I bet you $5 RIGHT NOW that you know AT LEAST five John Williams pieces without even knowing it's his work. Scroll through this list and if you don't know 5 of these themes, you can come to the store and I won't give you $5 but I will give you some musical listening/movie watching homework. Or we can just chat about movie soundtracks in general. He has seriously written so many iconic movie soundtracks that it makes me so, so, so... EXCITED.

I really love what John does. I saw him when he came to Pittsburgh in 2011 to perform with the PSO and I HAD SO MUCH MUSICAL FRISSON GOING ON IT WAS UNREAL. It was such a treat to breathe the same air as someone so accomplished and fantastic. I'm a total movie soundtrack nerd so you'll have to forgive the utter CAPS LOCK EXCITEMENT in this post. I'm just so captivated by how transforming a soundtrack can be for a film (or even TV show.) Think about how blank a scene would be without music. Ponder that for a moment.  ANYwho. Take a listen to these tracks and enjoy the diversity and awesomeness filling your head.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C.

Exhibit D.


Exhibit E.

Exhibit F.

Exhibit G.

Exhibit H.

Exhibit I.


Exhibit J.

Exhibit K.

Exhibit L.

So, what do you think?