I’m not gonna get into the tech­ni­cal sci­ence-y parts of win­ter sol­stice because well, that’s not real­ly what’s impor­tant to me. What’s impor­tant to me is that from this day for­ward, the days get a lit­tle longer each day! Aside from that, you have a very long night ahead to do a lot of fun, night time things and a very short day as well.

Ten things you can do to cel­e­brate win­ter sol­stice:

  1. Have a night time movie marathon! Sols Movie Marathon
  2. Have a win­ter sol­stice par­ty! Invite your friends over and use this as an excuse to drink! 

    Sols Party

    Have a cool snowflake themed par­ty like this one!

  3. Binge watch a series on Net­flix. Orange is the New Black here I come!
    Sols Netflix
  4. Get no sleep! Stay up all­l­l­l­l­ll night. Have fun at work tomor­row!

    This could be you

    This could be you

  5. Go out­side at noon and mea­sure your shad­ow (it will be extreme­ly long! 

    Long shadows!

    Long shad­ows!

  6. Have win­ter sol­stice fire­works!

    Sols Fireworks


  7. Make your own Stone­henge in your yard! 

    Here's a helpful diagram

    Here’s a help­ful dia­gram

  8. Cel­e­brate every occur­rence of the num­ber 23 (the earth tilts at 23.5°)

    Sols 23.5


  9. Watch the sun­set- it’s so ear­ly!
    SOls Sunset
  10. Spend your evening in a can­dlelit envi­ron­ment! Such ambi­ence.

    Sols Candles

    Just get like a majil­lion of the­se

So, what do you think?