St. Patrick's Day Parade and hey!  I know those guys!

St. Patrick's Day Parade and hey! I know those guys!

It's March again, friends!  Winter will be over soon and we'll all be happy and cavorting around in the lovely warm weather!  Hurray!  Until then, there's still plenty of time to drink all the hot chocolate and sit in front of all the fires your little heart could desire.  Here's what's happening at KU this March!  (In addition to hot chocolate and snuggling, obviously.)



1 - Pig Day:  Ok, pigs.  Pigs are pretty cute, you guys.  Cute enough to have their own day, so that's pretty amazing.  I'm not really sure why it's in March, but other than that, I'm all for it.  It's like a legit thing, too.  Mostly in the Midwest. (shock!)


2 - Dr. Seuss Day:  Dr. Seuss's birthday is kind of a big deal.  He's only like the most beloved children's author of all time.  Fun fact, his name is actually supposed to be pronounced "zoice," not "sooss."  Dr. Seuss's real name, as you probably know, was Theodor Geisel, and all four of his grandparents were German immigrants.  So Seuss was his mother's maiden name as well as his middle name, and the German pronunciation would be "zoice."  Apparently there was even a little poem about it published by a fellow student in the Dartmouth Jack-O-Lantern which read, "You're wrong as the deuce / and you shouldn't rejoice / if you're calling him Seuss. / He pronounces it [Zoice]."

3 - What if Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day:  New idea for a dystopian YA novel!

4 - Toy Soldier Day:  Or, as it's more properly called, "Get misty-eyed about The Steadfast Tin Soldier Day.

6 - Middle Name Pride Day:  Let me tell you guys a story.  One time, before we were dating, my girlfriend was forwarding an email from a theatre group to me.  So a mutual friend gave her my email address, which is afm144.  And it's pretty obviously my initials, so they were wondering what the F stood for.  And Monika goes, "it's probably something pretentious like 'Francis.'"  It's Francis.  But I like my middle name and I don't think it's pretentious.  I was my grandfather's name.  So take pride in your middle name today!  Even if it's 'pretentious.'

8 - DST Starts:  Woo!  Time to spring ahead!  (Not really woo-worthy, but it'll be ok, you guys.)

Let's all take a nap with these baby pandas.  I think that's a good idea.

Let's all take a nap with these baby pandas. I think that's a good idea.

9 - Napping Day:  Probably necessary because we all had to make do with one less hour of sleep!  Boo!

10 - International Day of Awesomeness AND Mario Day:  Get it?  Because of MAR10.  So that's fun.  Now, the IDoA, on the other hand, is great mostly because the only reason for it's existence is that some guy thought it would be funny and then he and a few of his friends went about actually making it a reality.  If that's not a feat of Awesomeness, I don't know what is.  Make sure you perform a feat of Awesomeness today and let us know how it went!

11 - Johnny Appleseed Day:  So Johnny Appleseed is an American legend, but his story really resonates most in Appalachia where he actually lived and planted orchards.  I feel like, as kids, we're mostly told about this whimsical guy who planted a bunch of apples and wore a tin pot on his head.  It's kind of an "apple a day keeps the doctor away" fable, if I remember.  The thing is, though, the actual Johnny Appleseed didn't plant his seeds willy-nilly, he planted full on orchards and then sold/gave them to people who could use them.  And the apples weren't for eating, they were for making hard cider.  Which is why Johnny Appleseed totally owns.

13 - International Fanny Pack Day:  Fanny packs are weird.  I mean, to be completely honest, I see the appeal.  They're definitely useful.  Nothing like having a nice big zipped pocket covering your crotch/fanny.  However.  They are probably the single most unflattering piece of equipment in the entire world.  Like, is being able to carry any single thing worth looking like that much of a dingus?

14 - Pi Day:  Mmmmmm, pie.  Also pi!  So here's probably the greatest thing about math:  Even though it's the language of the universe and is constantly being put to use explaining the previously inexplicable and illuminating what was hitherto shrouded in mystery, math itself is chock full of mysteries, strange coincidences, and weird truths.  Pi is one of those numbers that is conspicuously intriguing.  Fun fact about pi: since it is infinite and non-repeating, its digits contain all the information in the universe!  Crazy, right?

15 - Ides of March:  Oh, Caesar.  RIP.


17 - St. Patrick's Day:  Because what better way is there to celebrate the life of a Christian missionary than by getting wasted?  Correct!  There isn't one!

18 - Awkward Moments Day:  That awkward moment where everyone is still worried about awkward moments and you just want to eat pie.

20 - Alien Abduction Day AND Won't You Be My Neighbor? Day AND First Day of Spring:  OMG such a busy day.  First of all, it's fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally Spring!  Yay!  And then it's like, 'oh man, when are my extra-terrestrial friends gonna get here?'  AND THEN you have to be all neighborly to them even if they're trying to abduct and experiment on you and stuff because you know that's what Mr. Rogers would want.  And you can't disappoint Fred.  You just can't.

22 - KU Book Club Meeting:  This month we're discussing The Princess Bride!  Frankly we're a bit amazed at how many people have never read it.  But we are going to remedy that tragedy one book club meeting at a time!  Our Alice in Wonderland Tea Party was pretty off the chain, so definitely swing by!

23-29 - World Folk Tales and Fables Week:  Ugh, it's just like, stories, you know?  Stories, man.  They're the best.

25 - Tolkien Reading Day:  SPEAKING of stories!  Read some Tolkien!  It'll make you smarter!  ALSO!  Tolkien imagined Middle-earth and his legendarium as a sort of substitute mythology for England, so very apropos for WFTaFW!

30 - Pencil Day:  Pencils are so humble, you guys.  They're one of the best writing implements and they're just so unpretentious.  They're like fountain pens if fountain pens were erasable and not totally full of themselves, you know?


Can't tell if it's an owl or a penguin, but it's adorable no matter what.


March Birthdays!

1 - Aragorn

2 - Dr. Seuss AND John Irving

3 - George Michael Bluth

6 - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

10 - Remus Lupin

11 - Neo AND Douglas Adams

12 - Homer Simpson

14 - Catwoman AND Albert Einstein

16 - Kevin Smith

20 - Mr. Rogers AND Lois Lowery

22 - Wonder Woman AND James T. Kirk

26 - Leonard Nimoy

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