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Jan­u­ary is Nation­al Hot Tea Mon­th!  You know, because it’s frick­in’ freez­ing.  Hot tea is a deli­cious and (lit­er­al­ly) boil­ing hot way to fight off the chill, so come on down and we’ll set you up with every­thing you need to become a tea mas­ter!
This mon­th is also Nation­al Mail Order Gar­den­ing Mon­th!  It’s too cold and frozen to gar­den out­side in your actu­al gar­den, so indul­ge your inner farm­per­son by order­ing a ton of gar­den­ing sup­plies through the mail! Get a head start on the spring plant­i­ng sea­son!  Order a book on mak­ing your gar­den bet­ter!  Order some chick­ens!  What­ev­er!

You know what is like the best din­ner on a freez­ing cold day?  Espe­cial­ly after a sledding/skiing/snowball fight excur­sion?  It’s soup.  Which is prob­a­bly why Jan­u­ary is Nation­al Soup Mon­th!

Best break­fast before such an excur­sion?  Oat­meal!  And guess what!  It’s also Oat­meal Mon­th!

Final­ly, Jan­u­ary is also Self Love Mon­th!  Not like that, sicko.  It’s about con­fi­dence!  Start­ing the year right!

Impor­tant Dates in Jan­u­ary:

1 — New Years Day:  First day of the year!  Woohoo!  Noth­ing but poten­tial!  Go get it!

Take THAT fruitcake apologists!

Take THAT fruit­cake apol­o­gists!

3 — Drink­ing Straw Day AND Fruit­cake Toss Day:  We love straws!  (Actu­al­ly, I’m pret­ty ambiva­lent about straws.  They’re ok, I guess.)  Fruit­cake Toss Day, though. THAT’S  a day to cel­e­brate.  No one eats fruit­cakes, right?  I mean, right?  Fruit­cake is what you give to peo­ple when you want to not give them a real present.  Fruit­cake is what you give to some­one when you know they need a weird, semi-gelati­nous brick to throw at some­one.

6 — Twelfth Night:  Last night of Christ­mas!  (Offi­cial­ly, any­way.  Here at KU, we are firm­ly of the opin­ion that Christ­mas can go on as long as you want it to.  Or longer.)

8–14 — Uni­ver­sal Let­ter Writ­ing Week:  Let­ters to friends are the best thing ever and every­one needs to write them.  In this increas­ing­ly dig­i­tal era, it’s actu­al­ly becom­ing more and more impor­tant to send paper cor­re­spon­dence because most snail mail now is just spam and bills!  So every­one needs some let­ters from their friends to remind them that get­ting mail can be fun!

8 — Bub­ble Bath Day:  Aw, bub­ble baths.  They’re so great, you guys.  They’re like the pic­ture of relax­ation.

13 — Birth of Pub­lic Broad­cast­ing AND Rub­ber Ducky Day:  I’m going to tell you a secret.  The cars of a fair num­ber of the KU staff play pret­ty much noth­ing but NPR.  It’s like they’re stuck on it.  Except we’re doing it on pur­pose!  We love pub­lic radio.  It’s the best.  Also rub­ber duck­ies!  Because Ernie’s lit­tle bud­dy is the best.

Daenerys knows how to appreciate dragons.

Daen­erys knows how to appre­ci­ate drag­ons.

16 — Appre­ci­ate a Drag­on Day:  Drag­ons are the best, you guys.  They’re so cool!  Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a giant, fire-breath­ing lizard that hoards trea­sure? Cra­zies, that’s who.

19 — Pop­corn Day:  Pop­corn, yum!  Whether you’re a tra­di­tion­al but­ter lover, a sweet-toothed caramel per­son, or an afi­cionado of the sweet and savory amaz­ing­ness that is ket­tle corn, popped ker­nels of the world’s most com­mon grain are a delec­table treat that you should cel­e­brate!

24 — Talk Like a Griz­zled Prospec­tor Day: Oh man, you guys, remem­ber the Cal­i­for­nia Gold Rush?  I mean, prob­a­bly not unless you’re total­ly ancient.  Any­way, griz­zled prospec­tors first made their way into the Zeit­geist via this and oth­er gold rush­es.  Got­ta pan for the good stuff, you guys.

27 — Bub­ble Wrap Appre­ci­a­tion Day:  Oh bub­ble wrap!  You bub­ble wrap!  Using you is like wrap­ping things in a delight­ful cloud of bub­bles!  Bub­ble wrap!  — Ode to Bub­ble Wrap by me.

28 — Fun at Work Day AND Nation­al Kazoo Day:  As you may know, pret­ty much every day is Fun At Work Day for we lucky peo­ple that work at KU.  For you poor schmucks, though, that day is Jan­u­ary 28th.  Enjoy!  May­be take in a kazoo!  Toot your way through the day!



Jan­u­ary Birth­days!

1 — J.D. Salinger
3 — JRR Tolkien
6 — Sher­lock Holmes
7 — Charles Addams
8 — Stephen Hawk­ing
9 — Severus Snape
12 — Charles Per­rault
18 — A.A. Mil­ne
19 — Buffy Sum­mers AND Edgar Allen Poe AND Patri­cia High­smith
20 — Han­ni­bal Lecter
27 — Lewis Car­roll
29 — Aqua­man
30 — Lily Pot­ter

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