St. Patrick's Day Parade and hey!  I know those guys!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and hey! I know those guys!

It’s March again, friends!  Win­ter will be over soon and we’ll all be hap­py and cavort­ing around in the love­ly warm weath­er!  Hur­ray!  Until then, there’s still plen­ty of time to drink all the hot choco­late and sit in front of all the fires your lit­tle heart could desire.  Here’s what’s hap­pen­ing at KU this March!  (In addi­tion to hot choco­late and snug­gling, obvi­ous­ly.)



1 — Pig Day:  Ok, pigs.  Pigs are pret­ty cute, you guys.  Cute enough to have their own day, so that’s pret­ty amaz­ing.  I’m not real­ly sure why it’s in March, but oth­er than that, I’m all for it.  It’s like a legit thing, too.  Most­ly in the Mid­west. (shock!)


2 — Dr. Seuss Day:  Dr. Seuss’s birth­day is kind of a big deal.  He’s only like the most beloved children’s author of all time.  Fun fact, his name is actu­al­ly sup­posed to be pro­nounced “zoice,” not “sooss.”  Dr. Seuss’s real name, as you prob­a­bly know, was Theodor Geisel, and all four of his grand­par­ents were Ger­man immi­grants.  So Seuss was his mother’s maid­en name as well as his mid­dle name, and the Ger­man pro­nun­ci­a­tion would be “zoice.”  Appar­ent­ly there was even a lit­tle poem about it pub­lished by a fel­low stu­dent in the Dart­mouth Jack-O-Lantern which read, “You’re wrong as the deuce / and you shouldn’t rejoice / if you’re call­ing him Seuss. / He pro­nounces it [Zoice].”

3 — What if Cats and Dogs Had Oppos­able Thumbs? Day:  New idea for a dystopi­an YA nov­el!

4 — Toy Sol­dier Day:  Or, as it’s more prop­er­ly called, “Get misty-eyed about The Stead­fast Tin Sol­dier Day.

6 — Mid­dle Name Pride Day:  Let me tell you guys a sto­ry.  One time, before we were dat­ing, my girl­friend was for­ward­ing an email from a the­atre group to me.  So a mutu­al friend gave her my email address, which is afm144.  And it’s pret­ty obvi­ous­ly my ini­tials, so they were won­der­ing what the F stood for.  And Monika goes, “it’s prob­a­bly some­thing pre­ten­tious like ‘Fran­cis.’”  It’s Fran­cis.  But I like my mid­dle name and I don’t think it’s pre­ten­tious.  I was my grandfather’s name.  So take pride in your mid­dle name today!  Even if it’s ‘pre­ten­tious.’

8 — DST Starts:  Woo!  Time to spring ahead!  (Not real­ly woo-wor­thy, but it’ll be ok, you guys.)

Let's all take a nap with these baby pandas.  I think that's a good idea.

Let’s all take a nap with the­se baby pan­das. I think that’s a good idea.

9 — Nap­ping Day:  Prob­a­bly nec­es­sary because we all had to make do with one less hour of sleep!  Boo!

10 — Inter­na­tion­al Day of Awe­some­ness AND Mar­io Day:  Get it?  Because of MAR10.  So that’s fun.  Now, the IDoA, on the oth­er hand, is great most­ly because the only rea­son for it’s exis­tence is that some guy thought it would be fun­ny and then he and a few of his friends went about actu­al­ly mak­ing it a real­i­ty.  If that’s not a feat of Awe­some­ness, I don’t know what is.  Make sure you per­form a feat of Awe­some­ness today and let us know how it went!

11 — John­ny Apple­seed Day:  So John­ny Apple­seed is an Amer­i­can leg­end, but his sto­ry real­ly res­onates most in Appalachia where he actu­al­ly lived and plant­ed orchards.  I feel like, as kids, we’re most­ly told about this whim­si­cal guy who plant­ed a bunch of apples and wore a tin pot on his head.  It’s kind of an “apple a day keeps the doc­tor away” fable, if I remem­ber.  The thing is, though, the actu­al John­ny Apple­seed didn’t plant his seeds willy-nil­ly, he plant­ed full on orchards and then sold/gave them to peo­ple who could use them.  And the apples weren’t for eat­ing, they were for mak­ing hard cider.  Which is why John­ny Apple­seed total­ly owns.

