Dem herbs, doe.

August 29th is More Herbs, Less Salt Day!  Herbs are fantastic, guys.  Herbs are what takes food from drab to fab, they're the saving grace of such bland things as potatoes and quinoa, they are, in short, food's reason for living.


Allllllllll the herbs!

Where would that healthy grilled chicken be without a little rub of rosemary?  Blahsville, that's where.  And those cute little new potatoes?  Without some chives or some parsley, you may as well be eating balls of paste.  And of course, though it's not quite universally loved, who can forget the culinary might of cilantro in a salsa or a chutney?


Ah, herby goodness!

More Herbs, Less Salt Day is a day to remember both the risks of over-salting one's food and the pleasures of using fresh herbs in one's cooking (and eating.)  Seriously, is there anything that can make you feel more like a real chef than adding a pinch of fresh oregano to a simmering dish?  There is not.


Did you know that British people pronounce the 'h' in 'herbs'? Did you also know that cilantro is the leafy portion of the coriander plant? The more you knoooooooow!

So for real, get you some herbs, make some food, and enjoy the delicious and complex flavors that only herbs can provide.  Salt is great, but in the end it just makes things salty.  Herbs are way more useful.

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