This is what comes of all those April showers.  Worth it.

This is what comes of all those April show­ers. Worth it.

Hur­ray!  It’s May!  May is real­ly great, you guys.  Everything’s all spring-y, the flow­ers are out in force, the out­doors are con­stant­ly beck­on­ing.  Basi­cal­ly it rocks.  KU has every­thing you need to make your spring (and sum­mer!) awe­some, so come on down and stock up on fun! Click READ MORE to find out what all is hap­pen­ing in the wide world this mon­th!

It SAYS Alicia Keys gets caught reading, but she's clearly looking at the camera, so that book might just be a prop.  Don't be like Alicia Keys!  Read books!

It SAYS Ali­cia Keys gets caught read­ing, but she’s clear­ly look­ing at the cam­era, so that book might just be a prop. Don’t be like Ali­cia Keys! Read books!

May is Get Caught Read­ing Mon­th!  Now.  Get­ting caught doing some­thing gen­er­al­ly implies that you shouldn’t be doing it.  But here’s the thing.  You should be read­ing.  All the times.  Because read­ing is the best thing.  So sure, let them catch you, I guess.  And if they want you to stop, just be like, “Ha! No.”

Impor­tant Dates in May:

1 — May Day AND Bat­man Day AND Moth­er Goose Day AND No Pants Day AND Tuba Day:  Far be it from me to lim­it anyone’s cel­e­bra­tions, but I have to say that this day seems almost impos­si­ble to do jus­tice to.  Like.  That’s just so many things.  And sure, I guess that sev­er­al of them can be enjoyed simul­ta­ne­ous­ly (Tuba Day and No Pants Day seem to fit well togeth­er, imo) but that’s still a huge amount of cel­e­bra­tion to try and accom­plish by day’s end.  I don’t know, I guess what I’m say­ing is that you might be bet­ter off pick­ing one or two and stick­ing with them.

2 — Ken­tucky Der­by:  One of the most famous Amer­i­can Sport­ing events!  And one of my all time favorites pure­ly for the horse names.  Top con­tenders for best name this year are: Itsaknock­out (all one word!  wtf!), Ocho Ocho Ocho (A: I real­ly hope this horse is secret­ly owned by Chad what­ev­er-his-name-is-now.  B: I real­ly real­ly hope this horse gets to wear num­ber 8), and Toast­ing Mas­ter.  Love it.

4 — May the Fourth:  May the Fourth be with you.  The Fourth will be with you always.  Use the Fourth, Luke!  Et cetera.

4–8 — Teacher Appre­ci­a­tion Week:  Teach­ers are the absolute best.  So appre­ci­ate them!

4–10 — Children’s Book Week:  I think all of us have favorite books we read (or that were read to us) as kids.  My grand­moth­er always used to read me The Sto­ry About Ping and that Dr. Seuss book about the Sneetch­es.  I still love those books.

5 — Cin­co de Mayo:  Not to be con­fused with Cin­co de Cua­tro, the ACTUAL impor­tant hol­i­day this time of year.  Oh, Lucille Bluth.  You are my hero.

9 — Nation­al Minia­ture Golf Day AND World Bel­ly Dance Day:  Oh man, what a dou­ble wham­my.  I haven’t been mini golf­ing or bel­ly danc­ing in SO long, you guys.  Let’s do it!  I’ll meet you on the green!  Wear a grass skirt, or what­ev­er one wears to bel­ly dance.

I love that this is just someone's kitchen.  Celebrate Craft Beer Week in the home!

I love that this is just someone’s kitchen. Cel­e­brate Craft Beer Week in the home!

10 — Mother’s Day:  Are moms not the absolute best?  Appar­ent­ly there’s a bit of a dis­cus­sion around KU’s imag­i­nary water cool­er about exact­ly whose mom is the absolute best.  Many of us claim that it’s our mom, obvi­ous­ly.  Is your mom the absolute best?  Come tell us about it!

11–17 — Amer­i­can Craft Beer Week:  Craft beer is great because big beer com­pa­nies are the rea­son that peo­ple think beer is hor­ri­ble.  I used to think beer was hor­ri­ble, hon­est­ly.  But it turns out that I had only ever tried hor­ri­ble beer!  So if you think you hate beer, try one more, but make it a tasty craft brew and pre­pare to be amazed!

12 — Lim­er­ick Day:  Not enough peo­ple appre­ci­ate the poet­ic genius of the hum­ble lim­er­ick.  This day aims to change that.

14 — Nation­al Chick­en Dance Day:  I don’t real­ly know why we need a speci­fic day for the Chick­en Dance.  Have the­se peo­ple nev­er been to a wed­ding?  Now, grant­ed, doing the CD at wed­dings seems to be falling a lit­tle out of style.  I went to sev­er­al wed­dings last year and none of them had it.  So I guess may­be we do need Chick­en Dance Day. Huh.

15 — Nation­al Choco­late Chip Day AND Nation­al Piz­za Par­ty Day:  Alright, here’s the plan.  We have a piz­za par­ty, right?  And then we get a cook­ie cake and we call it a choco­late chip piz­za!  It’s genius!

You guys knew that Towel Day was a Hitchhiker's Guide thing, right?

You guys knew that Tow­el Day was a Hitchhiker’s Guide thing, right?

16 — Nation­al Sea Mon­key Day:  Ahh, Sea Mon­keys.  They’re just brine shrimp, you guys!  I don’t know what the big deal is.  They’re fish food!

18–25 — Nation­al Back­yard Games Week:  Aw, man.  Corn­hole tour­na­ment time!

20 — Eliza Doolit­tle Day:  I’m going to assume that you guys have seen My Fair Lady, because if you haven’t we can’t be friends.  Rex Har­rison was the great­est, amirite?

25 — Memo­ri­al Day AND Geek Pride Day AND Tow­el Day:  Anoth­er busy day!  In the mid­st of all the great­ness and geek­ery, don’t for­get to remem­ber the sac­ri­fices that have been made to provide us with our way of life.  That debt can nev­er be paid, only acknowl­edged.

28 — Sier­ra Club Day:  Join the Sier­ra Club and help pre­serve America’s (and the world’s) wild places!



May Birth­days!

1 — Joseph Heller

4 — Alice Lid­dell

5 — Leo Lion­ni

6 — Sig­mund Freud

8 — Thomas Pyn­chon AND Kat­niss Everdeen AND Peter Bench­ley

9 — J.M. Bar­rie AND Ker­mit the Frog AND Lisa Simp­son

13 — Robert Pat­tin­son AND Stephen Col­bert AND Daph­ne du Mau­ri­er

14 — George Lucas

15 — L. Frank Baum AND Kris­ten Ker­sh­n­er

18 — Tina Fey

22 — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

23 — Scott O’Dell

24 — Sook­ie Stack­house

25 — Cook­ie Mon­ster

27 — Dashiell Ham­mett

28 — Ian Flem­ing

30 — Mel Blanc


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