july 2016

Wel­come to JULY peo­ple! It’s get­ting hot in here! If you’re look­ing for some­thing to do between all the yard sales and bar­be­cues, we’ve got some ideas! For instance, July is not just Nation­al Grilling, Hot Dog and Ice Cream Mon­th, it’s also Inde­pen­dent Retail­ers Mon­th! Hey, that’s us! Also up this mon­th is I For­got Day (July 2), Inter­na­tion­al Kiss­ing Day (July 6),  Nation­al French Fries Day (July 13) and Nation­al Tequi­la Day (July 24)! Birth­days this mon­th include Robert Hein­lein(July 7), Hunter S. Thomp­son (July 18), Har­ry Pot­ter and J.K. Rowl­ing (both July 31). Speak­ing of Har­ry and Rowl­ing, The Cursed Child hits our shelves at 12:01 AM on July 31ST! If you pre-order soon, you can still join us for our Mid­night Release Par­ty! (Co host­ed with Cof­fee Tree, because they are great peo­ple!!) For more infor­ma­tion or more hol­i­days, keep read­ing!


July is the mon­th of many things, includ­ing AC Appre­ci­a­tion Days, Nation­al Dog House Repairs Mon­th, Nation­al Grilling Mon­th, Nation­al Ice Cream Mon­th, Nation­al Hot Dog Mon­th, and Nation­al Inde­pen­dent Retail­ers Mon­th!! Start the par­ty!


Okay, so there’s a few extra days in this “week” but why are you even count­ing? First up this mon­th is Canada Day (July 1)! It’s the same day that the movie ver­sion of The BFG hits the the­aters!!! Next up is I For­got Day and World UFO Day which are very con­ve­nient­ly on the same day so that you can for­get about the UFOs. (both July 2)

Get the grills out for Inde­pen­dence Day! But make sure to include some veg­e­tar­i­an options, since it is also Inde­pen­dence From Meat Day (Both July 4). Seri­ous­ly, who thought that one up? Not eat meat on one of the biggest grilling days of the year. YEAH RIGHT. *ahem* I mean. Go you! You do that awe­some meat free thing!!

Make sure you load up on sun­screen for Bikini Day (July 5)! All bod­ies are Bikini Bod­ies. But they don’t all have to be crispy lob­ster bod­ies. Only YOU can pre­vent skin fires.

Inter­na­tion­al Kiss­ing Day and Take Your Web­mas­ter to Lunch Day share the box on the cal­en­dar (both July 6), so you might as well mul­ti-task and make that a hot lunch date, yo.

Birth­days this week include:
Indi­ana Jones (July 1), Franz Kafka (July 3), Robert Hein­lein  and Dr. Wat­son (both July 7).


It’s time for the CUTEST HOLIDAY EVER: Ted­dy Bears Pic­nic Day (July 10)! And then there’s Nation­al French Fries Day (July 13) or you know, ‘MURICA FRIES DAY if you’re so inclined. It’s also Inter­na­tion­al Town Criers Day (also on July 13) and I hon­est­ly can’t tell you why that’s still a thing any­more. I vote we all just spend the day watch­ing John Stew­ard and John Oliv­er hash out the news.

St. Swithin’s Day is July 15th, and then Nation­al Ven­tril­o­quism Week is from July 13th-16th. That’s not a whole week, we know, but I guess July is also TIME DOESN’T MATTER mon­th. Oh. also. Who is super excit­ed about the new Ghost­buster Movie???? It hits the the­aters on the 15th!

Birth­days this week include:
E.B. White (July 11), Hen­ry David Thore­au (July 12), and Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard (both July 13).

This week is Nation­al Zookeep­er Week (July 17–23), so make sure you go say hi to all those love­ly peo­ple who decid­ed to get paid to hang out with adorable and some­times scary ani­mals. And also some­times pick up poop. In fact, July 17th is Nation­al Ice Cream Day, so go say hi on the 17th and then hit up Allegheny Ice Cream right out­side the Zoo. Their hot­dogs are AMAZING. (It’s also Nation­al Hot Dog Mon­th, remem­ber??? DO IT ALL!)

Next up is Nation­al Lol­lipop Day (July 20) and then on the 22nd, it’s Casu­al Pi Day, Rat Catcher’s Day AND ALSO Star Trek Beyond hits the the­aters. Oh and then it’s Nation­al Hot Dog Day (July 23) so may­be go have some more hot dogs. again. NO REGRETS.

Birth­days this mon­th include:
Hunter S. Thomp­son (July 18), Cor­mac McCarthy (July 20), Ernest Hem­ing­way (July 21), and Daniel Rad­clif­fe (July 23).



This week starts strong with Nation­al Tequi­la Day (July 24) and we have just the recipe for you! Check out Kards Unlim­it­eds’ Killer Tequi­la San­gria to get the par­ty start­ed HOOOOOO. The next day is Mer­ry Go Round Day (July 25) so make sure you get all that tequi­la out of your sys­tem or it could  be a nasty ride. Next up is Bar­bie in a Blender Day (What. the. what.) and Walk on Stilts Day (both July 27).

On July 30th we’re hav­ing our MIDNIGHT RELEASE PARTY for Har­ry Pot­ter and the Cursed Child!! If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, call us ASAP! The book will be dis­trib­ut­ed at 12:01 AM on July 31st! Haven’t heard about the Mid­night Release Par­ty yet? Here’s some infor­ma­tion for you!

Birth­days this week include:
Alexan­dre Dumas (July 24), Beat­rix Pot­ter (July 28), Neville Long­bot­tom (July 30), and Har­ry Pot­ter and J.K. Rowl­ing (both 31).

So, what do you think?