Pizza parties are one of the best things you can do for others. You might think giving compliments or generally being courteous or even giving people money is important, but nothing is more important than pizza parties.

The announcement of a pizza party will instantly lift the spirits of any group of people. This relatively small gesture of free, warm, cheesy pizza is one of the best ways to get people smiling. This is just science people. Science.

This is literally what will happen.

Before pizza party:



After pizza party:


The Ninja Turtles had the right idea:


If you really want to get sneaky, you can host a secret pizza party, like the racoon main character in the awesome book we sell, entitled Secret Pizza Party. All he ever wants is pizza, but he keeps getting "bonked" in the head with a broom. So he devises a plan to get himself some pizza to have a secret pizza party. It's a wonderful book and a wonderful idea. All pizza parties are a wonderful idea!

May your pizza party be blessed with warm cheesy pizza, good conversation, and good times :)

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