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Summer's finally (almost) here, everybody!  And man, is it here with a vengeance.  Dear May, I didn't need your 80 degree days, but thanks.  Love, everyone.   It's more understandable when it's 80 in June, what with summer actually starting and whatnot.  Click READ MORE to find out what other great stuff is happening down at KU this June!


June is Gay Pride Month!  On May 20th of this year it became legal for same sex couples to marry in Pennsylvania and we think that is totally groovy.  We are also super into Pride Month because we think that every person should be proud of who he or she is!

June is also National Camping Month!  Since many Americans live a sedentary existence (read: "are super lazy and love pizza and video games."  Not there's anything wrong with that.  We all do it), I think Camping Month is very important.  A little experience in the outdoors would do most people good.  Not to mention campfires, which are probably one of the most fun things in the world.

Another great thing about June is that it's National Iced Tea Month!  Most beverages are better on ice (except not milk, because that's gross), but tea might be the best of the iced beverages.  I'm a big fan of iced chai, personally, but really all iced tea is great.  Green, red, black, white, tea is delicious!

And finally, June is National Steakhouse Month!  Steakhouses are great because you can get steak there.  As we all know, any place that provides steak is a good place to be, so celebrate by going out and getting a steak!  Steak!

Important Dates in June:

1 - Go Barefoot Day:  There are people in this world who are really disturbed by feet.  The first of June is not a good day for these people.  For those of us who relish pedalian freedom, however, Go Barefoot Day is fabulous.  And for Quentin Tarantino, it's like Christmas.

6 - Drive-in Movie Day:  Aw yeah, the drive-in!  As great as the movie theatre is, there's just something really great about a show at the drive-in.  Man, between drive-thru dinner and drive-in movies, you could do a whole date without ever leaving the car!  You could even do coffee and dessert, since there are drive-thru Starbuckses now!


So. Freaking. Exciting.

7 - Drawing Day AND The Belmont Stakes:  Oh man, Belmont!  It's the longest race of the Triple Crown (it goes: Preakness 1 and 3/16 miles, KY Derby 1 and 1/4 miles, and Belmont is 1 and 1/2) and the last.  Also, way way WAY more excitingly, if California Chrome wins, he'll be the first Triple Crown winner in 32 years!  32 YEARS!  Unreal!  Plus Drawing Day is totally cool.  That's drawing like pictures, not a lottery drawing.  Much better.

7-8 - Doughnut Days:  National Doughnut Day is celebrated to honor the volunteers of the Salvation Army who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I.  Doughnut Days are the best days because not only is it awesome to honor those volunteers, but it is also awesome that many doughnutteries offer free doughnuts on Doughnut Day.  I just made up the word doughnutteries.  But I like it, so I'm keeping it.

12-15 - Superman Days:  Like so many things, it's exactly what it sounds like and it's awesome.

14 - Queen's Official Birthday AND World Juggling Day AND Bloomsday:  Around the world in former and current British territories, the birthday of the reigning British monarch is celebrated on a day that falls in the summer to attempt to ensure fair weather.  And if that isn't the most English thing in the universe, I'll just eat my hat.  Bloomsday is a Joyce reference and if you didn't know that I'll just eat my hat.  Juggling is totally fun and cool and not weird at all!  If you don't agree, I'll just eat my hat!  I'm wearing a really tasty hat in this fantasy, as you can tell.

15 - Father's Day:  Fathers are some of the best people you will ever have the privilege of meeting.  Seriously.  Don't forget KU for all your paternal card and gift needs!


16 - Fudge Day:  Mmmmm, fudge is the best.  Though apparently it comes from a Scottish dessert called Tablet which, from the description on Wikipedia, kind of sounds like peanut brittle for people who like their teeth.  I want that in a big way.

20 - National Flip-flop Day AND Take Your Dog to Work Day:  I think we can all agree that flip-flop weather rocks.  Even though I'm kind of an autumn/winter person, there's just something about beaches and flip-flops that is totally awesome.  And I don't think I need to tell you how much we love dogs here at KU.  We're not going to bring our dogs to work, because the dogs would literally outnumber the people in the store if we did, so that should give you an idea of how much canine love we have going on around here.

21 - The Summer Solstice AND Go Skateboarding Day:  Aw yeah, skateboarding!  I had a grand total of one skateboard as a kid, and I received one of my worst childhood injuries from trying to ride it.  Needless to say, I've never been much of a skater kid.  Nevertheless, skateboarding is totally rad and we have sweet Go Skateboarding Day cards.  It's pretty cool, also, that GSD intertwines with the longest day of the year as well!  Get all those hours of sunlight for your boarding!

24 - International Fairy Day:  A little fairy magic goes a long way, so this is an important day!

27-29 - Watermelon Seed Spitting Weekend:  The world record for distance on a spat watermelon seed is 75 feet, 2 inches set in 1995.  I'm pretty sure it was a freak accident and that distance will never ever be matched, because watermelon seeds are crazy small and not very aerodynamic.  But hey, give it a try this weekend and let Guinness know if you beat it!

Butterbeer cupcake

JP made us butterbeer cupcakes recently and we didn't not love them...

June Birthdays!

1 - Oscar the Grouch

2 - Justin Long AND Zachary Quinto AND Dana Carvey

5 - Richard Scarry AND Draco Malfoy

7 - Prince

8 - Frank Lloyd Wright

9 - Natalie Portman

10 - Maurice Sendak

12 - Jacques Cousteau AND Marty McFly

13 - W.B. Yeats AND Dorothy Sayers

15 - NPH

18 - Chris van Allsburg

20 - Edward Cullen

25 - George Orwell AND Ricky Gervais AND Eric Carle

27 - Captain Kangaroo AND Dobby

28 - John Cusack AND Mel Brooks

29 - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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