root beer

Look at that. Look at it. Delicious.

Sometimes I'm afraid that the Root Beer Float doesn't get the respect it deserves.  There are people out there who "don't like root beer."  I think they're mostly terrorists.  There are also people out there who, though they admit the superiority of root beer as a beverage, don't think highly of root beer floats, citing such silliness as "they're messy," "the ice cream melts," and other such nonsense.


Then Root Beer Float Day arrives and all my fears are assuaged.  The very fact that they have a day all to themselves should be enough to convince even the most recalcitrant naysayers.  You know what else has a day all to itself?  Christmas.  Independence.  Homemade Bread!  These are the ranks in which one finds the noble root beer float.  I say, therefore, that people who don't celebrate Root Beer Float Day are wrong!  Wrong and terrible!  Wrong, terrible, and useless!  Because if there's one thing better than root beer, it's root beer with freaking ice cream in it.  Respect.

root beer float cupcakes


Since it's also Cupcake Day (see that awesome card below), here's a recipe that will make the awesome potential of this day a reality.  Root Beer Float Cupcakes.  And yes, I will be making them imminently.


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