Novem­ber might be the best mon­th of the entire year.  The weath­er is final­ly juu­u­u­u­ust the right mix of pleas­ant­ly brisk but still bright and hap­py, apple-derived and -fla­vored things abound, and, of course, Novem­ber has the year’s best hol­i­day, Thanks­giv­ing!  (Sor­ry, Christ­mas.)  There’s plen­ty of oth­er great times in Novem­ber, though!  Click READ MORE to find out what’s going on!

Novem­ber is Mus­tache Mon­th!  Also called Movem­ber, this men’s health aware­ness move­ment encour­ages men to grow mus­tach­es to show sup­port for prostate health and oth­er men’s health issues.  Whether or not you can grow one, KU is chock full of var­i­ous mus­tache para­pher­na­lia, so come get some and show your sup­port!

Impor­tant Dates in Novem­ber!

1 — Nation­al Authors’ Day:  Exact­ly what it sounds like!  America’s authors and writ­ers are an impor­tant nation­al resource and we should cel­e­brate them!

2 — Plan Your Epi­taph Day AND Day­light Sav­ing Time:  Time to fall back!  Yay!  Extra hour of sleep!  Also, fig­ure out what you want on your head­stone!  Some­thing like “Remem­ber me as you pass by / as you are now, so once was I. / As I am now, so you will be. / Pre­pare for death and fol­low me.”  Or , “Here lies Lester Moore. Four slugs from a forty-four.  No Les, no more.”

3 — Sand­wich Day AND Cliche Day:  Mmm, sand­wich­es.  Clich­es are great, but sand­wich­es are bet­ter.

Power couple.

Pow­er cou­ple.

5 — Guy Fawkes Day:  Remem­ber, remem­ber the fifth of Novem­ber, the gun­pow­der trea­son and plot.  I know of no rea­son why the gun pow­der trea­son should ever be for­got.

6–12 — Pur­suit of Hap­pi­ness Week:  You have to pur­sue hap­pi­ness in Amer­i­ca.  It’s right there in the rules.  Seri­ous­ly, though, one of the best things about this coun­try is that every per­son is encour­aged to be hap­py in what­ev­er way they choose (with­in rea­son, of course.)  So take this week to remem­ber the Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence, and pur­sue your own hap­pi­ness!

7–13 — Dear San­ta Let­ter Week:  Santa’s a busy guy, so get those let­ters out to him!  KU has adorable Dear San­ta sta­tionery, so if you need some, you know where to go!

7–9 — Sher­lock Holmes Week­end:  For­get Bat­man, Sher­lock Holmes is the great­est detec­tive of all time.  I think it’s been made pret­ty clear on this blog how much we love Sher­lock (the char­ac­ter AND the show) so it should come as no sur­prise how excit­ed we are for this week­end.  (It’s a lot, if that was unclear.)  (Just gonna leave this here for you.)

10 — Sesame Street Day AND Area Code Day:  Sesame Street is one of the best shows ever.  If I could watch Mr. Rogers Neigh­bor­hood, Sesame Street, Sher­lock, and Game of Thrones from now on, I would be hap­py.  Area codes are cool too, I guess.


11 — Vet­er­ans’ Day:  “As we express our grat­i­tude, we must nev­er for­get that the high­est appre­ci­a­tion is not to utter words, but to live by them.”  -JFK

13 — Sadie Hawkins Day:  Cutest day ever.  Though it’s much more com­mon now for girls to ask boys to dances (or to oth­er amuse­ments,) it’s still cute.

15 — I Love to Write Day AND Nation­al Bundt Pan Day:  Guys, writ­ing is the absolute best.  Words are an inte­gral part of what makes humans what we are.  So appre­ci­ate them!  Prefer­ably with bundt cake!

17 — Home­made Bread Day:  Oh man, home­made bread.  It may be the best thing in the entire world.  Yeah, I said it.

18 — Mar­ried to a Scor­pio Sup­port Day:  Oh man.  So I’m not mar­ried.  But my girl­friend is a Scor­pio.  Also sev­er­al of my very best friends have been.  They are all crazy.  Like, they are froot loops.  They are whack­os.  They are a few fries short of a Hap­py Meal.  Scor­pios approach every sit­u­a­tion in pret­ty much the exact oppo­site way from which I would.  Point being, I can under­stand need­ing to be sup­port­ed if you mar­ried one of the­se cra­zies.

19 — World Toi­let Day AND Rocky and Bull­win­kle Day:  Ah, the com­mode.  From the Lat­in com­modus, mean­ing easy or con­ve­nient.  Exact­ly.  Mov­ing on, are Rocky and Bull­win­kle not awe­some?!  That show is the best.

23–29 — Nation­al Games and Puz­zles Week:  If you don’t like games and puz­zles, I don’t like you.  Good day.

23 — Moth­er Goose Day AND Doc­tor Who Day:  Now I’m just imag­in­ing some kind of Doc­tor Who episode that’s based in some kind of Moth­er Goose plan­et?  Or some­thing?  I don’t know, it would be cool.

He’s com­ing, you guys!

27 — Thanks­giv­ing:  No dis­re­spect to Christ­mas or any oth­er hol­i­day, but Thanks­giv­ing is my favorite hol­i­day.  As much as I love the food and foot­ball (and wow, I love those things a LOT), my favorite thing about Thanks­giv­ing is the togeth­er­ness I’ve always felt at my family’s cel­e­bra­tions.  Thanks­giv­ing is so great that Canada appro­pri­at­ed it from us.  That’s pret­ty baller.

30 — Advent Begins:  And you know what that means!  It’s ALMOST CHRISTMAS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Novem­ber Birth­days!

Hell.  Yiss.

Hell. Yiss.

1 — Hel­lo Kit­ty

8 — Bram Stok­er AND Mar­garet Mitchell

10 — Neil Gaiman

11 — James Bond AND Kurt Von­negut

13 — Mar­garet Atwood

24 — Frances Hodg­son Bur­nett

28 — John Stew­art

29 — C.S. Lewis AND Madeleine L’Engle

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