Oh man, guys, it's almost Easter!

April is here, friends, and with it the lovely spring weather (finally!)  This month has plenty of great things in store like Easter (yay candy) and Administrative Professionals Week and Talk Like Shakespeare Day!  Whoo!  Something else that's getting us excited is the second meeting of the KU Book Klub on April 13th!  We're busy busy bees around here, so click READ MORE to find out what else is up!

April is Alcohol Awareness Month!  We're quite open about enjoying our drinks here at KU, but we'd be the first to encourage everyone to imbibe responsibly!  Fun is only fun as long as no one gets hurt!  <3


Looking up pictures of grilled cheese is a huge mistake, you guys.

On a much less serious note, April is also Grilled Cheese Month!  Now, far be it from me to disparage the classic Wonderbread and Kraft Singles grilled cheese, because I love it as much as the next guy.  But the great thing about grilled cheese is that from its humble roots it grew into something truly epic.  It's really an analogue for the American dream.  Grill yourself a gourmet cheese at home this month, or order one out!  Grilled cheese is a sandwich of infinite possibility, so use your imagination!

Oh man, guys!  It's National Knuckles Down Month again!  You may remember my confusion about Knuckles Down Month from last year, but this year I am in the know and very excited.  I'm gonna play so much marbles, you guys.  For those of you who may not know, Knuckles Down Month is all about the game of marbles (the phrase 'to knuckle down' comes from the game as well as does the phrase 'to play for keeps.')  It's a month to remember the glory of marbles as an American pastime.

Speaking of nostalgic activities, April is also Kite Month!  Kite-flying is extremely fun, as I hope you know.  It's a little strange, because if you really think about flying a kite, it seems kind of boring, but it always turns out to be awesome.  For more kite-flying info and kite plans and stuff, click here!

Finally, April is National STDs Month!  I pretty much have the exact same thing to say about this as I had about Alcohol Awareness.  Please enjoy responsibly, kids!  STDs, like alcohol poisoning, are gross.

Important Dates in April:

1 - April Fool's Day:  Did you know that in Italy, France, and Belgium, people tack paper fish on each other's backs and shout "April fish!" on April 1st?  Way funnier than April Fool's pranks, guys.  Get on that.


Robotics Week is C-3PO's fave, obv.

1-7 - Laugh at Work Week: Most of you are not fortunate enough to work here at KU, so you may not laugh at work as much as we do.  I feel sorry for you and encourage you to celebrate L@WW.  Good luck!

2 - National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day:  Clearly April is greatly concerned with the humble sandwiches of childhood.  Seriously, though, PBJ is the tits.  So get some.

5 - International Pillow Fight Day:  I used to be the pillow fight king, you guys.  Fencers make really good pillow fighters.  Everyone else is just flailing wildly and I'd just cruise through whacking people left and right and dodging like a boss.  Seriously, challenge me to a pillow fight.  I dare you.  Wow.  You know how sometimes you forget how nerdy you are?  Those sentences just reminded me hard core.

5-13 - National Robotics Week:  Robotics Week is all about celebrating leaders in robotics technology, but I think it's probably a good week to start your preparations for the coming robopocalypse.  Just sayin'.  Stock up on canned goods and something to produce an EMP.

6 - New Beer's Eve:  Beer became legal again in this country on April 7th, 1933.  Since then, the night of April 6th has been referred to as New Beer's Eve in commemoration of the end of some of the dumbest laws the USA ever had.  And this is a country where a federal law makes it illegal to issue a fake Weather Bureau forecast.

11 - Barbershop Quartet Day:  Four part harmony ftw, y'all.


Drop Everything!

12 - Drop Everything And Read Day:  Easily one of the best days of the year, DEAR Day is on April 12th because it's author Beverly Cleary's birthday!  (She's gonna be 98!)  Cleary introduced the idea of dropping everything and reading in her book Ramona Quimby, Age 8.  Since then we've had DEAR Day on her birthday to celebrate reading!  (And, more importantly, ignoring other responsibilities in favor of reading which is way better.  Thanks, Bev!)

13 - Scrabble Day AND KU Book Klub Meeting(!):  Scrabble Day is pretty self-explanatory.  A day for celebrating that prince of board games.  The KU Book Klub meeting, I guess, is also pretty self-explanatory, but is much more exciting.  We're going to talk about the book we've just read, Little, Big by John Crowley, and we're going to talk ideas for next month's book!  There will be snacks and drinks and the best company you could hope for!  It's all very exciting.

13-19 - National Library Week:  The library is pretty much the best place you'll ever visit.  I'm still awestruck every time I go to one.  The sheer amount of knowledge on those silent shelves is just amazing.  Go to the library, kids.  It's good for your brains.

16 - National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day:  PJs are awesome, y'all.  So comfy, so snuggly, so...professional?

17 - National High Five Day AND Support Teen Literature Day:  Go Teen Lit!  High Five!  Seriously, though, these days are super exciting.  Even as an adult I can enjoy a good book for teens and that is seriously worth a good high five.  (P.s., we have High Five Day cards and they are rad.)

20 - 420 AND Easter:  Even if you aren't celebrating Easter proper, it's a good day to appreciate renewal and salvation in all their forms.  (Plus candy!  We love candy.)  Also 420!  Like, that's totally awesome, dude.

20-26 - Administrative Professionals' Week (Administrative Professionals' Day is the 23rd):  Anyone who works in an office or has ever been to an office or has ever seen the movie Office Space or has seen the show The Office knows, I hope, the value of Administrative Professionals.  Make sure you appreciate them this week!


Literally the only planet you'll ever live on. Barring some crazy sci-fi stuff. Let's take care of it, eh?

22 - Earth Day:  The Earth is a great place, you guys, so let's try to preserve its beauty for as long as we can!

23 - Talk Like Shakespeare Day:  Verily, the Bard was from his mother born unto this world upon the 23rd of April 1564 (or thereabouts.  He was baptized on the 26th).  His works are rightly considered among the greatest in the English language and we commemorate him this day by pretending we are Shakespearean.  Yeah.



25 - Arbor Day:  Trees get cut down at an alarmingly enormous rate every day.  Arbor day is about planting some more.  Trees are super important, guys.  Like, really.

27 - Morse Code Day:  Samuel Morse was born on April 27th, 1791 and would later go on to invent Morse Code for use in telegraphy.  I don't know Morse Code, because my nerdly pursuits lie elsewhere, but it's pretty awesome, and I keep meaning to learn it.

29 - Zipper Day:  Aw yeah, it's the zipper's birthday!  The zipper, like most things, has a surprisingly long wikipedia entry.  Check it out, if you're super bored or super into fashion innovations of the early 20th century.

30 - Walpurgis Night:  First of all, I need to let you know that Walpurgis Night is named after a certain Saint Walpurga.  If that's not the world's worst name, I don't know what is.  Anyway, Walpurgis Night is a Spring festival celebrated in Northern Europe with dancing and bonfires and stuff.  In a lot of ways, it's Halloween lite.  It's also exactly 6 months from Halloween.  So there's that.

April Birthdays:

1 - Anne McCaffrey AND The Weasley Twins AND Bart Simpson

2 - Hans Christian Anderson


Yes, please.

4 - Robert Downey, Jr.

6 - Paul Rudd

8 - Chandler Bing

15 - Emma Watson AND Henry James AND Leonardo da Vinci

22 - Vladimir Nabokov

23 - William Shakespeare

25 - Hank Azaria

27 - Eeyore

28 - Terry Pratchett AND Harper Lee

29 - Jerry Seinfeld

30 - Lisbeth Salander

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