August is prime Summer Reading time! Note the store's recommendations in the window!

Ah, August.  Hot, humid. August.  Pro-tip, the adjective 'august' means stately, majestic, or respected.  August is kind of those things, I guess.  August does tend to have a certain sluggish quality which could theoretically be likened to majesty.  Just kidding, hot weather is the least majestic of all the weathers!  Gross!  August is still great, though, because it has all the stuff I'm about to say in this post!  Click READ MORE to find out what's up!

August is National Goat Cheese Month!  Though not as popular as cow's milk and milk products in the US, goat's milk is widely used throughout the rest of the world.  Goat cheeses are often more tart and more salty than cow cheeses because of the differences in the fatty acids contained in each and the consequent differing curing processes.  Probably the most widely known goat cheese to Americans is feta, which is bomb on pizza, I've been given to understand.  Definitely look into feta and some other goat cheeses this month!

Get those presses out, folks, because August is also Panini Month!  Want to know something totally funny?  The Italian word panino (plural panini) actually refers to a sandwich made on bread cut horizontally such as ciabatta or baguette and specifically not one on vertically sliced which is toasted in a press like American panini.  Either way, though, I think we can all agree that sandwiches writ large are pretty much the best food.  Because there's nothing better than the perfect union of bread, meat, and cheese.

Important dates in August!

1-7 - International Clown Week:  Much maligned (and feared) though they may be, most clowns are not ax-murdering weirdos and actually do what they do for the simple joy of entertaining kids of all ages (and a basic need to eat food, I assume.).  I've never been one to fear clowns, really, but I've also never been overly amused by them.  You know what I do find super cool, though?  Mime.  Mime is awesome.

1 - Spider-man Day:  Stan Lee's Spider-man character first arrived in the comics scene in August of 1962.  He became and has remained one of Marvel's most popular superheroes.  Also, he can climb walls, which is sweet.


Beer is wonderful. If you aren't already a fan of beer, give a new beer a try today!

2 - International Beer Day:  What can I say about beer that hasn't already been said?  Beer is one of the oldest prepared beverages known to humanity and pretty much, along with bread, contributed to the rise of human civilization.  That's right.  You may attribute all modern amenities to some dudes drinking a few cold ones back in the stone age.  Funny, and actually pretty true.

3 - National Mustard Day:  Mustard is delicious.  Not all the time and not on everything, but in the right context mustard is like the perfect substance.  Pro-tip: Next time you make burgers at home, add some mustard to your ground beef along with some garlic, barbecue sauce, and literally a splash of soy sauce.  Best burgers ever.

4-10 - National Farmer's Market Week AND National Resurrect Romance Week:  I love Farmer's Markets.  I want to date them and take them to dinner and probably make out with them or something.  That's what this week is about, right?  Haha, in all seriousness, though, Farmer's Markets and romance are both really great and healthsome and you should get yourself some o' that.

4 - Dom Perignon invents Champagne:  I assume everyone reading this is well aware of our very strong appreciation for champagne here at KU.  We may or may not (or definitely may) be seriously considering champagne as our House crest.  Naturally, then, the invention of champagne is of particular interest to us.  As some of you may know, the report that Dom Perignon actually invented sparkling champagne and said, while drinking it, "Come quickly!  I am drinking the stars!" is 100% false.  It's a fun myth, though, so we're going with it.


8 - Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night:  Fine, you want me to say it?  I'll say it.  Zucchini is the worst.  I dislike squash in general, but zucchini is the yuckiest of all the squashes.  And oh, joy!  It's also perversely prolific!  Plant a single zucchini seed and watch as you're supplied with enough of this green blight to hold you over for the entire winter and probably more!  Fortunately, my dear, inexplicably zucchini-loving friends, if you find yourself with a surplus of this unwelcome squash, August 8th is the appointed day for you to deftly rid yourself of it under the guise of charitably sharing with your neighbors.  Have fun with that.

10 - National Duran Duran Appreciation Day AND National S'mores Day:  Obviously one of these holidays is way way way way way better than the other.  I don't think I need to specify, but suffice it to say that S'mores are delectable.  Way more delectable than...some songs from the 80s that I don't know.  Just sayin'.


Mmm, hear that white noise.

12 - Vinyl Record Day:  The consensus is definitely that vinyl is where it's at.  I am lucky enough to know several people that own record players and some pretty awesome records and I can certainly say that it's music.  Vinyl Record Day was started by a non-profit company of the same name and is dedicated to preserving the culture of music on vinyl.  That's cool.

19 - Root Beer Float Day AND Cupcake Day:  Oh my.  Never has a day been filled with more sweet deliciousness than August 19th.  First of all, a root beer float is pretty much the only conceivable way that root beer could be improved upon.  Cupcakes, similarly, are the only way one could improve upon cake (i.e., making it portable and single serving-sized).  One day which celebrates both of those literal perfections is just...  The cat's pajamas.

23 - Hug Your Boss Day:  It's no secret that here at KU there's a certain amount of unconditional love between staff and management.  That said, we don't usually express ourselves in the form of hugs, so we'll definitely be doing that today.  Get excited.  You know who you are.

24 - Pluto Demoted Day AND Vesuvius Day AND National Waffle Day:  As many of us know, Pluto is no longer a planet in our solar system (or any solar system).  It was 'demoted' to the status of Dwarf Planet on this date in 2006, amid contentious debate.  At the time, many astronomers petitioned to have Pluto's planethood reinstated and at least a few asserted that the decision wouldn't stand, but Pluto remains a dwarf planet thus far.  August 24th also marks the anniversary of the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D. which destroyed the Roman towns of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae and also the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron in 1869 by Cornelius Swartwout (for real?!).

25 - Go Topless Day:  At last, a holiday that needs no explanation!

29 - More Herbs, Less Salt Day:  Another day that's exactly what it sounds like.  Founded on the idea that *gasp* fresh herbs are better for you than salt, a day to encourage the addition of flavor to food was instituted.  Tada!

august cake

About time we had a chocolate cake around here!

August Birthdays!

1 - The Joker AND Herman Melville

2 - Kevin Smith

5 - Neil Armstrong

6 - Andy Warhol AND Piers Anthony

7 - Sidney Crosby

11 - Ginny Weasley

12 - William Goldman

13 - Alfred Hitchcock

14 - Steve Martin

17 - Lois Lane

19 - Gene Roddenberry AND Ogden Nash AND Mr. Snuffleupagus

20 - H.P. Lovecraft

21 - Christopher Robin Milne

22 - Ray Bradbury AND Dorothy Parker

23 - Gene Kelly

25 - Tim Burton AND Sean Connery

27 - Pee Wee Herman AND Ira Levin


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