Hi! Hap­py Jan­u­ary! We’re speed­ing into the future here, and we’ve got a lot to cel­e­brate this mon­th. 2017, Inter­na­tion­al Kiss A Gin­ger DayCheese Lovers Day and more! Read on to see what we’re cel­e­brat­ing this mon­th.


First up we’ve got New Year’s Day and Bloody Mary Day (Jan­u­ary 1). Since we’re gonna need it, Jan­u­ary 2 is Nation­al Moti­va­tion and Inspi­ra­tion Day, and Nation­al Sci­ence Fic­tion Day. We’re suck­ers for some good sci fi. Not a lot of hol­i­days this week, but TONS OF BIRTHDAYS!

Jan­u­ary 1: JD Salinger, Jan­u­ary 2: Isaac Asi­mov, Jan­u­ary 3: J.R.R. Tolkien, Jan­u­ary 6: Sher­lock Holmes, Jan­u­ary 7: Charles Addams


Start­ing off this week, we have Bub­ble Bath Day (Jan­u­ary 8)! Sit back and reeeeee­lax. Next is Word Nerd Day (Jan­u­ary 9) fol­lowed by No Pants Sub­way Ride Day (Jan­u­ary 10). We’ve nev­er want­ed to ride the sub­way so much before. Jan­u­ary 11 is a busy day with Nation­al Hot Tod­dy DayLearn Your Name In Morse Code Day, and Secret Pal Day. On Jan­u­ary 12, have some tea and  kiss a red­head: it’s Nation­al Hot Tea Day and Inter­na­tion­al Kiss A Gin­ger Day. It’s Rub­ber Duck­ie Day, and Pub­lic Radio Broad­cast­ing Day on Jan­u­ary 13. Jan­u­ary 14th means dress­ing up your pet and get­ting your shit togeth­er because it’s Dress Up Your Pet Day, and Orga­nize Your Home Day. Do you like figs? Get ready: it’s Nation­al Fig New­ton Day  on Jan­u­ary 16.

Jan­u­ary 8: Stephen Hawk­ing, Jan­u­ary 9: Severus Snape, Jan­u­ary 12: Murakami



Do you like drag­ons? It’s Appre­ci­ate a Drag­on Day on Jan­u­ary 16. The 17th is Nation­al Hot But­tered Rum Day, so you should get to but­ter­ing your rum. Win­nie the Pooh Day and The­saurus Day are both hap­pen­ing on Jan­u­ary 18, and Jan­u­ary 19th is Pop­corn Day. It seems like no coin­ci­dence that Inter­na­tion­al Fetish Day and Cheese Lovers Day are on the same day (Jan­u­ary 20). Get out your sweats and hug a squir­rel, because it’s Inter­na­tion­al Sweat­pants Day, Squir­rel Appre­ci­a­tion Day, and Nation­al Hug Day (Jan­u­ary 21). Ready your taste buds and put hot sauce on every­thing: Nation­al Hot Sauce Day is Jan­u­ary 22.

Jan­u­ary 18: A.A. Mil­ne, Jan­u­ary 19: Poe and Buffy Sum­mers, Jan­u­ary 20: Han­ni­bal Lecter


You’ll have lots of fun on Answer Your Cat’s Ques­tions Day (Jan­u­ary 22). Get your veg­gies in on Nation­al Rhubarb Day (Jan­u­ary 23) and talk like a griz­zled prospec­tor on Talk Like A Griz­zled Prospec­tor Day (Jan­u­ary 24). Dri­ve every­one nuts on Oppo­site Day (Jan­u­ary 25). Enjoy some peanut brit­tle and D&D on Nation­al Peanut Brit­tle Day and Dun­geons & Drag­ons Day (Jan­u­ary 26). Plan a par­ty at the office for Inter­na­tion­al Fun At Work Day (Jan­u­ary 27). The next day, have blue­ber­ry pan­cakes, cel­e­brate the year of the chick­en, swap seeds and play your kazoo for Nation­al Blue­ber­ry Pan­cake DayChi­ne­se New YearNation­al Seed Swap Day, and Nation­al Kazoo Day (Jan­u­ary 28). Puz­zle Day shares the spot­light with Cur­mud­geons Day (Jan­u­ary 29). The 30th is Bub­ble Wrap Appre­ci­a­tion Day and Yodel for Your Neigh­bor Day, and we wrap up Jan­u­ary with Nation­al Hot Choco­late DayBrandy Alexan­der Day, and Hell Is Freez­ing Over Day (Jan­u­ary 31).

Jan­u­ary 27: Lewis Car­roll, Jan­u­ary 29: Aqua­man, Jan­u­ary 30: Lily Pot­ter

So, what do you think?