Welcome summer! June is an exciting twelfth of the year. It’s full of things we love – gay pride, iced tea, Richard Scarry, gay pride, doughnuts, juggling, sunshine, gay pride… Do we have your attention? I thought we might. Click through to see all of the reasons you should be celebrating this fine June!

June 2015 Calendar of Events! (1)

These are the June KU Cards you can get to send to your awesome friends :)

In the month-long celebration department, we’ve got four great reasons!


Shadyside *is* kinda gay. And we love it!

  • Gay Pride Month. We’ll have a month-long prompt on the bulletin board next to the couch that asks you to tell us what makes you proud. It can be your mom; your outward, unapologetic, and totally you gay-ness; your supportive family; your accepting dog who loves you NO MATTER WHAT; your trans BFF… Anything at all. Come share with us! Come celebrate Gay Pride with us! After all…
  • National Camping Month. Whether your idea of camping is carrying all of your shit to the top of a small hill and sleeping on the ground for a few days or driving through the woods with no cell reception to a remotecabin, this month is the month to do it! Pro-tip: take coffee. And booze. Forget what day/time it is! Until you have to go home. You should probably know when to go back to work. Yeah. Work is important.
Mmm... Tea Over Ice

Mmm... Tea Over Ice

  • National Iced Tea Month. Oh iced tea, you are the epitome of summer. Your tea-leafy goodness is like none other. Whether you brew it up yourself of go out and get some, enjoy a few glasses of fantastic ice tea this month.
  • National Steakhouse Month. Steakhouses hold a special place in my heart. I discovered steak at the age of seven at a friend’s house and I haven’t looked back since. Steakhouses offer the perfect setting to take a special friend and chow down on a delectable, juicy, tender steak.


Whatever floats your boat this month, go ahead and get it girl.

June 1-7



Toaster Streudel

We can't resist a Mean Girls Draco mashup.


June 1!

Birthdays this week: A very grouchy birthday to Oscar the Grouch (June 1),Justin LongZachary Quinto, and Dana Carvey (June 2), Richard Scarry and Draco Malfoy (June 5), and Prince (June 7).

National Go Barefoot Day is June 1, and while you should probably not adventure too far without shoes on, it will definitely make you appreciate those soles when you get 'em back on.

June 6 is Drive in Movie Day! While drive in movies are hard to come by these days, you can totally do it at home in your garage with a projector. Drawing Day and Belmont Stakes are on June 7. As for drawing day and Belmont Stakes, get to drawing the winning horse! Or, your favorite horse.

Doughnut Days go from June 7 to June 8, and we will promptly be getting our butts to our friends at Prantl's across the street for some tasty doughnuts. Because you know what's better than doughnuts? Not much, to be honest. Sorry for the fake buildup.

June 1-7 (1)



Obviously, Marty.


Birthdays this week: Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8),
Natalie Portman (June 9), Maurice Sendak (June 10), Jacques Cousteau and Marty McFly (June 12), W.B. Yeats and Dorothy Sayers (June 13), and The Queen's Official birthday (June 14).


June 8!

Best Friends Day is June 8! If you and your best friend are like peas and carrots; two peas in a pod; cooler than the other side of the pillow; and/or one twisted soul, you should fur SURE be celebrating.


June 14!

Superman Days run from June 12-15. What's that in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? (Never forget this important goodie from Austin Powers.) It's actually a smudge on your glasses, but wouldn't it be SWEET if it were Superman? Seeing that this is the Steel City, the Man of Steel is one of our favorite dudes. For fun, slap on a Superman T under a dress shirt and pretend to change in places where there used to be phone booths.

For World Juggling Day on June 14, grab a few balls (JUGGLING BALLS, WE SELL THEM!) and spend your entire day attempting to juggle. For those of you (like myself) who are not juggling-ly inclined, spend the day learning. Or just throwing juggling balls at people you don't like. Whatever.

June 14 is Bloomsday! Celebrate the life of Irish writer James Joyce, and maybe read an excerpt from Ulysses. Don't forget to find some tasty fish 'n' chips, and some cider. Or scotch. Or anything Irish you like and want.

June 1-7 (2)

Edward Cullen

Edward can watch us sleep anytime. Just kidding. He's a creep.

Birthdays this week: Neil Patrick Harris (June 15), Chris van Allsburg (June 18), and Edward Cullen (June  20).

Fudge Day. Fudging fudge! Some of us need an excuse to seek out some fudge and today is your day.  16


June 21!

National Flip-flop Day and Take Your Dog to Work Day are both on June 20, so if you see a bunch of people bringing their dog to work and wearing flip flops simultaneously, you will know why. Hopefully there will be more furry friends out in the workplace today, so you can get in a bunch of good dog pettin' time in!

Father's Day, Summer Solstice, and Go Skateboarding Day are all on June 21. Oh mah gah you guys, you have the most sunlight possible to take your dad skateboarding (see what I did there?). But forreals, on this father's day make sure you have a quality card in hand when you see your pops. Treat him to his favorite whatever it is that he likes, whether it's watching some baseball, going fishing, or to see a play.

June 1-7 (4)



Birthdays this week: George Orwell, Ricky Gervais, and Eric Carle (June 25), Captain Kangaroo and Dobby (June 27), John Cusack and Mel Brooks (June 28), and Antoine de Saint-Exupery (June 29).


June 27 is Dobbys birthday!

International Fairy Day  is June 24 and you know what that means. Fairies! We sell these awesome fairy wings and we may or may not be wearing some on this fine day to celebrate. If you're a believer in fairies, today is your day to see fairies everywhere you go, for today is the best day of the year to see them.

Cooking with Kards! Athena's monthly series is back on June 27 for more tasty delights. Check the blog on the 27 to discover what tasty morsel she's cooked up this month, straight from a cookbook we carry here at the store.

KU Book Club meets again on June 28th at 6 PM in the store to discuss P.G. Wodehouse's Carry On, Jeeves. Bring yo face, enjoy great discussion.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Weekend goes from June 27-29, so you are pretty much obligated to get some juicy slabs of watermelon and get to spittin those seeds out everywhere. Like in your yard, or the park. No one wants your watermelon seeds all over the sidewalk or something.

So, what do you think?