This pic­ture is from The Dai­ly Mail, but in spir­it, the dri­ver of that car is KU.


Gaze upon the cookie cutted glory!

Gaze upon the cook­ie cut­ted glo­ry!

1–7 — Nation­al Cook­ie Cut­ter Week:  Cut-out cook­ies are so super cute, you guys.  I love them.

4 — Nation­al Cook­ie Cut­ter Day AND Nation­al Dice Day:  More cook­ie cut­ters for all!  Also dice!  So many dice games, you guys!  They’re a per­fect stock­ing stuffer!

5 — Bath­tub Par­ty Day AND Inter­na­tion­al Nin­ja Day AND Inter­na­tion­al Sales­per­son Day:  Ain’t no par­ty like a bath­tub par­ty!  Plus, there are nin­jas!  They make every par­ty great!  Also, we the sales­peo­ple of KU love our cus­tomers and we hope you love us too!

6 — Saint Nicholas Day:  Oh man, Saint Nicholas.  He’s the best.  He was always bring­ing me lit­tle treats and toys on Saint Nicholas day when I was a kid.  Wish I was still get­ting them.  Oh well.

7 — Nation­al Cot­ton Can­dy Day:  I don’t real­ly under­stand why Cot­ton Can­dy Day is in Decem­ber, actu­al­ly.  I love cot­ton can­dy, though, so I’m good with it.

7–13 — Nation­al Hand Wash­ing Aware­ness Week:  So impor­tant, you guys.  I know your mom and/or kinder­garten teacher taught you to share and stuff, but seri­ous­ly, don’t share your germs.  <3!

So gingery.  So delicious.

So gin­gery. So deli­cious.

8 — Pre­tend to Be a Time Trav­el­er Day:  I’ve nev­er actu­al­ly cel­e­brat­ed PTBATTD, but I think it would be total­ly fun.  Just like ran­dom­ly run­ning up to peo­ple and being like, “What YEAR is it?!” and then run­ning away like, “IT WORKED!  EUREKA!” or some­thing.

10 — Dewey Dec­i­mal Sys­tem Day:  The Dewey Dec­i­mal sys­tem is total­ly rad and I wish I still knew all the things about it that I used to know.

12 — Gin­ger­bread House Day:  Gin­ger­bread, you guys.  It’s so deli­cious.  Also gin­ger­bread hous­es are super cute.  The only issue I have with them is that if you keep them for a while to dis­play them, then you can’t eat them because they get stale.  Boo.

15 — Cat Herders Day:  To all of you out there who feel like your life is a long parade of cat-herd­ing, this day is for you.  <3!

16 — Bar­bie and Bar­ney Back­lash Day AND Nation­al Choco­late-cov­ered Any­thing Day:  Dear par­ents, on this day (and, real­ly, every day) feel free to tell your kids that Bar­bie and Bar­ney don’t exist.  I’m not entire­ly sure why you wouldn’t tell them this any oth­er day, but Decem­ber 16th is the day, appar­ent­ly.  This should large­ly be over­shad­owed, how­ev­er, by Nation­al Choco­late-cov­ered Any­thing Day, i.e. the great­est day.

I wish this were real.

I wish this were real.

16–24 — Hanukkah: Hanukkah Sameach!  Get your latke on!

18 — Answer the Phone Like Bud­dy the Elf Day:  What’s your favorite col­or?

21 — Cross­word Puz­zle Day AND Hum­bug Day AND The Win­ter Sol­stice AND Yule:  I real­ly enjoy cross­word puz­zles.  So much so that I kind of want to start get­ting a news­pa­per just so I can do one every day.  That’s brain food, peo­ple.  Also, as you sure­ly know, here at KU we are con­stant­ly brim­ming with hol­i­day cheer.  We love the hol­i­days so much it hurts some­times.  But we under­stand that not every­one feels that way, so while we encour­age you to embrace the great feel­ings of the sea­son, if you need a day to shrug off the pres­sures of gift-giv­ing and fam­i­ly oblig­a­tions and oth­er things, today is your day to say “Hum­bug!” and slam your door on peo­ple.  Just today, though.  Final­ly the Win­ter Sol­stice and Yule!  Two great tra­di­tion­al win­ter cel­e­bra­tions that remind us to cel­e­brate the mag­ic of the short­est night of the year!

Oh Green Man.  You're so Yule.

Oh Green Man. You’re so Yule.

22 — Nation­al Date Nut Bread Day: Date nut bread is a weird thing to get its own day, IMO.  But hey, if you like date nut bread, that’s cool.  Bring some in so we can try it!  If it’s deli­cious, I want in!

23 — Fes­tivus:  It’s for the rest of us.  Oh Sein­feld.  For a show about noth­ing, you real­ly hit the nail on the head some­times.

24 — Christ­mas Eve:  Almost time!  Ahh­h­hh!

25 — Christ­mas:  !

26 — Box­ing Day AND Nation­al Thank You Note Day AND Nation­al Can­dy Cane Day:  So Box­ing Day is great because it’s yet anoth­er day of getting/opening presents!  We love that!  Also, eat­ing a can­dy cane while writ­ing thank you notes sounds like the most relax­ing way to spend the 26th in the world!


26–1 — Kwan­zaa:  Joy­ous Kwan­zaa!  Habari Gani?


30 — Bacon Day:  Any day is a great day to cel­e­brate bacon, but here’s an offi­cial one!

31 — New Year’s Eve:  Anoth­er year gone!  Peace out, 2014, catch ya on the flip side!  Or, you know, not.  What­ev­er.

Decem­ber Birth­days!

4 — The Dude

6 — Rubeus Hagrid

10 — Emi­ly Dick­in­son

16 — Jane Austen AND Philip K. Dick

Perfect icing tree!

Per­fect icing tree!

24 — Stephe­nie Mey­er

26 — David Sedaris

30 — Rud­yard Kipling

31 — Tom Mar­volo Rid­dle aka Lord Volde­mort

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