I'm not gonna get into the technical science-y parts of winter solstice because well, that's not really what's important to me. What's important to me is that from this day forward, the days get a little longer each day! Aside from that, you have a very long night ahead to do a lot of fun, night time things and a very short day as well.

Ten things you can do to celebrate winter solstice:

  1. Have a night time movie marathon! Sols Movie Marathon
  2. Have a winter solstice party! Invite your friends over and use this as an excuse to drink!

    Sols Party

    Have a cool snowflake themed party like this one!

  3. Binge watch a series on Netflix. Orange is the New Black here I come!
    Sols Netflix
  4. Get no sleep! Stay up allllllll night. Have fun at work tomorrow!

    This could be you

    This could be you

  5. Go outside at noon and measure your shadow (it will be extremely long!

    Long shadows!

    Long shadows!

  6. Have winter solstice fireworks!

    Sols Fireworks


  7. Make your own Stonehenge in your yard!

    Here's a helpful diagram

    Here's a helpful diagram

  8. Celebrate every occurrence of the number 23 (the earth tilts at 23.5°)

    Sols 23.5


  9. Watch the sunset- it's so early!
    SOls Sunset
  10. Spend your evening in a candlelit environment! Such ambience.

    Sols Candles

    Just get like a majillion of these

So, what do you think?