Old timey Valentine's dates were the best.

Old timey Valentine’s dates were the best.

Ah Feb­ru­ary!  The per­fect mon­th to cud­dle up indoors and sip on a hot bev­er­age in front of a roar­ing fire!  The per­fect mon­th to con­sult an over-sized rodent about the weath­er!  The per­fect mon­th to shop at KU!  For all the deets about our upcom­ing plans and dates to remem­ber (includ­ing Valentine’s Day (on 2/14 as always!)), click READ MORE!

I want to go to there.

I want to go to there.

Feb­ru­ary is Library Lovers’ Mon­th!  And oh man, do we love libraries.  (We do, actu­al­ly.)  Make sure you hit up the Carnegie Library (one of it’s mil­lion branch­es) this mon­th and love it!  Love it so hard!

This mon­th is also Mar­i­jua­na Aware­ness Mon­th!  One gen­er­al­ly doesn’t think of aware­ness and mar­i­jua­na as things that go togeth­er, but they do dur­ing Feb­ru­ary!

Impor­tant Dates in Feb­ru­ary:

Beat THIS Budweiser.  I dare you.

Beat THIS Bud­weis­er. I dare you.

1 — Work­ing Naked Day AND The Super­bowl:  Good thing it’s a Sun­day this year, because work­ing naked can get a lit­tle bit awk­ward…  And oh man, you guys!  It’s time for

America’s Game again!  In the wake of Deflate­gate, I think there’s a sur­feit of ill will towards the Patri­ots (though Steel­ers fans gen­er­al­ly hold the Pats in no high regard any­way), so I guess I and many oth­er peo­ple will be half or quar­ter-heart­ed­ly root­ing for the Sea­hawks.

1–7 — Children’s Authors and Illus­tra­tors Week:  At last, some­thing I can root for whole-heart­ed­ly!  Children’s books are so so so so so impor­tant and I can’t real­ly get enough of them.  So make sure you remem­ber your favorites from your own child­hood and look into some new ones this week, because there are some rock­in’ kids’ books out there, you guys.

2–6 — Inti­mate Appar­el Week:  Yes, please.

2 — Ground­hog Day:  Alright, I’m going to admit that as sil­ly as the idea of Ground­hog Day is, and as much as my ratio­nal mind thinks that it is crazy non­sense, my less ratio­nal, Penn­syl­va­ni­an side is real­ly hop­ing that rodent doesn’t see his shad­ow.  Just say­in’.

6 — Bub­ble Gum Day:  What can you say about BG Day?  No, seri­ous­ly, what can you say?

You said it, Dwight.

You said it, Dwight.

7 — Ice Cream for Break­fast Day:  Yes, final­ly, the best day of the year is back.  (Also, I eat ice cream for break­fast all the time.  This is not right?)

8 — Opera Day:  If you need a spe­cial day to cel­e­brate opera then I don’t even have a respon­se to you.  May God have mer­cy on your soul.

9 — Read in the Bath­tub Day:  Best way to take a bath and pos­si­bly best way to read!

12 — Dar­win Day:  Ah, Charles.  The father of evo­lu­tion was for real a pret­ty b.a. dude.  Just sailed around the world on the H.M.S. Bea­gle like WHAT?!  Look­ing at finch­es and tor­tois­es and oth­er fas­ci­nat­ing crea­tures!  He was all, “British don’t have to mean bor­ing, y’all!”

14 — Fer­ris Wheel Day AND Valentine’s Day:  I think I’ve said this before, but I feel like Fer­ris Wheel Day gets over­shad­owed by the big V a lot.  And I mean, I get it.  Fer­ris wheels are real­ly not THAT amaz­ing or any­thing.  But they are cool and fun.  Plus, they’re a great place for a Valentine’s Day date!  Such a per­fect dove­tail!

15 — Nation­al Gum Drop Day:  I think you mean Nation­al YUM Drop Day.  Amirite? (I am, actu­al­ly)

Look at all those shayna punims.

Look at all those shay­na punims.

16–17 — West­min­ster Ken­nel Club Dog Show:  There are real­ly not enough words to express our com­plete and utter obses­sion with dogs here at KU.  So dog shows are kind of our jam.  We’d love to meet your dog, so make sure to bring him/her in today!  (And/or every day!)

22 — Nation­al Mar­gar­i­ta Day:  Lol, as if you need­ed a spe­cial day for this either.

23 — Curling is Cool Day:  I feel like CiC Day is cel­e­brat­ed a lot more heav­i­ly on Win­ter Olympics years, and that’s kin­da lame.  Curling is an awe­some sport that absolute­ly rules the cold weath­er.  It’s like if you looked at a frozen pond and thought to your­self in a Scot­tish accent, “What’s the absolute sil­li­est thing I could do with this pond?”  Curling.  Curling is the answer.  (If you’re inter­est­ed in learn­ing to curl, here’s a link to the Pitts­burgh Curling Club’s web­site.)

26 — Nation­al Chili Day:  Ah, chili.  Such a per­fect­ly deli­cious culi­nary answer to the Feb­ru­ary weath­er.  Take that snow and sleet and freez­ing rain and stuff!

Look at this!  So cool, right?  But not for the casual collector/drinker.

Look at this! So cool, right? But not for the casu­al collector/drinker.

28 — Open that Bot­tle Night: So I learned some­thing pret­ty inter­est­ing recent­ly.  Appar­ent­ly there’s not a whole lot of wine avail­able in the world that actu­al­ly ben­e­fits from being left to age for very long.  So if you have a bot­tle (or sev­er­al, we don’t judge) of wine sit­ting around wait­ing for a spe­cial occa­sion, or if you have some in your base­ment just ‘matur­ing’ or what­ev­er, Open that Bot­tle Night is the per­fect time to pop those suck­ers open and slurp them down.  There’s no time like the present!  (In case you spent an insane amount of mon­ey on a bot­tle of wine and want to know when to open it, here’s a help­ful list and chart!)

Also 28 — Nation­al Tooth Fairy Day:  Aw, the Tooth Fairy you guys!  I will nev­er not think of the movie Rise of the Guardians when­ev­er I hear any­thing about the Tooth Fairy from now on.  She was such an awe­some, adorable char­ac­ter in that movie.  (Which was actu­al­ly real­ly good, if you haven’t seen it.)

Holy yes.

Holy yes.

Feb­ru­ary Birth­days!

2 — Ayn Rand AND James Joyce

4 — George Romero

6 — Arthur Weasley

7 — Lau­ra Ingalls Wilder AND Charles Dick­ens

8 — Seth Green AND John Williams

12 — Judy Blume AND Charles Dar­win

17 — Joseph Gor­don-Levitt

19 — Bruce Wayne

21 — Alan Rick­man

22 — Edward Gorey

29 — Super­man

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