Just like this.

Just like this.

Oh man, April.  You are so cute!  April is like, the cutest month, you guys.  Because it's all, like, trying to be so spring-y and verdant and flowerful, but it's mostly just a ton of rain forever and ever.  Like, I just imagine April standing somewhere, dripping wet, like, "hey guys! What's up?"  So cute.  ANYway and as usual, there's a ton of fun happening at KU this month, so click READ MORE to find out what's on our agenda!

Look at all that deliciousness

Look at all that deliciousness

April is Alcohol Awareness Month!  Now.  We are pretty aware of alcohol here.  Hyper-aware, one might even say.  But for you non-KU-ers who need a special month for booze awareness, this is it!  (Presumably the founders of this month actually meant, like, alcohol abuse awareness month, or something, so, you know.  Be responsible or whatever.)

Sandwiches are a controversial subject.  People have a ton of opinions about which sandwiches are best,  which times are most appropriate for sandwiches,  what kinds of foods accompany sandwiches well, and pretty much every other sandwich-related subject.  April, or Grilled Cheese Month is the perfect time to express some of mine!  There are not a lot of things better than a perfectly toasted, buttery grilled cheese on rye.  Many people like the GC and tomato soup combo, but I don't really do that.  Just give me a dill pickle spear and a side of fries and I'm good to go.

April is also National Knuckles Down Month!  Which is a marbles thing.  Did you know that Western PA is actually kind of a powerhouse when it comes to marbles competitions?  Super weird, right?

Finally, April is STDs Month.  Which, ok, not really something cool or celebratory.  BUT!  These are things to be careful of.  And some people need a month as a reminder, I guess.

Important Dates in April!

GRILLED PB&J?!  Game changer.

GRILLED PB&J?! Game changer.

1-7 - Laugh at Work Week:  Get the lolz in, man.  Work, for most adult humans, takes up a huge chunk of the waking hours.  If you can't laugh there, that's probably not a good thing!

1 - April Fool's Day:  They actually moved April Fool's Day to May this year.  OH!  April Fool!  Hahaha, so funny.

2 - National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day:  Another great sandwich!  Not the delicious melty amazingness that is grilled cheese, but still a worthy effort if properly executed.  Plus, it's an elementary school staple and who doesn't have nostalgia for that?

4-12 - National Robotics Week:  Far be it from me to discourage human progress.  And I understand that robotics is an important area of study and advancement.  But seriously.  Have you guys not seen the Age of Ultron trailer?  This is our future, people!

Send a card this NBE!

Send a card this NBE!

4 - International Pillow Fight Day:  Man, a good pillow is actually a pretty sweet hand to hand combat weapon.  I want to see someone on, like, The Walking Dead just surviving the zombie apocalypse with nothing but a heavy duty canvas pillow.  That would be so cool.  Get on it, AMC!

5 - Easter:  Arguably (but not really, I guess) the most important celebration on the Christian calendar, Easter's roots as a celebration of renewal and Spring reach further back than A.D. 33, and whether you celebrate the Resurrection or not, I hope we can all agree that Spring is pretty great.

6 - New Beer's Eve:  So remember back in the day when they banned alcohol?  Yeah, that was dumb.  But when they came to their senses and un-banned it, people apparently, like, waited outside bars until midnight and it was just like NYE!  A new year's eve for booze!  New Beer's Eve!  So clever, right?

10-11 - National Pie Championships:  There really aren't enough good things in the world to say about pie.  Pie championships are the smartest thing in the world.  Does the phrase best of the best mean anything to you?

11 - Barbershop Quartet Day:  Ok, not as good as pie, but still pretty great.

Awww, three of these characters are dead.  RIP.

Awww, three of these characters are dead. RIP.

12-18 - National Library Week:  Libraries are the literary equivalent of a pie bakery.  A pie-ery, if you will.  So Library Week is pretty important, you guys.

12 - Drop Everything and Read Day AND Season Premiere of Game of Thrones(!):  Best day of the year.  Especially if you actually commit to celebrating it.  Seriously, grab a book.  They're the best thing.  Then at night it's time to watch GAME OF THRONES OMG YOU GUYS I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

13 - Scrabble Day:  Aw, Scrabble.  You scamp.  I tried to get back into Words with Friends again.  Failed again.  I just can't stay interested in it!  So frustrating!

16-22 - International Whistlers' Week:  If you've never witnessed the KU whistling orchestra, I'm sorry that your life is so empty.  We are really great at whistling.

Still beautiful, though.

Still beautiful, though.

16 - National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day AND National High Five Day AND Support Teen Literature Day:  Oof.  Biggie.  But hey, at least you can relax in your pjs while you're high fiving YA authors.

19-25 - Administrative Professionals Week AND National Karaoke Week:  Administration makes the world go 'round, you guys.  Be nice.  Related, go sing some karaoke!  It's so fun!

20 - 4/20:  Dude.  Just buy yourself a Weed Money coin purse and get it over with.

22 - Administrative Professionals Day AND Earth Day:  See Administrative Professionals Week entry.  Also love the Earth!  You have to live on it for the rest of your life!

23 - Talk Like Shakespeare Day:  So the 23rd is Shakespeare's birthday (and also deathday?  I feel like there's a lot of controversy/confusion about this?) and the most fun way to celebrate it is by adding "eth" to your verbs and saying things like "Zounds!" and "Forsooth!"  Seriously, try it!

24 - Arbor Day:  I saw an infographic just the other day that showed how much virgin forest has disappeared from the US since the 18th century.  It was depressing as hell.  There's a silver lining, though!  Apparently John Muir and all his tree-hugging philosophical descendants have gotten through to people, because there are actually more trees growing in the US now than there were 100 years ago.  Go Sierra Club!

26 - KU Book Club Meeting:  In honor of the recent passing of one of the great writers of our time, Terry Pratchett, we're reading the first book in his Discworld series, The Colour of Magic!  Pratchett described the book as his attempt to do for classical fantasy what Blazing Saddles had done for Westerns, so get excited!  The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. at the store!  See you there!

27 - Morse Code Day:  Break out your ancient toy walkie-talkies so you can interpret those dits and dahs!

30 - Walpurgis Night:  Yet another fun Spring festival with bonfires and stuff as well as an intensely hilarious name!  Can't beat that with a stick!  The name comes from an abbess and Saint named Walpurga (thanks, mom.)  Since her feast is celebrated on May Day, the night of April 30th is the eve of her feast day, i.e., Walpurga's Night or, Walpurgisnacht.  The more you know!

Dear Pink Apron Confections,  Yes, please.  Love, Adam

Dear Pink Apron Confections, Yes, please. Love, Adam

April Birthdays!

1 - Anne McCaffrey AND Fred and George Weasley AND Bart Simpson

2 - Hans Christian Anderson

4 - Robert Downey, Jr.

6 - Paul Rudd

8 - Miss Chanandler Bong

15 - Emma Watson AND Henry James AND Leonardo da Vinci

22 - Vladimir Nabokov

23 - William Shakespeare

25 - Hank Azaria

27 - Eeyore

28 - Terry Pratchett ( :( RIP) AND Harper Lee

29 - Jerry Seinfeld

30 - Lisbeth Salander

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