My name is Jess and I'm in love with the idea of libraries.

If you know me you know that the library is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. I tend to get really excited when I talk about them, and here's why.

Libraries represent everything that is right with the world. Want to learn how to knit, or plant a garden? Suddenly interested in a new genre or author? Thinking about getting a dog? Thinking about having a baby? Libraries provide you with an extremely useful amount of free knowledge. Not to mention all of the sessions they hold for things like intermediate French conversation club, teen book clubs, or children's story time. And it doesn't just stop at books. Libraries also offer movies to rent for a small fee, books on tape (or CD), computers, access to the internet, tons of magazines to read, printers, help finding a job or fixing up your resume... Libraries do all of the things that have the power to positively change someone's life. Reading keeps me sane and the endless amount of books the library houses will keep me reading, well, forever. So let's celebrate National Library Week and get to the library!

Arthur had it right all along

So, what do you think?