18 Feb

JGL’s B-Day


It must hurt to look that cool.

February 17th, 1981; LA. A boy is born with a torch in hand and crown on his head, ready to lead a nation. He is called JGL.

Well he's actually named Joseph Gordon-Levitt. And I'm pretty sure he had a normal, non-messiah like birth. But Feb. 17th is actually his Birthday. And he's real awesome, so let's celebrate that day right now.

Let's pretend for like two seconds you don't know that JGL is an awesome actor. Allow me to inform you. He had a few roles as a child actor in movies and commercials and stuff.  Then in 2000 he decides "Oh hey I'm gonna go to school now so see ya later." And he does. He goes to Columbia University studying history, literature and French poetry. Cause he's a badass. Then he dropped out in 2004 to act again. So that's all fine and dandy. Now fast forward.



So painfully cool.



The Dark Knight Rises?!?!


(and my favorite)

500 DAYS OF SUMMER?!?!?!

Are you getting me?! All awesome. He says he makes a conscious effort to do only good movies now. He's done a pretty great job of that so far. He also runs a collaborative art media production company called HitRECord.org that does all kinds of stuff. Specifically pertaining to us, since we carry it, is a book they produced called The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. It's comprised of 'stories' only a few (or less) lines long and great small illustrations. All done by different artists. It's adorable and funny and sometimes touching. So in addition to being a great actor, he's doing this awesome art collab stuff for funsies.


Cutest book of all times.

Um, also he's a sexy dude? Have you noticed? I have no shame saying that I have. He's hot. The amount I dream that I could just be JGL. It's a lot. There's really not much more to say about that. So here are some pictures.

joseph-gordon-levitt-03                   joseph-gordon-levitt-gq-magazine-december-2009

You get it. So now do what you need to do after seeing these, and celebrate this man's birth. I'll be lighting candles at my JGL home shrine. The usual.


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