Ah, Bour­bon. The ‘Native Spir­it’ of Amer­i­ca. Rather Bad Ass, don’t ya think?  I real­ly don’t think there is any­thing bet­ter at the end of the day than a glass of good bour­bon. Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­th came into being in 2007 by a Ken­tucky Sen­a­tor (Ken­tucky is known as Bour­bon Coun­try, fyi) ‚ and cel­e­brates the fam­i­ly her­itage, tra­di­tion and deep-root­ed lega­cy that the bour­bon indus­try con­tributes to the Unit­ed States.”  Cel­e­brat­ing respon­si­bly and in mod­er­a­tion, of course.





Any­one else’s mouth water­ing while look­ing at this pic, or is it just me?


Here’s the thing about me, I love bour­bon, don’t care for whiskey. Which is real­ly strange because all bour­bons are con­sid­ered whiskeys, but not all whiskeys are con­sid­ered bour­bons. But I swear, I can taste the dif­fer­ence. So what’s the dif­fer­ence between bour­bon and whiskey? Short expla­na­tion is how it’s aged. Whiskey can be aged in re-used bar­rels, but bour­bon must be aged in NEW charred AMERICAN white oak bar­rels. ‘Muri­ca! After the bar­rels have been used once, many oth­er spir­its (like tequi­la, scotch, etc) are aged in them to help impart the bour­bon fla­vor to those spir­its. Hey, why waste a bar­rel, am I right?






Hel­lo, Gor­geous!


Also, here’s a pret­ty cool info­graph about bour­bon. I LOVE INFOGRAPHS! Espe­cial­ly ones about alco­hol!

So, this mon­th, get out there and cel­e­brate Bour­bon Her­itage Mon­th by get­tin’ yer bour­bon on! I raise my glass to you!





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