Autumn mornings are the best!

There's plenty of fun to be had in October before the tricks and treats of Halloween!  Click READ MORE to find out what's what!  And don't forget to come down and see us!


All the cookbooks, you guys. Plus, look! Chili recipe!

It's National Chili Month!  Chili is one of the most perfect cold weather foods.  There's just something about a steaming bowl of spicy, meaty goodness that warms the cockles of your heart.  And also, you know, your body.  Mmmm, chili.

October is also National Cookbook Month!

Also celebrated in October is National Field Trip Month!  I was always that kid whose dad always came on field trips as a chaperone.  And everyone was always scared of him.  And it was sad.  Also funny, because my dad is super nice.

It's also National Popcorn Popping Month!  Popcorn is fantastic and one of the best snacks in the world.  Not just that movie stuff either.  If you get a chance this month, get yourself some loose popcorn kernels and pop them the seriously old-fashioned way.  You can find directions here.

Apparently we should just call October delicious foods month, because it's also Pizza Month!  Though pizza has been heavily popularized and commercialized in America, it is an Italian invention, hailing from Naples in the late 19th century.  Almost any food that includes freshly baked bread is on the top of my list of things to eat, so as you can imagine, a good pizza is one of my favorite things.  I'm gonna pizza it up in Pizza Month, guys.

I'm really glad October is finally here because it's also Positive Attitude Month!  The KU staff is pretty happy-go-lucky as a rule.  We're positive people and we tend to engender positivity in everyone we encounter.  If you need a pick-me-up this month (or any month, really) come by and see us!

October is Sausage Month!  Sausage is one of the most versatile and varied foods produced by humans.  Sausages are made of almost every different kind of meat, the use limitless numbers of spices and flavorings, and pretty much every human culture produces at least one variety.  Cured meats ftw!


Baking is literally the best.

October is the month for everything.  Every single thing.  It's also National Baking Month!  Mmmm, baked goods are the freaking best.  Pretty much anything that is made of flour and comes out of the oven works for me.  Bread, biscuits, cake, cookies, pie, cupcakes, quick breads, turnovers, I could go on.  Man, this post is making me real hungry.

Oh man, guys.  You know what I love more than baked goods?  Or at least as much as I love baked goods?  Books.  Books are baked goods for your brain.  Which is why it's great that October is National Book Month!  I won't bore you guys by re(re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re)iterating how much we love books, so just get excited for Book Month.

Finally, October is Raptor Month!  Many species of raptor are threatened or endangered and the Raptor Month program of The Avian Promise strives to educate people about the conservation status of these awesome birds.

Important Dates in October:

2 - Phileas Fogg's Wager Day:  On October 2nd, 1872, Phileas Fogg wagered 20,000 pounds that he could travel Around the World in 80 Days.  We commemorate his epic journey on this date every year.

4 - Ten-four Day AND Vodka Day:  Ten-four is code for an affirmative response in many radio scenarios.  Probably most famously used by police and other emergency response personnel, ten-four is also used by truckers and other CB and radio operators.  Many of our customers know that the radio chatter at KU is one of the best aspects of our awesome staff, so come in on October 4th to hear us give a big ol' 10-4!  Probably about vodka.


I wish this guy told me stories all the time.

4-6 - National Storytelling Weekend:  This event "celebrates storytelling at its most magical" and is held every year in historic Jonesborough Tennessee.  Currently in its 41st year, the National Storytelling Festival is one of the 100 best events in the USA!

6-12 - Mystery Series Week:  As anyone who has seen our book selection knows, KU loves mystery fiction and specifically mystery series.  Whether you're a fan of Agatha Christie, Alexander McCall Smith, Stieg Larsson, Dorothy Sayers, or any other great mystery series writer, KU is the place for you.

6 - Mad Hatter Day:  I know what you're thinking.  It's been 6 months since April Fool's Day!  There's not enough silliness in your life!  You need to crazy it up!  You're in luck!  Mad Hatter Day is the perfect day to do it!  Based on the original illustrations from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, we celebrate Mad Hatter Day in order to inject a little madness into our mundane lives!

8 - National Pierogi Day:  These Eastern European dumplings are now a popular American dish thanks to Ted Twardzik, founder of Mrs. T's pierogis!  On this date in 1952, he produced his first samples for a local grocery store and the rest, as they say, is history!  Enjoy some pierogis today!

13-19 - National Chestnut Week:  The Chestnut Growers of America sponsor this event annually.  Chestnuts are a traditional autumn and winter treat.  Get some this week and all fall!


So many grouches!

14 - Columbus Day AND National Kick Butt Day:  Unofficially celebrated since American colonial times and officially celebrated (in the US) since the early 20th century, the commemoration of Columbus's landing in the New World is one of the oldest holidays with a New World origin.  On another note entirely, National Kick Butt Day (not to be confused with Kick Butts Day, an anti-smoking event) is a holiday celebrated to remind you of a goal or plan that fell by the wayside and to get you to kick yourself in the butt and into gear!  Get out there and get it!

15 - National Grouch Day:  A day for all Grouches to celebrate their way of life.  That is, being grumpy, miserable, and enjoying the misfortunes of others.  :)

16 - Boss's Day:  I understand that not everyone in the world has wonderful, beautiful, lovely bosses like we do at KU, but Boss's Day is for appreciating the Boss you have.  Even if your boss is sometimes grumpy, mean, or just not as attractive as you'd like, get them a  card and a little token of appreciation anyway.  You could have it worse.  And if you couldn't possibly have it worse, if your boss is the worst of all bosses anywhere, if your boss is the lowest form of life in the universe, even if you work for Ebeneezer Grinch, get him a card anyway.  You could be the employee of Boss's Day Future who makes his heart grow three sizes that day.  Ok.  Done mixing mythologies now.


Skulls are so Halloween.


25-31 - International Magic Week:  Magic is everywhere, you guys.  Magic Week is a great time to remember the wonder in every single day.  Also the fact that card tricks, when done correctly, are pretty freakin' sweet.

30 - Create a Great Funeral Day AND Devil's Night AND Candy Corn Day:  Man, what a triple delight.  I think my perfect funeral would involve egging the crap out of people's housing while chowing down on some candy corn on Devil's Night.  Probably not literally, though.  But maybe.  But probably not.

31 - Halloween AND National Knock Knock Jokes Day AND National Magic Day:  Makes sense that Knock Knock Jokes Day is on Halloween if you think about it.  My favorite knock-knocks are a tandem pair and involve some pantomime, so unfortunately I can't post them here, but if you come in I'll be happy to tell them to you.  Magic Day is celebrated on Halloween to commemorate the anniversary of Harry Houdini's death.  Though Houdini was really more of an escape artist than a magician per se, he's still one of the first people you think of when someone says magician and this is 87 years after his death!

October Birthdays!


World's orangest cake. Still looks delicious, though.

2 - Snoopy

4 - Anne Rice 

5 - Mario Lemieux

9 - Count von Count

11 - H.J. Heinz

14 - William Penn

15 - Friedrich Nietzsche AND P.G. Wodehouse

16 - Oscar Wilde

20 - Bela Lugosi

21 - Carrie Fisher AND Ursula K. Le Guin

26 - Pat Conroy

27 - John Cleese AND Sylvia Plath

28 - Alf AND Evelyn Waugh

30 - Peter Jackson


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