Happy June! Now that summer is unofficially underway, it's time for everything summer fun. Highlights of this month: Gay Pride Month, Doughnut Days, World Juggling Day, Father's Day, and Take Your Dog To Work Day, to name a few. Read on to find out what else we're stoked for this June!

Lots of good stuff going on all month: ice that tea, show your gay pride, go camping and head to steakhouse because it's Iced Tea Month, Gay Pride Month, National Camping Month, and National Steakhouse Month. Mmmmmmm, steak.

This week, WE HOPE YOU GO SEE WONDER WOMAN! There's an exclusive Wonder Woman screening with the Women and Girls Foundation on June 1. June 1 is also Go Barefoot Day! Get them flippy floppies off and get your feet in the grass. Avoid bus stops and Oakland if you can. Get yourself some doughnuts on June 2nd because it's Doughnut Day! The Three River Arts Festival also begins today and goes through June 11. Go for the food, go for the music, or go for the art. We don't care! The Pittsburgh Bonsai Society's 36th Annual Spring Show is June 3-5, so you should go ohh and ahh at these TREES that are cooler and older than your kids. (Don't tell them we said that.) Last but not least this week is Drive In Movie Day (June 6). Make your own drive in theater in your driveway and save 15% or more on popcorn by popping your own!

Birthday this week:
Oscar The Grouch 1
Justin Long, Zachary Quinto, and Dana Carvey 2
Richard Scarry and Draco Malfoy 5
Prince 7

This week is light on events but HEAVY ON BIRTHDAYS! No matter. First up is Best Friends Day on June 8. Tell your best friend you love em and send them a little present. June 11 is Kid's Day At Schenley Plaza and the Pittsburgh Pride Equality March.

Birthdays this week:
Frank Lloyd Wright 8
Natalie Portman 9
Maurice Sendak 10
Jacques Cousteau 11
Marty Mcfly 12
W.B. Yeats and Dorothy Sayers 13

This week begins with Juneteenth: Pittsburgh's Martin R Delany Juneteenth Festival  (June 15-17) which celebrates the end of slavery in 47 States across America. Lots of great events all around tahn. Oh the 16, bust out those flip flops, get all Ulysses-like, and eat some fudge, cause it's National Flip-Flop Day, Bloomsday, and Fudge Day! Practice juggling with your dad this weekend to celebrate World Juggling Day (17) and Father's Day (18). Last but certainly not least we have Summer Solstice and Go Skateboarding Day (June 21). Skateboard to Stonehenge (or maybe try?)

Birthdays this week:
Neil Patrick Harris 15
Chris Van Allsburg 18
Edward Cullen 20

June wraps up with one of the best holidays there is: Take Your Dog To Work Day! (June 23). Walk your dog right in, or sneak it in however you can. We won't tell. June 24 is International Fairy Day and the WYEP Summer Music Festival! If you play your cards right you might see fairy's at the music festival. Wink.

Birthdays this week:
George Orwell, Ricky Gervais, and Eric Carle 25
Captain Kangaroo 27
Dobby, John Cusack, and Mel Brooks 28
Antoine De Saint-Exupery 29

So, what do you think?