Wel­come sum­mer! June is an excit­ing twelfth of the year. It’s full of things we love – gay pride, iced tea, Richard Scar­ry, gay pride, dough­nuts, jug­gling, sun­shine, gay pride… Do we have your atten­tion? I thought we might. Click through to see all of the rea­sons you should be cel­e­brat­ing this fine June!

June 2015 Calendar of Events! (1)

The­se are the June KU Cards you can get to send to your awe­some friends :)

In the mon­th-long cel­e­bra­tion depart­ment, we’ve got four great rea­sons!


Shadyside *is* kin­da gay. And we love it!

  • Gay Pride Mon­th. We’ll have a mon­th-long prompt on the bul­let­in board next to the couch that asks you to tell us what makes you proud. It can be your mom; your out­ward, unapolo­get­ic, and total­ly you gay-ness; your sup­port­ive fam­i­ly; your accept­ing dog who loves you NO MATTER WHAT; your trans BFF… Any­thing at all. Come share with us! Come cel­e­brate Gay Pride with us! After all…
  • Nation­al Camp­ing Mon­th. Whether your idea of camp­ing is car­ry­ing all of your shit to the top of a small hill and sleep­ing on the ground for a few days or dri­ving through the woods with no cell recep­tion to a remote­cab­in, this mon­th is the mon­th to do it! Pro-tip: take cof­fee. And booze. For­get what day/time it is! Until you have to go home. You should prob­a­bly know when to go back to work. Yeah. Work is impor­tant.
Mmm... Tea Over Ice

Mmm… Tea Over Ice

  • Nation­al Iced Tea Mon­th. Oh iced tea, you are the epit­o­me of sum­mer. Your tea-leafy good­ness is like none oth­er. Whether you brew it up your­self of go out and get some, enjoy a few glass­es of fan­tas­tic ice tea this mon­th.
  • Nation­al Steak­house Mon­th. Steak­hous­es hold a spe­cial place in my heart. I dis­cov­ered steak at the age of sev­en at a friend’s house and I haven’t looked back since. Steak­hous­es offer the per­fect set­ting to take a spe­cial friend and chow down on a delec­table, juicy, ten­der steak.


What­ev­er floats your boat this mon­th, go ahead and get it girl.

June 1-7



Toaster Streudel

We can’t resist a Mean Girls Dra­co mashup.


June 1!

Birth­days this week: A very grouchy birth­day to Oscar the Grouch (June 1),Justin LongZachary Quin­to, and Dana Car­vey (June 2), Richard Scar­ry and Dra­co Mal­foy (June 5), and Prince (June 7).

Nation­al Go Bare­foot Day is June 1, and while you should prob­a­bly not adven­ture too far with­out shoes on, it will def­i­nite­ly make you appre­ci­ate those soles when you get ‘em back on.

June 6 is Dri­ve in Movie Day! While dri­ve in movies are hard to come by the­se days, you can total­ly do it at home in your garage with a pro­jec­tor. Draw­ing Day and Bel­mont Stakes are on June 7. As for draw­ing day and Bel­mont Stakes, get to draw­ing the win­ning horse! Or, your favorite horse.

Dough­nut Days go from June 7 to June 8, and we will prompt­ly be get­ting our butts to our friends at Prantl’s across the street for some tasty dough­nuts. Because you know what’s bet­ter than dough­nuts? Not much, to be hon­est. Sor­ry for the fake buildup.

June 1-7 (1)



Obvi­ous­ly, Mar­ty.


Birth­days this week: Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8),
Natal­ie Port­man (June 9), Mau­rice Sendak (June 10), Jacques Cousteau and Mar­ty McFly (June 12), W.B. Yeats and Dorothy Say­ers (June 13), and The Queen’s Offi­cial birth­day (June 14).


June 8!

Best Friends Day is June 8! If you and your best friend are like peas and car­rots; two peas in a pod; cool­er than the oth­er side of the pil­low; and/or one twist­ed soul, you should fur SURE be cel­e­brat­ing.


June 14!

Super­man Days run from June 12–15. What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? (Nev­er for­get this impor­tant good­ie from Austin Pow­ers.) It’s actu­al­ly a smudge on your glass­es, but wouldn’t it be SWEET if it were Super­man? See­ing that this is the Steel City, the Man of Steel is one of our favorite dudes. For fun, slap on a Super­man T under a dress shirt and pre­tend to change in places where there used to be phone booths.

For World Jug­gling Day on June 14, grab a few balls (JUGGLING BALLS, WE SELL THEM!) and spend your entire day attempt­ing to jug­gle. For those of you (like myself) who are not jug­gling-ly inclined, spend the day learn­ing. Or just throw­ing jug­gling balls at peo­ple you don’t like. What­ev­er.

June 14 is Blooms­day! Cel­e­brate the life of Irish writer James Joyce, and may­be read an excerpt from Ulysses. Don’t for­get to find some tasty fish ‘n’ chips, and some cider. Or scotch. Or any­thing Irish you like and want.

June 1-7 (2)

Edward Cullen

Edward can watch us sleep any­time. Just kid­ding. He’s a creep.

Birth­days this week: Neil Patrick Har­ris (June 15), Chris van Alls­burg (June 18), and Edward Cul­len (June 20).

Fudge Day. Fudg­ing fudge! Some of us need an excuse to seek out some fudge and today is your day. 16


June 21!

Nation­al Flip-flop Day and Take Your Dog to Work Day are both on June 20, so if you see a bunch of peo­ple bring­ing their dog to work and wear­ing flip flops simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, you will know why. Hope­ful­ly there will be more fur­ry friends out in the work­place today, so you can get in a bunch of good dog pet­tin’ time in!

Father’s Day, Summer Sol­stice, and Go Skate­board­ing Day are all on June 21. Oh mah gah you guys, you have the most sun­light pos­si­ble to take your dad skate­board­ing (see what I did there?). But for­re­als, on this father’s day make sure you have a qual­i­ty card in hand when you see your pops. Treat him to his favorite what­ev­er it is that he likes, whether it’s watch­ing some base­ball, going fish­ing, or to see a play.

June 1-7 (4)



Birth­days this week: George Orwell, Ricky Ger­vais, and Eric Car­le (June 25), Cap­tain Kan­ga­roo and Dob­by (June 27), John Cusack and Mel Brooks (June 28), and Antoine de Saint-Exu­pery (June 29).


June 27 is Dob­bys birth­day!

Inter­na­tion­al Fairy Day  is June 24 and you know what that means. Fairies! We sell the­se awe­some fairy wings and we may or may not be wear­ing some on this fine day to cel­e­brate. If you’re a believ­er in fairies, today is your day to see fairies every­where you go, for today is the best day of the year to see them.

Cook­ing with Kards! Athena’s month­ly series is back on June 27 for more tasty delights. Check the blog on the 27 to dis­cov­er what tasty morsel she’s cooked up this mon­th, straight from a cook­book we car­ry here at the store.

KU Book Club meets again on June 28th at 6 PM in the store to dis­cuss P.G. Wodehouse’s Car­ry On, Jeeves. Bring yo face, enjoy great dis­cus­sion.

Water­mel­on Seed Spit­ting Week­end goes from June 27–29, so you are pret­ty much oblig­at­ed to get some juicy slabs of water­mel­on and get to spit­tin those seeds out every­where. Like in your yard, or the park. No one wants your water­mel­on seeds all over the side­walk or some­thing.

So, what do you think?