HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2019! The year of better drive-through service! The year of living coral! (the color, not the…. actual coral. sadly.) The year of the Pig! The Euro turns 20 and Facebook turns 15! People born in 2001 can vote in the USA! So much is happening in 2019! Will we survive? WHO CAN SAY?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here…. Right now, we’re all about just surviving January. If you need something to celebrate in January, we have a whole list of fun events headed this way! Keep reading for more!

January 1st! It’s New Year’s Day! It’s also Bloody Mary Day, National Hangover Day and Polar Bear Plunge Day! Plenty of options to clear your head after a long night of drinking bubbly. Take the day to give your head a rest, because January 2nd is all about dreaming and scheming: it’s National Motivation and Inspiration Day and National Science Fiction Day!

Enough work for the year! January 3rd is the Festival of Sleep. It’s also Fruitcake Toss Day. Are there people in this world who still gift fruitcakes? We should toss them too.

January 4th is National Spaghetti Day and National Trivia Day. Fun fact, did you know the Saxons called January the wolf month because hungry wolves would come into their towns searching for food this time of year? You’re welcome. You’re ready for Trivia now.

January 5th is Twelfth Night, and if you’re anything like me, you could celebrate by pretending it’s Christmas all over again because there’s NEVER TOO MUCH CHRISTMAS!

Birthdays the first week of January include: JD Salinger(Jan 1), Isaac Asimov(Jan 2), Diane Keaton(Jan 5), and Sherlock Holmes(Jan 6).

January 8th is National English Toffee Day and Bubble Bath Day! I don’t recommend eating the toffee in the bath. That sounds gross. Next up is Word Nerd Day on January 9th, and Peculiar People Day on January 10th. We love word nerds and peculiar people!

On January 11th, you can celebrate National Hot Toddy Day, Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day and Secret Pal Day! And then on the 12th, there’s National Hot Tea day and International Kiss A Ginger Day! We cannot emphasize enough the notion of consent, here. It is 100% bad luck to kiss a Ginger if they don’t want you to. It’s also rude.

January 13th is Rubber Ducky Day and Public Radio Broadcasting Day. Please do not mix and match these two. No live wires in your ducky’s bath tub.

Birthdays in the second week of January include: Jeremy Renner, Nicholas Cage and Charles Addams(all Jan 7), David Bowie and Stephen Hawking(both Jan 8), Severus Snape(Jan 9), H.A.L. 9000(Jan 12), and Haruki Murakami(Jan 12).

January 14th is Dress Up Your Pet Day and Organize Your Home Day! Now, I do not recommend organizing your closet by putting all of your clothes you never wear on your dog to see if they are worth keeping. Who in this world would think that’s a thing? What? No, I’ve never done that. Never, I say!

January 15th is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Day. #Respect

Did you know there is a day dedicated to Fig Newtons? Jan 16th is National Fig Newton day. It’s also Appreciate a Dragon Day! Next up is National Hot Buttered Rum Day. Tell. Everyone. And then, Thesaurus Day and International Fetish Day (Jan 18th), Popcorn Day(Jan 19) and Cheese Lovers Day(Jan 20). CHEESE ALL DAY.

Birthdays the third week of January include: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.(Jan 15), Winnie the Pooh(Jan 18), Betty White(Jan 17), Edgar Allan Poe and Buffy Summers(both Jan 19), Rainn Wilson and Hannibal Lecter(both Jan 20).

January 21st is International Sweatpants Day. Celebrants will be unable to sit with the Plastics. They probably won’t allow Squirrel lovers or huggers either, so if you’re celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day or National Hug Day(both also Jan 21), you might have more luck with the Burnouts or the Sexually Active Band Geeks.

National Hot Sauce Day and Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day is on January 22nd, followed by National Rhubarb Day and National Handwriting Day on January 23rd. And then, you glorious human who has so wisely chosen to read this lowly blog, it’s National Compliment Day. (We started early.) January 25th is Opposite Day and International Fun at Work Day, and I just think it’s quite fitting that those two holidays lined up this year. Then, we have National Peanut Brittle Day and National Seed Swap Day, both Jan 26.

Birthdays this third week of January include Ellen Degeneres(Jan 26), Alan Cumming, and Lewis Carroll(both Jan 27).

January 28th is National Blueberry Pancake Day, National Kazoo Day and Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. So, basically, make as much noise as possible and then celebrate with pancakes! On the 29th, celebrate Puzzle Day and Curmudgeons Day. And then, on the 31st, it’s National Hot Chocolate Day, Brandy Alexander Day and Hell Is Freezing Over Day.

Birthdays in the last week of January include Lily Potter(Jan 30), and Justin Timberlake(Jan 31).

That’s it! Once all of that is over, we’ll be one full month into the year of 2019. Trust me, it won’t be slow going. So party while you can. Or nap. Nap when you can too.

Much Love!!

So, what do you think?