1 Jun

June 2016

June 2016


Welcome to June lovely readers! We have a good amount of holidays for you this month. This month is also EXPLODING with Birthdays!!! Cake! Every! Day! It’s a life goal for some of us.

Here’s a taste of June:  This mon­th we’re cel­e­brat­ing PRIDE all mon­th long! We’re also excit­ed about Nation­al Go Bare­foot Day (June 1), Dough­nut Day (June 3), Blooms­day (June 16), Take Your Dog To Work Day and Inter­na­tion­al Fairy Day (both June 24)! Birth­days this mon­th include Oscar the Grouch (June 1), Prince (June 7), Mar­ty McFly (June 12) and Cap­tain Kan­ga­roo(June 27)!  For an even more in-depth list of all the fun stuff hap­pen­ing this mon­th, keep read­ing!!!



It’s Pride Mon­th!!! Shout out to every­one who’s loud and proud about their weird, queer, beau­ti­ful self! We stand with you! Cov­ered in glit­ter! The glit­ter is most­ly because we’re a card shop and there­fore we have glit­ter in our blood­stream.  But seri­ous­ly, we love you.

June is also Nation­al Camp­ing Mon­th, Nation­al Iced Tea Mon­th and Nation­al Steak­house Mon­th!


First up, it’s Nation­al Go Bare­foot Day (June 1)! Start your mon­th out right by hang­ing out on fresh cut lawn with your bare toe­sies! There is real­ly noth­ing bet­ter than being bare­foot.
Dough­nut Day is on June 3rd. We’d think the best way for you to cel­e­brate is to bring some Dough­nuts to your favorite Book/Card/Gift/Wrap shop. *wink* The Three Rivers Arts Fes­ti­val starts up on the 3rd and runs through the 12th, so make sure you check that out! #PghIs­Art­sy


Birth­days this week:

Oscar the Grouch (June 1), Justin Long, Zachary Quin­to and Dana Car­vey (June 2), Richard Scar­ry and Dra­co Mal­foy (June 5).

Only one weird hol­i­day: Dri­ve-in Movie Day  on June 6! Click here to find out where the clos­est Dri­ve-in the­ater is!


Birth­days this week:
Prince (June 7), Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8), Natal­ie Port­man (June 9), Mau­rice Sendak (June 10), Jacques Cousteau (June 11) and Mar­ty McFly (June 12).


On 16th, two won­der­ful hol­i­days coin­cide: Blooms­day and Fudge Day! If you don’t know what Blooms­day is, click this link here. And then, now that you’re won­der­ful­ly con­fused, here’s a link that will actu­al­ly tell you about the his­to­ry of Blooms­day. Our own Athena was in Dublin for Blooms­day a few years ago, and it looked exact­ly like that video. It was amaz­ing.

The movie we’ve all been wait­ing for hits the­aters this week: Find­ing Dory (June 17)! We will total­ly be in the the­aters to see that. Next up is a whop­per of a day on June 18th: It’s World Jug­gling Day, the Brew and Chew Fes­ti­val, Pittsburgh’s Mar­t­in R Delany June­teen­th Fes­ti­val, and a set of Steel City Roller Der­by Home Games: Queen City Lake Effect Furies vs. Steel Hurt­in’ & Queen City Sub­ze­ro Sirens vs Steel City Beam­ers! Srsly, if you find your­self being bored on the 18th, you’re doing some­thing wrong.

Final­ly, we end the week with Father’s Day! Hey Dads! We like you a lot. We espe­cial­ly like dads like this. And this. And also this. Thanks for every­thing!! <3

Birth­days this week:
W.B. Yeats and Dorothy Say­ers (June 13), Neil Patrick Har­ris (June 15), Chris van All­burg (June 18)

June 20th is Nation­al Flip-Flop Day and the Sum­mer Sol­stice. So it sounds like we know what fash­ion­able acces­so­ry every­one will be wear­ing dur­ing their Sol­stice cer­e­monies! Next up is Go Skate­board­ing Day (June 21), Take your Dog to Work Day and Inter­na­tion­al Fairy Day (both June 24). We’re also look­ing for­ward to the release of Inde­pen­dence Day Resur­gence (June 24) because OMG OUR CHILDHOODS ARE COMPLETE NOW.  On the 25th, make sure you check out WYEP’s Sum­mer Music Fes­ti­val!

Birth­days this week:
Edward Cul­len (June 20), George OrwellRicky Ger­vais, and Eric Car­le ( all June 25).


No hol­i­days this last par­tial week in June! We’re total­ly okay with mak­ing one up though. Let’s see. JUNE 28th is now WEAR YOUR SILLY HAT DAY! Bam.

Birth­days this week:
Cap­tain Kan­ga­roo (June 27), Dob­by, John Cusack, and Mel Brooks (all June 28), and Antoine de Saint-Exu­pery (June 29).


So, what do you think?