This picture is from The Daily Mail, but in spirit, the driver of that car is KU.


Gaze upon the cookie cutted glory!

Gaze upon the cookie cutted glory!

1-7 - National Cookie Cutter Week:  Cut-out cookies are so super cute, you guys.  I love them.

4 - National Cookie Cutter Day AND National Dice Day:  More cookie cutters for all!  Also dice!  So many dice games, you guys!  They're a perfect stocking stuffer!

5 - Bathtub Party Day AND International Ninja Day AND International Salesperson Day:  Ain't no party like a bathtub party!  Plus, there are ninjas!  They make every party great!  Also, we the salespeople of KU love our customers and we hope you love us too!

6 - Saint Nicholas Day:  Oh man, Saint Nicholas.  He's the best.  He was always bringing me little treats and toys on Saint Nicholas day when I was a kid.  Wish I was still getting them.  Oh well.

7 - National Cotton Candy Day:  I don't really understand why Cotton Candy Day is in December, actually.  I love cotton candy, though, so I'm good with it.

7-13 - National Hand Washing Awareness Week:  So important, you guys.  I know your mom and/or kindergarten teacher taught you to share and stuff, but seriously, don't share your germs.  <3!

So gingery.  So delicious.

So gingery. So delicious.

8 - Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day:  I've never actually celebrated PTBATTD, but I think it would be totally fun.  Just like randomly running up to people and being like, "What YEAR is it?!" and then running away like, "IT WORKED!  EUREKA!" or something.

10 - Dewey Decimal System Day:  The Dewey Decimal system is totally rad and I wish I still knew all the things about it that I used to know.

12 - Gingerbread House Day:  Gingerbread, you guys.  It's so delicious.  Also gingerbread houses are super cute.  The only issue I have with them is that if you keep them for a while to display them, then you can't eat them because they get stale.  Boo.

15 - Cat Herders Day:  To all of you out there who feel like your life is a long parade of cat-herding, this day is for you.  <3!

16 - Barbie and Barney Backlash Day AND National Chocolate-covered Anything Day:  Dear parents, on this day (and, really, every day) feel free to tell your kids that Barbie and Barney don't exist.  I'm not entirely sure why you wouldn't tell them this any other day, but December 16th is the day, apparently.  This should largely be overshadowed, however, by National Chocolate-covered Anything Day, i.e. the greatest day.

I wish this were real.

I wish this were real.

16-24 - Hanukkah: Hanukkah Sameach!  Get your latke on!

18 - Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day:  What's your favorite color?

21 - Crossword Puzzle Day AND Humbug Day AND The Winter Solstice AND Yule:  I really enjoy crossword puzzles.  So much so that I kind of want to start getting a newspaper just so I can do one every day.  That's brain food, people.  Also, as you surely know, here at KU we are constantly brimming with holiday cheer.  We love the holidays so much it hurts sometimes.  But we understand that not everyone feels that way, so while we encourage you to embrace the great feelings of the season, if you need a day to shrug off the pressures of gift-giving and family obligations and other things, today is your day to say "Humbug!" and slam your door on people.  Just today, though.  Finally the Winter Solstice and Yule!  Two great traditional winter celebrations that remind us to celebrate the magic of the shortest night of the year!

Oh Green Man.  You're so Yule.

Oh Green Man. You're so Yule.

22 - National Date Nut Bread Day: Date nut bread is a weird thing to get its own day, IMO.  But hey, if you like date nut bread, that's cool.  Bring some in so we can try it!  If it's delicious, I want in!

23 - Festivus:  It's for the rest of us.  Oh Seinfeld.  For a show about nothing, you really hit the nail on the head sometimes.

24 - Christmas Eve:  Almost time!  Ahhhhh!

25 - Christmas:  !

26 - Boxing Day AND National Thank You Note Day AND National Candy Cane Day:  So Boxing Day is great because it's yet another day of getting/opening presents!  We love that!  Also, eating a candy cane while writing thank you notes sounds like the most relaxing way to spend the 26th in the world!


26-1 - Kwanzaa:  Joyous Kwanzaa!  Habari Gani?


30 - Bacon Day:  Any day is a great day to celebrate bacon, but here's an official one!

31 - New Year's Eve:  Another year gone!  Peace out, 2014, catch ya on the flip side!  Or, you know, not.  Whatever.

December Birthdays!

4 - The Dude

6 - Rubeus Hagrid

10 - Emily Dickinson

16 - Jane Austen AND Philip K. Dick

Perfect icing tree!

Perfect icing tree!

24 - Stephenie Meyer

26 - David Sedaris

30 - Rudyard Kipling

31 - Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort

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