1 Jun

June 2016

June 2016


Welcome to June lovely readers! We have a good amount of holidays for you this month. This month is also EXPLODING with Birthdays!!! Cake! Every! Day! It's a life goal for some of us.

Here's a taste of June:  This month we're celebrating PRIDE all month long! We're also excited about National Go Barefoot Day (June 1), Doughnut Day (June 3), Bloomsday (June 16), Take Your Dog To Work Day and International Fairy Day (both June 24)! Birthdays this month include Oscar the Grouch (June 1), Prince (June 7), Marty McFly (June 12) and Captain Kangaroo(June 27)!  For an even more in-depth list of all the fun stuff happening this month, keep reading!!!



It's Pride Month!!! Shout out to everyone who's loud and proud about their weird, queer, beautiful self! We stand with you! Covered in glitter! The glitter is mostly because we're a card shop and therefore we have glitter in our bloodstream.  But seriously, we love you.

June is also National Camping Month, National Iced Tea Month and National Steakhouse Month!


First up, it's National Go Barefoot Day (June 1)! Start your month out right by hanging out on fresh cut lawn with your bare toesies! There is really nothing better than being barefoot.
Doughnut Day is on June 3rd. We'd think the best way for you to celebrate is to bring some Doughnuts to your favorite Book/Card/Gift/Wrap shop. *wink* The Three Rivers Arts Festival starts up on the 3rd and runs through the 12th, so make sure you check that out! #PghIsArtsy


Birthdays this week:

Oscar the Grouch (June 1), Justin Long, Zachary Quinto and Dana Carvey (June 2), Richard Scarry and Draco Malfoy (June 5).

Only one weird holiday: Drive-in Movie Day  on June 6! Click here to find out where the closest Drive-in theater is!


Birthdays this week:
Prince (June 7), Frank Lloyd Wright (June 8), Natalie Portman (June 9), Maurice Sendak (June 10), Jacques Cousteau (June 11) and Marty McFly (June 12).


On 16th, two wonderful holidays coincide: Bloomsday and Fudge Day! If you don't know what Bloomsday is, click this link here. And then, now that you're wonderfully confused, here's a link that will actually tell you about the history of Bloomsday. Our own Athena was in Dublin for Bloomsday a few years ago, and it looked exactly like that video. It was amazing.

The movie we've all been waiting for hits theaters this week: Finding Dory (June 17)! We will totally be in the theaters to see that. Next up is a whopper of a day on June 18th: It's World Juggling Day, the Brew and Chew Festival, Pittsburgh's Martin R Delany Juneteenth Festival, and a set of Steel City Roller Derby Home Games: Queen City Lake Effect Furies vs. Steel Hurtin' & Queen City Subzero Sirens vs Steel City Beamers! Srsly, if you find yourself being bored on the 18th, you're doing something wrong.

Finally, we end the week with Father's Day! Hey Dads! We like you a lot. We especially like dads like this. And this. And also this. Thanks for everything!! <3

Birthdays this week:
W.B. Yeats and Dorothy Sayers (June 13), Neil Patrick Harris (June 15), Chris van Allburg (June 18)

June 20th is National Flip-Flop Day and the Summer Solstice. So it sounds like we know what fashionable accessory everyone will be wearing during their Solstice ceremonies! Next up is Go Skateboarding Day (June 21), Take your Dog to Work Day and International Fairy Day (both June 24). We're also looking forward to the release of Independence Day Resurgence (June 24) because OMG OUR CHILDHOODS ARE COMPLETE NOW.  On the 25th, make sure you check out WYEP's Summer Music Festival!

Birthdays this week:
Edward Cullen (June 20), George OrwellRicky Gervais, and Eric Carle ( all June 25).


No holidays this last partial week in June! We're totally okay with making one up though. Let's see. JUNE 28th is now WEAR YOUR SILLY HAT DAY! Bam.

Birthdays this week:
Captain Kangaroo (June 27), Dobby, John Cusack, and Mel Brooks (all June 28), and Antoine de Saint-Exupery (June 29).


So, what do you think?