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Lovely late spring morning here at KU!

The warm weather has finally convinced me that it's here for real now and almost immediately I've decided that I'm tired of it.  Because that's what I do.  Humidity is the worst.  But enough about that!  Yay summer!  I think it's funny how the school year schedule persists into adult life.  I haven't been in school for years, but I still think of summer as a lazy time with no responsibilities.  Maybe it'll sink in someday.

As usual, June is all hustle and bustle here at KU!  Click READ MORE to find out what the plan is!


This is Peter. He is gay and proud and we are strongly in favor of him. (He's our new employee.)


June is Gay Pride Month!  KU has a long history of Gay Pride, so we'll be celebrating with gusto all month long!

June is also National Camping Month!  Get the tents and stuff and get out there!  Make fires!  Hike trails!  Sleep outdoors!  Don't get eaten by bears.  Please.

Here's another reason June is great.  It's National Iced Tea Month!  I don't know about you guys, but I freaking love iced tea.  It's delicious and refreshing and it has ice in it, which is one of the best positive attributes a beverage can have.  If I could, I'd put 'like a beverage that has ice in it' on my resume.  For serious.  Then I'd take an iced tea to the interview I would undoubtedly get and I would sip it.

Do you like steak?  Ha, what am I talking about, of course you like steak.  That's like asking someone if they're human.  I ask because June is also National Steakhouse Month and I'm pretty excited.  The last time I was at a steakhouse, I actually ordered lamb chops, which were delicious, but next time I'm totally going classic porterhouse.  Mmmm, steak.

Important Dates in June:

June cards

June holidays and Carly's adorable fingers.

1 - National Go Barefoot Day AND Drawing Day:  I'm not very good at drawing, so I'll leave that to the professionals.  (If you're interested, though, we do have a pretty nice sketchbook here...)  I am, however, pretty great at going barefoot.  Shoes, though I enjoy them as a fashion accessory and as a tool for avoiding frostbite in winter times, are not that great during the summer.  They just make you sweaty and gross.  Much like all of summer.  But don't get me started on that.  Anywho, barefooting is the way to go.

6 - Drive in Movie Day:  I've actually never been to a drive-in.  I tend to be more...contemporary(?) in my movie going preferences.  For instance I like air conditioning and I'd rather not waste my gas on it during a movie.  I do see the appeal, though.  It's very 50's Americana.  

Superman days

Aw yeah Superman.

6-9 - Superman Days:  Speaking of Americana...  There's like a parade and everything.  Go to the website for more info.

7-8 - Doughnut Days: I'm just gonna say it again because I like it.  June should be Americana Month.  Since apparently that's what the plan is.  Though this one was actually created in 1938 by the Salvation Army in honor of the women who served doughnuts to soldiers during WWI.  Lending a little legitimacy to the proceedings.

8 - Belmont Stakes AND Best Friends Day:  I feel like Belmont is always really disappointing if there's no possibility of a Triple Crown winner (so, usually), but that probably just indicates my supreme ignorance of horse racing at large.  Oh well.  Me and my best friends will probably be too busy doing cool things to even worry about it.  Seriously, though, I have best friends.  In related news, KU is totally about best friends, so you should definitely come in with your bff today.

13 - The Queen's Official Birthday:  Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.  Britain has been celebrating its monarchs' official birthday since 1748.  The date differs across the many countries of the former British Empire, but each territory, including the British main land, uses a date that falls in its summer season in hopes of ensuring good weather for the celebrations.  (Her actual birthday is April 21st)

15 - World Juggling Day:  I think everyone can agree that juggling is awesome.  I think everyone can also agree that jugglers are creepy.  Interesting.  It's just one of those skills like unicycling and mime.  It's a cool idea, but the execution is uniformly unsettling.  If you're into that, though, here's a link to the International Jugglers' Association's website.  The more I type it, the more I think that it's just the word juggle that's weird.  Yeah.

16 - Bloomsday AND Fudge Day AND Father's Day:  Wow.  The big three.  Or.  The big two and James Joyce.  Or the big one and James Joyce and your dad.  Don't forget a Father's Day card, though.  That'd be unfortunate.  We also have a cool Bloomsday card.  James Joyce is wearing an eye patch on it.  Best come snap that up.

21 - Summer Solstice AND Go Skateboarding Day AND National Flip-flop Day AND Take Your Dog to Work Day:  You wouldn't think June 21st would be that popular but you'd apparently be wrong.  Or maybe you would think it, I don't know your life.  Clearly the Summer Solstice has attracted some interesting followers.  I'm not a big flip-flop guy (having something between my toes is weird), but I wish every day were take your dog to work day.  Dogs, as we have established on this blog, are the best.  In other news, we have two sweet Go Skateboarding Day cards.  One has a dinosaur on it, so you know it rocks.

fairy houses

Cutest stationery ever.

24 - International Fairy Day:  It's always good to take some time and embrace the magic present in every day life.  Fairy Day is the perfect opportunity.  What's more magical than fairies?  Probably my favorite thing about the culture surrounding fairies is Fairy houses.  I think they're totally adorable.  If you aren't familiar with Fairy houses, they too are exactly what they sound like.  Go to the website for more information!

June Birthdays!

1 - Oscar the Grouch (I don't think of myself as a grouch, but I identify with Oscar a lot...)

2 - Justin Long AND Zachary Quinto AND Dana Carvey (Put this trio together for cinematic gold.  Except I'm not sure that you'd need Justin Long.  Just sayin'.  He's cool and all, but...)

5 - Richard Scarry AND Draco Malfoy (Ugh.  Can't believe Malfoy is sullying Richard Scarry's bday.)

7 - Prince 

8 - Frank Lloyd Wright (He did awesome things, don't get me wrong, but his fascination with low ceilings was weird.)

9 - Natalie Portman


Strawberries and cake is the tastiest combination.

10 - Maurice Sendak (We love Sendak a lot here.  So much.)  

12 - Jacques Cousteau AND Marty McFly (Aw yeah, explorers day.)

13 - W.B. Yeats AND Dorothy Sayers (Pretty sexy couple.)

15 - NPH (Speaking of sexy couples...  I know NPH isn't a couple, but he's sexy enough for two.)

18 - Chris van Allsburg (I mention this every time I think about van Allsburg, and I'm going to keep saying it until it stops blowing my mind.  Chris van Allsburg wrote The Polar Express and also Jumanji.  Same person.  Radically different books.  That's cool.)

20 - Edward Cullen

25 - George Orwell AND Ricky Gervais AND Eric Carle (I can't decide whether this trio makes sense or not.)

27 - Captain Kangaroo AND Dobby (A free elf.)

28 - John Cusack AND Mel Brooks (Yes.  A Mel Brooks movie starring John Cusack needs to happen.)

29 - Antoine de Saint-Exupery (One of the truest philosophers humanity ever produced.)

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