And THAT'S why May is the best month. You know why.

Ah, May!  The second month of the year that starts with M!  The month with the shortest name of all the months!  The month of merriment!  Other stuff about May!  So exciting!  Click READ MORE to find out what's happening at KU!
May is Get Caught Reading Month, which is totally awesome.  That is, reading is awesome, so any month that has anything to do with reading is, by extension, awesome.  For more information on why reading is the greatest, please see the entire rest of this website.  Also, get caught reading this month!  
Important Dates in May!

Aw yiss.

1 - Batman Day AND May Day AND Mother Goose Day:  Dude, May first is hella busy.  The Caped Crusader and the Rhyming Waterfowl (a much less impressive moniker...) are duking it out for second fiddle, because May Day is running this party.  As with most pagan holidays, traditional ways to celebrate include getting drunk and running around like a crazy person.  Also the maypole and what have you.
2 - No Pants Day AND Tuba Day:  I feel lke No Pants Day doesn't really need any kind of explanation.  It's just  a natural desire that everyone seems to share...  More importantly, there's not really a wealth of information available about it.  Apparently we're all just supposed to go without pants and that's it.  International Tuba Day was started by a young tubist (tubist?  really?) in 1979 as a way for tuba/ist haters to stop disrespecting the instrument.  The tuba plays an important part of any large musical ensemble and it deserves respect.  Fo reals.
3 - Kentucky Derby:  Favorite names for this years Derby:  Big Bazinga, Commanding Curve, Candy Boy, Wicked Strong, and Vicar's In Trouble.
4 - May the Fourth:  Also known as Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (be with you) is a day to celebrate the most awesome sci-fi series of. all. time.
5 - Cinco de Mayo:  Because there's no such thing as too many reasons to party!  Celebrate the cause of freedom and democracy (and delicious tacos!) today!
5-9 - Teacher Appreciation Week:  Your life has been irrevocably changed by at least one teacher.  Seriously, I can't stress enough how much each and every one of us owes his or her teachers.  Appreciate, yo.  

Let's go here, k? K.

10 - National Miniature Golf Day AND World Bellydance Day:  Wooooooo, Mini Golf!  I've never really liked the phrase 'putt putt'.  Don't really know why, but it sounds dirty.  So get out there and belly dance your way over the mini golf course!  (Man, that would actually be sooooo cool!)
11 - Mother's Day:  You know all that stuff I said about appreciating your teachers and how they made you into the person you are?  That goes octuple for moms.  If you need help with a card or gift for Mother's Day, the KU staff will hook you up, son!
12 - Limerick Day:  I would write a limerick for here, but I feel like it's been done.  Limericks are really cool, though, plus there's totally an Irish city named Limerick, so that's great.
12-18 - Children's Book Week AND American Craft Beer Week:  Two of the best things ever in one week?  Count us emphatically in!  Children's books are great because they get children into reading!  (Again, reading is the best.)  And craft beer doesn't really need any explanation.  Everything's better in small batches and beer is no exception.  
14 - National Chicken Dance Day:  I don't think I've seen the Chicken Dance or even heard of it in about ten years.  And I've been to multiple weddings in the past year.  The Chicken Dance is an old staple, though, so take a day to appreciate that particular brand of silliness.
15 - National Chocolate Chip Day:  Mmmmm, chocolate chips, you guys.  Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of the most iconic baked goods in the world and were invented in Massachusetts in the early 20th century.  Since they use chocolate chips, my recommendation is that you make a quintuple batch today and live on chocolate chip cookies for the next week or so.

Don't really know what this is, but it looks like a Quidditch set and that rules.

16 - National Sea Monkey Day AND National Pizza Party Day:  If you've never thought to yourself that you need a Sea Monkey Day card, then you are wrong and you need to come get one ASAP.  Sea Monkeys are a hilarious bit of Americana.  On a much more American and delicious note, Pizza Party Day is the best.  Seriously, we should just have, like, a worldwide pizza party.
19-26 - National Backyard Games Week:  Whether you like cornhole, badminton, bocce, or just tossing a frisbee around, (did you know frisbee is actually a brand name?) Backyard Games Week will get you in the summery spirit, so get out there and play some games!
20 - Eliza Doolittle Day:  I may have mentioned before that I love My Fair Lady because it is hilarious and Rex Harrison rules.  If I hadn't, I have now.  Eliza Doolittle is the protagonist of the story and at one point she fantasizes about the King of England declaring the 20th of May Eliza Doolittle Day.  Tada.
25 - Geek Pride Day AND Towel Day:  KU is one of the geekier places you'll ever go, so it's no surprise that Geek Pride Day and Towel Day are high on our list of favorite celebrations.  Geek Pride commemorates the release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977, and Towel Day is obviously a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, one of the geekiest pieces of Geekdom in the history of Geekery.  Why don't I make geek into a few more new words?  Geekify yourselves and wear your geekiness proudly, friends!
26 - Memorial Day:  "I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism" - Bob Riley
28 - Sierra Club Day:  The Sierra Club, one of the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental movements in the US, was founded on May 28th, 1892.

Mmmmm, giant cupcake.

May Birthdays!
1 - Joseph Heller
4 - Alice in Wonderland
5 - Leo Lionni
6 - Sigmund Freud
8 - Thomas Pynchon AND Katniss Everdeen AND Peter Benchley
9 - J. M. Barrie AND Kermit the Frog AND Lisa Simpson
13 - Robert Pattinson AND Stephen Colbert AND Daphne de Maurier
14 - George Lucas
15 - Kristen Kershner AND L. Frank Baum
18 - Tina Fey
22 - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
23 - Scott O'Dell
24 - Sookie Stackhouse
25 - Cookie Monster
27 - Dashiell Hammett
28 - Ian Fleming
30 - Mel Blanc
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