February in a nutshell, basically.

The weather may be gross, but it has nothing on KU!  We'll set you up so sweet for Valentine's day that you'll literally be in a sugar coma until March!  Don't get all hung up on V-day, though!  There's plenty of other great stuff happening this month!  Click READ MORE to find out what's going on!

Because libraries rule, that's why.

Because libraries rule, that's why.

February is Library Lover's Month!  If you're reading this blog, I think I can safely assume that you know how much we love books here.  It might be a little creepy but don't worry about it.  It should go without saying, then, that we love libraries.  (I'm gonna say it anyway, though.)  Take some time during this month to find out how you can help out at your local library!  Reading is more important than I can accurately say.  (Locals, click here for the Carnegie Library home page.)

February is also Marijuana Awareness Month!  In some circles, a time to remember the war on drugs in all its righteous glory.  In others, a month to educate people about the virtues of a favorite plant.  In all circles, a time to laugh at the irony of the phrase 'Marijuana Awareness.'

Finally, February is National Condom Month.  Replace that unused Trojan in your wallet, boys.  They don't last forever, you know.  For real, though.



Important Dates in February:

1 - Bubble Gum Day AND Working Naked Day:  Hopefully I don't need to tell you guys to be careful when celebrating these two days at the same time.  Bubble gum can be unpredictable.  Working naked invariably is.  The two together?  I'm not gonna say it's a recipe for disaster, but keep your head in the game.  


This is my breakfast every day.

2 - Groundhog Day AND Ice Cream for Breakfast Day:  I'm a little confused.  Ice cream is a well-established breakfast food, isn't it?  That's like saying March 5th will henceforth be known as Waffles for Breakfast Day.  Oh well.  May as well celebrate, right?  Also, we'll find out how much more winter we'll have to put up with.  "No shadow" on three!

3-9 - Children's Book Authors and Illustrators Week:   Whether you like the other-worldly wonders of Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, the poignant simplicity of Muth's Stone Soup, the beloved rhymes of Dr. Seuss, or something else altogether, our children's section is full of wonderful books and everyone on staff is passionate about at least one of them.

3 - Superbowl:  Honestly, as a Steelers fan, I'm not sure which of these teams I want to lose more.  On one hand, I have a deep-seated revulsion toward anything that might make a Raven or Ravens fan happy, but on the other, I don't want the 49ers to tie us in Superbowl wins, so...  Rock and a hard place, there.

4-8 - Intimate Apparel Week:  Remember, black and lacy may be fun, but don't hate on classic white cotton.  That's where it's at.  Don't worry, we'll definitely revisit this.  Might even have a rap battle about it, or something.


Yes, please.

9 - Read in the Bathtub Day:  Relaxation is really important.  What's more relaxing than a nice, long bath?  Oh, that's right, it's settling in with a good book.  Let's all do both of those things today.

10 - Chinese New Year:  The most important observance of the Traditional Chinese calendar, the lunar New Year marks the end of the winter season and a more than two week long celebration of new beginnings.  Celebrants traditionally "reconcile, forget all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness for everyone."

11-12 - Westminster Dog Show:  If you've ever been to the store, I'm sure you know that we love dogs.  Like a lot.  At any given time there are likely to be five or six people fawning over any dog that's there.  And all of them will be employees.

12 - Darwin Day AND Mardi Gras AND Paul Bunyan Day:  Triple.  Threat.  I'm trying to imagine some incredibly weird fusion of these three things and it's awesome.  A giant, axe-wielding guy dressed up in green, purple, and gold sequins with a genetically engineered blue ox is what I'm coming up with.  I like it.

14 - St. Valentine's Day AND Ferris Wheel Day:  Ferris wheels are definitely the most underrated amusement park ride.  That view always seems to be spectacular.  Unless you don't like heights.  But then, why would you be on a Ferris Wheel in the first place?  Also Valentine's day.  Don't forget the card!  We have great ones.



15 - National Gum Drop Day:  I feel like a lot of people don't appreciate the sweet, sugar-coated deliciousness that is the gum drop.  Sure, they may be old-fashioned, but that chewy nostalgia is always welcome with me.

18 - Presidents Day:  During the coverage of Obama's recent inauguration, I heard something really impressive about the United States.  This country has the longest stretch of peaceful change of leadership in recent history.  We might not do everything right, but we have good roots at least.  Remember not only our founding fathers, but every President of this great nation.

22-24 - Texas Cowboy Poetry Days:  I know.  At first I had the exact same reaction you're having now.  The more I thought about it, though, the more I decided that it's a legitimate oral tradition.  Also, who doesn't want to star in his own Western?  I emphatically do want that.  Emphatically.

22 - National Margarita Day:  I've never been one for tequila, but any day that celebrates a cocktail is a great day in my book.

23 - Curling is Cool Day AND Open That Bottle Night:  You know how I said that I thought Fun at Work Day was started specifically for or by KU?  I'm slowly becoming convinced that we have some sort of epic holiday quota that we have to fill with days like Curling is Cool Day and Open That Bottle Night.  These are both great holidays so make sure you stay tuned for our extensive coverage of them later this month!

24 - Academy Awards:  We pretend we're watching for the fashion and to appreciate who wins these extremely objective awards, but we all know that all we really want to see is James Franco stoned out of his mind again.  Or whatever.

28 - National Chili Day AND Tooth Fairy Day:  Wrapping up February in style, folks!  Who doesn't love the Tex-Mex staples and adaptations of early European folklore?

This looks weirdly delectable.

This looks weirdly delectable.

February birthdays:

2 - Ayn Rand AND James Joyce (Can't decide if this is weird or not.  They kind of go together, don't they?  In an inexplicable way...)

4 - George Romero (props for the Father of Modern Horror Cinema.)

6 - Arthur Weasley (one of the better Weasleys.  Then again, the better ones outnumber the others 7-2, so...)

7 - Laura Ingalls Wilder AND Charles Dickens  (Not exactly a power couple, but still.)

13 - Brendan Sullivan  (props to KU's Curmudgeon in Chief.)

17 - Joseph Gordon-Levitt  (Joseph Dreamboat-Levitt, I think you mean.)

19 - Bruce Wayne  (All in favor of Christopher Nolan making more Batman movies, say 'aye'!)

21 - Alan Rickman  (Speaking of dreamboats.  Can't do a German accent for shit, though.)

22 - Edward Gorey  (One of our favorite illustrators.  Here are some examples.)


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