13 — Inter­na­tion­al Fan­ny Pack Day:  Fan­ny packs are weird.  I mean, to be com­plete­ly hon­est, I see the appeal.  They’re def­i­nite­ly use­ful.  Noth­ing like hav­ing a nice big zipped pock­et cov­er­ing your crotch/fanny.  How­ev­er.  They are prob­a­bly the sin­gle most unflat­ter­ing piece of equip­ment in the entire world.  Like, is being able to car­ry any sin­gle thing worth look­ing like that much of a din­gus?

14 — Pi Day:  Mmm­m­mm, pie.  Also pi!  So here’s prob­a­bly the great­est thing about math:  Even though it’s the lan­guage of the uni­verse and is con­stant­ly being put to use explain­ing the pre­vi­ous­ly inex­plic­a­ble and illu­mi­nat­ing what was hith­er­to shroud­ed in mys­tery, math itself is chock full of mys­ter­ies, strange coin­ci­dences, and weird truths.  Pi is one of those num­bers that is con­spic­u­ous­ly intrigu­ing.  Fun fact about pi: since it is infinite and non-repeat­ing, its dig­its con­tain all the infor­ma­tion in the uni­verse!  Crazy, right?

15 — Ides of March:  Oh, Cae­sar. RIP.


17 — St. Patrick’s Day:  Because what bet­ter way is there to cel­e­brate the life of a Chris­tian mis­sion­ary than by get­ting wast­ed?  Cor­rect!  There isn’t one!

18 — Awk­ward Moments Day:  That awk­ward moment where every­one is still wor­ried about awk­ward moments and you just want to eat pie.

20 — Alien Abduc­tion Day AND Won’t You Be My Neigh­bor? Day AND First Day of Spring:  OMG such a busy day.  First of all, it’s fii­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­i­inal­ly Spring!  Yay!  And then it’s like, ‘oh man, when are my extra-ter­res­tri­al friends gonna get here?’  AND THEN you have to be all neigh­bor­ly to them even if they’re try­ing to abduct and exper­i­ment on you and stuff because you know that’s what Mr. Rogers would want.  And you can’t dis­ap­point Fred.  You just can’t.

22 — KU Book Club Meet­ing:  This mon­th we’re dis­cussing The Princess Bride!  Frankly we’re a bit amazed at how many peo­ple have nev­er read it.  But we are going to rem­e­dy that tragedy one book club meet­ing at a time!  Our Alice in Won­der­land Tea Par­ty was pret­ty off the chain, so def­i­nite­ly swing by!

23–29 — World Folk Tales and Fables Week:  Ugh, it’s just like, sto­ries, you know?  Sto­ries, man.  They’re the best.

25 — Tolkien Read­ing Day:  SPEAKING of sto­ries!  Read some Tolkien!  It’ll make you smarter!  ALSO!  Tolkien imag­ined Mid­dle-earth and his leg­en­dar­i­um as a sort of sub­sti­tute mythol­o­gy for Eng­land, so very apro­pos for WFTaFW!

30 — Pen­cil Day:  Pen­cils are so hum­ble, you guys.  They’re one of the best writ­ing imple­ments and they’re just so unpre­ten­tious.  They’re like foun­tain pens if foun­tain pens were erasable and not total­ly full of them­selves, you know?


Can’t tell if it’s an owl or a pen­guin, but it’s adorable no mat­ter what.


March Birth­days!

1 — Aragorn

2 — Dr. Seuss AND John Irv­ing

3 — George Michael Bluth

6 — Gabriel Gar­cia Mar­quez

10 — Remus Lupin

11 — Neo AND Dou­glas Adams

12 — Homer Simp­son

14 — Cat­wom­an AND Albert Ein­stein

16 — Kev­in Smith

20 — Mr. Rogers AND Lois Low­ery

22 — Won­der Wom­an AND James T. Kirk

26 — Leonard Nimoy

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