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Ah, February.  The month of love!  I think Valentine's day is in February because it's so ridiculously cold and uncomfortable that everyone needs to just snuggle into their couch/bed with a boyfriend/girlfriend/cat/dog/gerbil.  Nothing to do with love or any of that crap, everyone's just freezing their butts off, so they invented a cuddling holiday.  Just a hypothesis.  Seriously, people, it is cold as anything out there and you need to head to KU for all your pre and post-cuddling supplies!  Bonus, we're also quite cuddly!  Click READ MORE to find out what else is going on at KU this month!

I want to go to there.

I want to go to there.

February is Library Lovers Month!  Otherwise known as KU Staff month, since we love books so so so much.  I recently got back into going to the library pretty regularly and let me tell you that it is fabulous.  There's just something so comforting and nostalgic about the quiet, the smell, the sight of all that knowledge just waiting to be explored.  Honestly, I'm ever lost for days on end, look for me in the library first.

Another reason February is great is because it's Marijuana Awareness Month!  I've honestly never been much of an MJ man (except Jordan and Jackson...), but awareness is pretty much always preferable to unawareness.  Making an informed decision is better than just following blindly, right?  So get you some learnin', son, and be aware!

Since there's so much love in the air, it's a good thing February is also National Condom Month!  Safe sex is real important, kids, so take a few minutes to peruse the American Sexual Health Association's Condom Month website.  Have fun and be safe!

Important Dates in February:


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every single time in between.

1 - Working Naked Day AND Ice Cream for Breakfast Day:  Nudity is pretty high on everyone's list of priorities, I think.  Let me just clarify, though, that the spirit of Working Naked Day is that you relax and have fantastic ideas while in the nude at home.  To reiterate, please do not come to work naked.  You'll just ruin it for everyone.  And by it, I mean both work and nudity.  TY.  While you are comfortably working at home, you should also definitely have ice cream for breakfast.  Ice cream is probably one of the greatest foods ever conceived by man.  Nay, the greatest substances.  Yeah.  I said it.

2 - Groundhog Day AND The Superbowl:  Just one more holiday making PA famous!  Punxsutawney, apparently not content with having the most laughable name in the state, decided that it should also be the epicenter of ground squirrel-related activities.  Presumably, that laurel was much sought after in earlier times.  This year's Superbowl is slightly hard to get excited about, since there's no one really to root for or against.  I guess, go Broncos?  AFC all the way, baby.

2-8 - Children's Authors and Illustrators Week:  No matter how old you get, there's something great about a good kid's book.  Come in and tell us your favorite!  You might even get a reading with accents and everything!


A little expert advice never hurt either.

3-7 - Intimate Apparel Week:  Just in time for V-Day, find some enticing intimates this week!  There's a lot to be said for good underwear.

7 - Bubble Gum Day:  Whether you go for big bubbles or just a fun flavor like Cotton Candy, any day is a good day for bubble gum and today is better than most!

8 - Opera Day:  The first opera performed in America was on February 8, 1735 in Charleston, SC.  Though it has ceded much of its popularity to younger art forms, opera has a certain indefinable something that you only get if you go see one.  Make a plan to catch an opera asap.  You won't regret it, promise.

9 - Read in the Bathtub Day:  Reading at any time and in any place is great, but adding a relaxing soak to the mix is, like, professional-level awesome.

10-11 - Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show:  In case you haven't gotten the memo, we love dogs at KU.  Almost as much as we love books, probably, and that's saying something profound (about our life priorities, probably.)  Dog shows are another thing that people sometimes aren't really aware of, so try to catch it, if you never have.  It's really cool.

Banana Joe

This guy won last year. He's an Affenpinscher and his name is Banana Joe. Just let that sink in.

12 - Darwin Day:  The absolute father of Evolutionary Theory and one of the most influential figures in human history was born on this day in 1809!  Celebrate Darwin today!

14 - Ferris Wheel Day AND Valentine's Day:  It's hard not to overshadow FW Day with V-Day, especially since there's no real opportunity (or desire) to ride a ferris wheel in single digit temperatures, but hey, keep those ferris wheels in mind, man.  Though so many people disdain it, Valentine's Day remains a great day for telling people that you love them.  In any and every iteration, celebrate love! <3!

15 - National Gumdrop Day:  Yum, gumdrops.  I'm sure I don't need to remind you guys how great gumdrops are, so I'll leave it at that.

21-22 - Texas Cowboy Poetry Days:  Cowboys have this great storytelling and poetry tradition that is celebrated every year in the Poetry Days Gathering.  Alpine TX will host the gathering this year and it will feature performances from real life cowboys (and girls)!  Learn more here!

22 - National Margarita Day AND Open That Bottle Night:  Mmmmmm, boozy day.  I strongly recommend that you indulge both of these holidays.  Start with margaritas at lunch and don't look back until you've finished that one special bottle of wine that you never got the chance to open.


So many good cards, you guys.

23 - Curling is Cool Day:  I almost feel like the fact that this exists undermines the fact that curling is actually cool.  It's like the world's biggest and most impressive game of shuffleboard!  It's like if they made being a rad old guy on a cruise an Olympic sport!  We have sweet Curling is Cool Day cards, so make sure you get a few for the non-believers in your life.

27 - National Chili Day:  There's still plenty of cold weather left in which to enjoy the delightful, rib-sticking qualities of a good chili!  Whether you like beans, no beans, meat, no meat, no meat no beans (so...peppers in tomato sauce?  I guess?), get your chili on today!

28 - National Tooth Fairy Day:  Recalling adorable childhood traditions is cause for celebration any day, so Tooth Fairy Day is a great time!  As long as you don't think too hard about what the tooth fairy actually does and/or how and why such a tradition might have first appeared.



February Birthdays!

2- Ayn Rand AND James Joyce

4 - George Romero

6 - Arthur Weasley

7 - Laura Ingalls Wilder AND Charles Dickens

8 - Seth Green AND John Williams

12 - Judy Blume AND Charles Darwin

17 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

19 - Bruce Wayne

21 - Alan Rickman

22 - Edward Gorey



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