Hi! Happy January! We're speeding into the future here, and we've got a lot to celebrate this month. 2017, International Kiss A Ginger DayCheese Lovers Day and more! Read on to see what we're celebrating this month.


First up we've got New Year's Day and Bloody Mary Day (January 1). Since we're gonna need it, January 2 is National Motivation and Inspiration Day, and National Science Fiction Day. We're suckers for some good sci fi. Not a lot of holidays this week, but TONS OF BIRTHDAYS!

January 1: JD Salinger, January 2: Isaac Asimov, January 3: J.R.R. Tolkien, January 6: Sherlock Holmes, January 7: Charles Addams


Starting off this week, we have Bubble Bath Day (January 8)! Sit back and reeeeeelax. Next is Word Nerd Day (January 9) followed by No Pants Subway Ride Day (January 10). We've never wanted to ride the subway so much before. January 11 is a busy day with National Hot Toddy DayLearn Your Name In Morse Code Day, and Secret Pal Day. On January 12, have some tea and  kiss a redhead: it's National Hot Tea Day and International Kiss A Ginger Day. It's Rubber Duckie Day, and Public Radio Broadcasting Day on January 13. January 14th means dressing up your pet and getting your shit together because it's Dress Up Your Pet Day, and Organize Your Home Day. Do you like figs? Get ready: it's National Fig Newton Day  on January 16.

January 8: Stephen Hawking, January 9: Severus Snape, January 12: Murakami



Do you like dragons? It's Appreciate a Dragon Day on January 16. The 17th is National Hot Buttered Rum Day, so you should get to buttering your rum. Winnie the Pooh Day and Thesaurus Day are both happening on January 18, and January 19th is Popcorn Day. It seems like no coincidence that International Fetish Day and Cheese Lovers Day are on the same day (January 20). Get out your sweats and hug a squirrel, because it's International Sweatpants Day, Squirrel Appreciation Day, and National Hug Day (January 21). Ready your taste buds and put hot sauce on everything: National Hot Sauce Day is January 22.

January 18: A.A. Milne, January 19: Poe and Buffy Summers, January 20: Hannibal Lecter


You'll have lots of fun on Answer Your Cat's Questions Day (January 22). Get your veggies in on National Rhubarb Day (January 23) and talk like a grizzled prospector on Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day (January 24). Drive everyone nuts on Opposite Day (January 25). Enjoy some peanut brittle and D&D on National Peanut Brittle Day and Dungeons & Dragons Day (January 26). Plan a party at the office for International Fun At Work Day (January 27). The next day, have blueberry pancakes, celebrate the year of the chicken, swap seeds and play your kazoo for National Blueberry Pancake DayChinese New YearNational Seed Swap Day, and National Kazoo Day (January 28). Puzzle Day shares the spotlight with Curmudgeons Day (January 29). The 30th is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day and Yodel for Your Neighbor Day, and we wrap up January with National Hot Chocolate DayBrandy Alexander Day, and Hell Is Freezing Over Day (January 31).

January 27: Lewis Carroll, January 29: Aquaman, January 30: Lily Potter

So, what do you think?