January 2016 Featured Image

Wel­come 2016! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF OUR LIVES? We’re pumped to start a fresh new year here at KU. And what, with all of the­se awe­some hol­i­days and birth­days to cel­e­brate? Even more bet­ter-er! Read on to find out why you should be drink­ing hot tea, eat­ing soup, toss­ing your fruit­cake, and writ­ing let­ters this mon­th!


In the mon­th long depart­ment, we’ve got Nation­al Hot Tea Mon­thNation­al Mail Order Gar­den­ing Mon­thNation­al Soup Mon­thOat­meal Mon­th, and Self-Love Mon­th.

Of course, Jan­u­ary first is New Year’s Day! Ring in the new year with a bay­ber­ry can­dle and  START YO RESOLUTIONS! We’re resolv­ing to be more awe­some than we cur­rent­ly are. (Tough to top, we know.) Drink­ing Straw Day and Fruit­cake Toss Day are on Jan­u­ary 3. Straws for all! Who even sends a fruit­cake? What’s the point of cake with fruit in it?? On Twelfth Night (Jan­u­ary 5), we mark the offi­cial end of Christ­mas. Christ­mas lives on in our hearts all year long, though. Bub­ble Bath Day (Jan­u­ary 8) is a great day to relax, light some can­dles, and read a book. Or just med­i­tate. What­ev­er floats your bath boat.

Birth­days this week: J.D. Salinger (Jan­u­ary 1), J.R.R. Tolkien (Jan­u­ary 3), Sher­lock Holmes (Jan­u­ary 6), Charles Addams (Jan­u­ary 7), and Stephen Hawk­ing (Jan­u­ary 8).

Uni­ver­sal Let­ter Writ­ing Week runs from Jan­u­ary 10–16, and it’s a great time to catch up with peo­ple who you haven’t talked to in a while. There’s noth­ing quite like get­ting snail mail! KU Book Club meets on Jan­u­ary 10 at 6 PM to dis­cuss Swamp­lan­dia by Karen Rus­sell. Come talk books with us! To hon­or the Birth of Pub­lic Broad­cast­ing (Jan­u­ary 13), we cel­e­brate Mr. Rogers because um, he’s the best part of pub­lic broad­cast­ing. Rub­ber Ducky Day (Jan­u­ary 13) means rem­i­nisc­ing about that time we had a giant rub­ber duck at the point dah­n­tahn. On Appre­ci­ate a Drag­on Day (Jan­u­ary 16), let’s take our drag­ons out for a spin. Or your neigh­bors! On Inter­na­tion­al Fetish Day (Jan­u­ary 15) let your freak flag fly! What­ev­er your fetish is, do it up!

Birth­days this week: Severus Snape (Jan­u­ary 9), and Charles Per­rault (Jan­u­ary 12).

Judg­ment Day is here yet again  (Jan­u­ary 17). Welp, whether the world ends or keeps on spin­nin, life has been pret­ty okay! On Pop­corn Day (Jan­u­ary 19) get that BUTTER OUT! Pop that corn! Yum. For Talk Like a Griz­zled Prospec­tor Day (Jan­u­ary 24), talk-a-like-a-this:

Birth­days this week: A.A. Mil­ne (Jan­u­ary 18), Buffy Sum­mers, Edgar Allen Poe, and Patri­cia High­smith (Jan­u­ary 19), and Han­ni­bal Lecter (Jan­u­ary 20).

On Bub­ble Wrap Appre­ci­a­tion Day (Jan­u­ary 25), you can spend the whole day putting up bub­ble wrap as wall­pa­per. AS IT WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED. On Nation­al Kazoo Day (Jan­u­ary 28) you can annoy all of your co-work­ers by play­ing a kazoo when you’re not talk­ing. Which works out because the 28th is also Fun at Work Day!

Birth­days this week: Lewis Car­roll (Jan­u­ary 27), Aqua­man (Jan­u­ary 29), and Lily Pot­ter (Jan­u­ary 30).

So, what do you think?