Old timey Valentine's dates were the best.

Old timey Valentine's dates were the best.

Ah February!  The perfect month to cuddle up indoors and sip on a hot beverage in front of a roaring fire!  The perfect month to consult an over-sized rodent about the weather!  The perfect month to shop at KU!  For all the deets about our upcoming plans and dates to remember (including Valentine's Day (on 2/14 as always!)), click READ MORE!

I want to go to there.

I want to go to there.

February is Library Lovers' Month!  And oh man, do we love libraries.  (We do, actually.)  Make sure you hit up the Carnegie Library (one of it's million branches) this month and love it!  Love it so hard!

This month is also Marijuana Awareness Month!  One generally doesn't think of awareness and marijuana as things that go together, but they do during February!

Important Dates in February:

Beat THIS Budweiser.  I dare you.

Beat THIS Budweiser. I dare you.

1 - Working Naked Day AND The Superbowl:  Good thing it's a Sunday this year, because working naked can get a little bit awkward...  And oh man, you guys!  It's time for

America's Game again!  In the wake of Deflategate, I think there's a surfeit of ill will towards the Patriots (though Steelers fans generally hold the Pats in no high regard anyway), so I guess I and many other people will be half or quarter-heartedly rooting for the Seahawks.

1-7 - Children's Authors and Illustrators Week:  At last, something I can root for whole-heartedly!  Children's books are so so so so so important and I can't really get enough of them.  So make sure you remember your favorites from your own childhood and look into some new ones this week, because there are some rockin' kids' books out there, you guys.

2-6 - Intimate Apparel Week:  Yes, please.

2 - Groundhog Day:  Alright, I'm going to admit that as silly as the idea of Groundhog Day is, and as much as my rational mind thinks that it is crazy nonsense, my less rational, Pennsylvanian side is really hoping that rodent doesn't see his shadow.  Just sayin'.

6 - Bubble Gum Day:  What can you say about BG Day?  No, seriously, what can you say?

You said it, Dwight.

You said it, Dwight.

7 - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day:  Yes, finally, the best day of the year is back.  (Also, I eat ice cream for breakfast all the time.  This is not right?)

8 - Opera Day:  If you need a special day to celebrate opera then I don't even have a response to you.  May God have mercy on your soul.

9 - Read in the Bathtub Day:  Best way to take a bath and possibly best way to read!

12 - Darwin Day:  Ah, Charles.  The father of evolution was for real a pretty b.a. dude.  Just sailed around the world on the H.M.S. Beagle like WHAT?!  Looking at finches and tortoises and other fascinating creatures!  He was all, "British don't have to mean boring, y'all!"

14 - Ferris Wheel Day AND Valentine's Day:  I think I've said this before, but I feel like Ferris Wheel Day gets overshadowed by the big V a lot.  And I mean, I get it.  Ferris wheels are really not THAT amazing or anything.  But they are cool and fun.  Plus, they're a great place for a Valentine's Day date!  Such a perfect dovetail!

15 - National Gum Drop Day:  I think you mean National YUM Drop Day.  Amirite? (I am, actually)

Look at all those shayna punims.

Look at all those shayna punims.

16-17 - Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show:  There are really not enough words to express our complete and utter obsession with dogs here at KU.  So dog shows are kind of our jam.  We'd love to meet your dog, so make sure to bring him/her in today!  (And/or every day!)

22 - National Margarita Day:  Lol, as if you needed a special day for this either.

23 - Curling is Cool Day:  I feel like CiC Day is celebrated a lot more heavily on Winter Olympics years, and that's kinda lame.  Curling is an awesome sport that absolutely rules the cold weather.  It's like if you looked at a frozen pond and thought to yourself in a Scottish accent, "What's the absolute silliest thing I could do with this pond?"  Curling.  Curling is the answer.  (If you're interested in learning to curl, here's a link to the Pittsburgh Curling Club's website.)

26 - National Chili Day:  Ah, chili.  Such a perfectly delicious culinary answer to the February weather.  Take that snow and sleet and freezing rain and stuff!

Look at this!  So cool, right?  But not for the casual collector/drinker.

Look at this! So cool, right? But not for the casual collector/drinker.

28 - Open that Bottle Night: So I learned something pretty interesting recently.  Apparently there's not a whole lot of wine available in the world that actually benefits from being left to age for very long.  So if you have a bottle (or several, we don't judge) of wine sitting around waiting for a special occasion, or if you have some in your basement just 'maturing' or whatever, Open that Bottle Night is the perfect time to pop those suckers open and slurp them down.  There's no time like the present!  (In case you spent an insane amount of money on a bottle of wine and want to know when to open it, here's a helpful list and chart!)

Also 28 - National Tooth Fairy Day:  Aw, the Tooth Fairy you guys!  I will never not think of the movie Rise of the Guardians whenever I hear anything about the Tooth Fairy from now on.  She was such an awesome, adorable character in that movie.  (Which was actually really good, if you haven't seen it.)

Holy yes.

Holy yes.

February Birthdays!

2 - Ayn Rand AND James Joyce

4 - George Romero

6 - Arthur Weasley

7 - Laura Ingalls Wilder AND Charles Dickens

8 - Seth Green AND John Williams

12 - Judy Blume AND Charles Darwin

17 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

19 - Bruce Wayne

21 - Alan Rickman

22 - Edward Gorey

29 - Superman

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