Hi friends! July is here again! Vacations! Pool days! General summer festivities! All these things and more are happening this month, so click READ MORE to find out what the haps are at KU!

I mean, I've been cooking out since April, but I'm down for a month-long grilling celebration...

July includes the lion's share of Air Conditioning Appreciation Days (7/3-8/15)! July is also National Grilling Month, National Dog House Repairs Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Ice Cream Month, and (near and dear to our little KU souls) National Independent Retailers Month!

Come get this card for your Canadian friends, eh?

Moving on to the daily observations in July, its first week marks Canada Day and National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day (7/1); I Forgot Day and World UFO Day (7/2); National Fried Clam Day (7/3); Independence Day and Independence from Meat Day (7/4); Bikini Day (7/5); Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day and International Kissing Day (7/6); and International Cherry Pit Spitting Day (7/7)!

H*cking iconic.

We'll kick off July's birthday celebrations with Indiana Jones (7/1); Franz Kafka (7/3); and Robert Heinlein and Dr. John Watson (7/7)!

Blueberries are a superfood, you guys. Don't mention it, though. Their ego is large enough.

Next we'll celebrate National Blueberry Day and Be a Kid Again Day (7/8); National No Bra Day and International Town Criers' Day (7/9); Teddy Bears Picnic Day and National PiƱa Colada Day (7/10); National Blueberry Muffin Day and National Mojito Day (7/11); Pecan Pie Day (7/12); National French Fries Day (7/13); and National Nude Day (7/14)!

If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know if anything will.

The birthday train chugs along with E.B. White (7/11); Henry David Thoreau (7/12); and Patrick Stewart AND Jean-Luc Picard (AMAZING) (7/13)!

If anyone could have ventriloquism not creepy, I would have bet money on Bernadette, but noop. Just nooooooooop.

July continues with National Zookeeper Week (7/15-7/21) which also includes St. Swithin's Day and National Ice Cream Day (7/15); Hot Dog Night and Guinea Pig Appreciation Day (7/16); National Tattoo Day (7/17); National Ventriloquism Week (7/18-7/21); Get to Know Your Customers Day (7/19); and International Chess Day and National Lollipop Day (7/20)!

I have no idea what's happening in this picture, but I'm going to assume that he's singing Happy Birthday to himself. Obviously.

Third week birthdays include Hunter S. Thompson (7/18); Cormac McCarthy (7/20); and Ernest Hemingway (7/21)!

Tigers are probably my favorite animal and if anything should make people be into conservation it's saving the frickin' tigers.

And the last week of July is a doozy, starting with Casual Pi Day, National Mango Day, and National Parents Day (7/22); Vanilla Ice Cream Day (7/23); National Tequila Day (7/24); Carousel Day (7/25); Barbie in a Blender Day and Walk on Stilts Day (7/27); Beatrix Potter Day (7/28); International Tiger Day (7/29); and National Mutt Day (7/31)!

No joke, look at this frickin' guy. He was amazing.

Finishing out July's birthdays are Daniel Radcliffe (7/23); Alexandre Dumas (7/24); Beatrix Potter (7/28); Neville Longbottom (7/30); and Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling herself (7/31)!

P.s., Happy tiny, island, hovel floor birthday, Harry. You're a good egg.

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