January 2016 Featured Image

Welcome 2016! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL OF OUR LIVES? We're pumped to start a fresh new year here at KU. And what, with all of these awesome holidays and birthdays to celebrate? Even more better-er! Read on to find out why you should be drinking hot tea, eating soup, tossing your fruitcake, and writing letters this month!


In the month long department, we've got National Hot Tea MonthNational Mail Order Gardening MonthNational Soup MonthOatmeal Month, and Self-Love Month.

Of course, January first is New Year’s Day! Ring in the new year with a bayberry candle and  START YO RESOLUTIONS! We're resolving to be more awesome than we currently are. (Tough to top, we know.) Drinking Straw Day and Fruitcake Toss Day are on January 3. Straws for all! Who even sends a fruitcake? What's the point of cake with fruit in it?? On Twelfth Night (January 5), we mark the official end of Christmas. Christmas lives on in our hearts all year long, though. Bubble Bath Day (January 8) is a great day to relax, light some candles, and read a book. Or just meditate. Whatever floats your bath boat.

Birthdays this week: J.D. Salinger (January 1), J.R.R. Tolkien (January 3), Sherlock Holmes (January 6), Charles Addams (January 7), and Stephen Hawking (January 8).

Universal Letter Writing Week runs from January 10-16, and it's a great time to catch up with people who you haven't talked to in a while. There's nothing quite like getting snail mail! KU Book Club meets on January 10 at 6 PM to discuss Swamplandia by Karen Russell. Come talk books with us! To honor the Birth of Public Broadcasting (January 13), we celebrate Mr. Rogers because um, he's the best part of public broadcasting. Rubber Ducky Day (January 13) means reminiscing about that time we had a giant rubber duck at the point dahntahn. On Appreciate a Dragon Day (January 16), let's take our dragons out for a spin. Or your neighbors! On International Fetish Day (January 15) let your freak flag fly! Whatever your fetish is, do it up!

Birthdays this week: Severus Snape (January 9), and Charles Perrault (January 12).

Judgment Day is here yet again  (January 17). Welp, whether the world ends or keeps on spinnin, life has been pretty okay! On Popcorn Day (January 19) get that BUTTER OUT! Pop that corn! Yum. For Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day (January 24), talk-a-like-a-this:

Birthdays this week: A.A. Milne (January 18), Buffy Summers, Edgar Allen Poe, and Patricia Highsmith (January 19), and Hannibal Lecter (January 20).

On Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (January 25), you can spend the whole day putting up bubble wrap as wallpaper. AS IT WAS ORIGINALLY INTENDED. On National Kazoo Day (January 28) you can annoy all of your co-workers by playing a kazoo when you're not talking. Which works out because the 28th is also Fun at Work Day!

Birthdays this week: Lewis Carroll (January 27), Aquaman (January 29), and Lily Potter (January 30).

So, what do you think?