’s favorite hol­i­day: Nation­al Waf­fle Day!!!  On August 24, 1869, Cor­nelius Swarthout of Troy, New York, patent­ed the waf­fle iron (Patent num­ber 94,043 for all of you out there who still think you’re going to win Jeop­ardy one day).   In 1953, Eggo frozen waf­fles were devel­oped. Did you know that the Ancient Greeks were the first waf­fle mak­ers?  They cooked flat cakes between two met­al plates held over burn­ing embers.

I don't know Leslie, I don't know...

I don’t know Leslie, I don’t know…

Now that you know the basic his­to­ry of the waf­fle, here are some eggo-celent waf­fle quotes from the bad­dest bitch in Pawnee, Indi­ana.

We all like waffles, especially when we're in the hospital.

We all like waf­fles, espe­cial­ly when we’re in the hos­pi­tal.

We need to remem­ber what’s impor­tant in life: friends, waf­fles, work.  Or waf­fles, friends, work.  Doesn’t mat­ter, but work is third.”


Every­one should love waf­fles.  If they don’t they’re crazy.”

All waffles should be friendship wafles!

All waf­fles should be friend­ship wafles!

Leslie mea­sures time in terms of waf­fles:  “Maria, I’m going to need two hours worth of waf­fles.”

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JJ: “Sure, any­thing for my favorite cus­tomer.”
Leslie: “I bet you say that to all the girls.”
JJ: “Oh no, no.  Actu­al­ly you are my favorite.  You’ve spent over a thou­sand dol­lars last year on waf­fles alone.”

So, what do you think?