Personally I have mixed feelings about March.  It has some great stuff like the start of spring and St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s also long and mostly still pretty wintry.  It’s a tough month, sometimes.  Here at KU, though, March has some excellent events, so we’re very excited about it!  Click READ MORE to find out what’s happening in the coming weeks!


We are so mirthful and optimistic and spirited! You don't even realize, guys.

March is International Mirth Month!  Mirth Month is about how laughter is the best medicine and how laughing a lot can bolster your immune system and turn you superhuman.  Not really, but kind of.  It does bolster your immune system and has several other health benefits, but laughing hasn’t made anyone superhuman.  Yet.

March is also Employee Spirit Month!  KU’s employees are among the most spirited anywhere, and we do it every month of the year, but a specific spirit month might be nice for employees elsewhere who may not be as awesome as we are.  If you need help being spirited, come in any time and we’ll give you a quick tutorial!

Another great thing about March is that it’s Optimism Month!  The long, dark days of midwinter are past and it’s time to look forward to the rest of the year!  Be optimistic about more than the weather, though.  Remember that a positive outlook can make all the difference in difficult situations!

Finally, March is also Play the Recorder Month!  Despite its reputation as a child’s learning instrument, the recorder was a big deal in the musical world up until the invention of the transverse flute.  Telemann, Vivaldi, and even Bach wrote widely for recorder.  If anyone knows where I can get a nice wooden one, hit me up!


Important Dates in March:

1 - Pig Day:  I think pigs enjoy the popularity that they do in this country because they have two very different but equally powerful qualities.  They are cute.  And they are delicious.  Whether you advocate taking a break from pork on Pig Day or you prefer to celebrate with bacon, ribs, and ham, celebrate Pig Day with gusto!

sleepy pig

World's cutest pig contender.

2 - Dr. Seuss Day AND The Oscars:  The Academy Awards (aka the Oscars) are pretty super exciting for movie buffs like (most of) the staff of KU.  They're also a great chance to watch celebrities wear some crazy outfits and sometimes make total fools of themselves and others.  And really, isn't that what America is all about?  Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on March 2nd, 1904 and we celebrate his birthday (which is also Read Across America Day (for the same reason)) because he was the king of children's books.  Like, literally that should be a thing and we should posthumously crown him the king of kids' books.

3 - What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day:  How many times have we all wished that our dog could let himself out for a walk or that our cat could scoop his own litter box (which is of course a totally different issue from whether or not he would)?  March 3rd is a day to think about that anew and wonder just how awesome (and/or terrifying) this world would be if our pets had thumbs.


Everyone, meet paczki. The best doughnut known to man.

4 - Toy Soldier Day AND Mardi Gras:  Though toy soldiers have fallen sharply in popularity from their apex, fun with tin soldiers, green army men, and other military men toys has been a play time staple for hundreds of years and remains an object of nostalgia even today.  Plus, the green army men are, like, one of the best parts of Toy Story, amirite?  Oh man, guys, Mardi Gras.  Are you ready to go crazy?  Eating doughnuts and pastries and drinking everything and stuff before Lent?  So exciting, you guys.  I love paczki so much.

7 - Middle Name Pride Day:  Some of the interesting middle names among the staff here at KU are Dale, Francis, Wells, and Kenneth.  Middle names are often (but not always) a degree or two more interesting than first names, but even if yours isn't take pride in it today!

8 - International Fanny Pack Day:  I heard recently that despite its hilarious lack of popularity in the USA, the fanny pack is actually a pretty common accessory in other parts of the world.  Notably Eastern Europe.  So, good thing this day is international, I guess, because National Fanny Pack Day would just be an exercise in futility.

9 - Daylight Savings Time Begins:  Spring ahead, friends!

10 - International Day of Awesomeness AND Mario Day AND Napping Day:  Otherwise known as the Day of Kickassness.  I'm going to institute that.  Although napping day is a moveable feast, so it's not always on the 1oth.  Eh, IDoA and Mario Day (get it?  MAR10?) will still be pretty cool.  Naps, though.  Naps are where it's at.


That boy loved him some apples. And cider. Mostly cider.

11 - Johnny Appleseed Day:  Although some people celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day on his birthday, September 26th, the anniversary of his death, March 11th, falls nearer to planting season, which is why it's officially the day.  Johnny Appleseed, like a lot of American legends, has been hugely fictionalized since his life at the very beginnings of America (he was born in 1775), but his actual accomplishments are pretty impressive.  He was famous during his life for planting large tree nurseries (not randomly distributing apple seeds), helping to advance the American settlers westward, and for his intense respect for all life.

14 - Pi Day:  We love Pi!  (And pie!)  If you love pi(e) too, make sure to come and get a Pi Day card!

15 - Ides of March:  If some lady tells you to beware the Ides of March, this is the day she means, and you better believe that she is for reals.

17 - St. Patrick's Day:  Embarrassingly, for a Pittsburgher and bagpiper, I have never had a green beer.  On one hand, I have to imagine that it's not very good and that I'm not missing much, but on the other hand I also have to acknowledge the weight of peer pressure.  Decisions, decisions.

17-23 - World Folk Tales and Fables Week:  Yet another aptly named celebration, World Folk Tales and Fables Week is exactly what it sounds like!  Folk tales and fables contain timeless and valuable lessons on life and happiness and have stuck around so long for good reason.  Study up on some folk tales this week!

18 - Awkward Moments Day:  That awkward moment when you draw attention to all of life's awkward little moments.  Did I just blow your mind?


May I draw your attention to the note, "forever < fivever?"

20 - Alien Abduction Day AND Won't You Be My Neighbor? Day AND First Day of Spring:  Busy day, guys.  The older I get and the more I find out about Mr. Rogers, the more I think that he was probably one of the greatest people to ever live.  A pioneer in educational TV and well-known for being the same gentle, compassionate person in his real life that he played on his show, Mr. Rogers is remembered fondly on Won't You Be My Neighbor? Day (celebrated on his birthday).  Also yay spring!  But beware of UFOs and their abduction-y inhabitants!

25 - Tolkien Reading Day:  I've been on a Tolkien reading kick for the past several months, so it'll be nice to have an official day that legitimizes it.  If you're a fan of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings, even if you've only seen the movies, and even (and especially) if you've tried to read Tolkien before and found him dry or difficult, I'd encourage you to pick up one of his books and give it a try today.  Tolkien's style focuses heavily on detail and his vernacular is often slightly archaic, but it's done for a purpose and is well worth the investment of time and concentration.  I promise.

30 - Pencil Day:  Ah, the humble pencil.  A wonderful tool for writing, drawing, doodling, jotting, sketching, delineating, graphing, or just about anything else you can possibly think of on paper.  Pencils with attached erasers were first patented on this date in 1858 and the pencil has never looked back.  Don't forget to pick up your Pencil Day cards here at KU.  They go fast, so get here!


Yes to all, please.

March Birthdays:

1 - Aragorn (We're not not selling an Aragorn birthday card...)
2 - Dr Seuss AND John Irving
3 - George Michael Bluth
6 - Gabriel Garcia Marquez
10 - Remus Lupin (Alas, Remus, we hardly knew ye!)
11 - Neo AND Douglas Adams
12 - Homer Simpson
14 - Catwoman AND Albert Einstein
16 - Kevin Smith (Yeah, he totally shopped at KU that one time.  We didn't freak out...)
20 - Mr. Rogers AND Lois Lowry
22 - Wonder Woman AND James T. Kirk
26 - Leonard Nimoy
31 - Carly Moroski AND Christopher Walken(<3)

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