September is the greatest month of the year, you guys.  Not only does it contain my birthday (which in itself makes September the best), September also has some unbelievably awesome things going on.  I can't wait to tell you about them, so click READ MORE!


Delicious apples.

September is Apple Month!  Apples feature heavily in the mythologies of many ancient cultures and are thought to be one of the first fruits to be cultivated.  Whether you like apples fresh, baked into fritters, dumplings, or pies, pressed into cider (or hard cider, which is my favorite beverage), or any of the other almost infinite ways this fruit is enjoyed, September is the time to do it.  I'm particularly fond of Mutsu apples (also known as Crispin).  What's your favorite kind?

September is also Bourbon Heritage Month!  Ah, Bourbon.  America's iconic contribution to the whisky family.  Though whiskies are produced all over the world, Bourbon whisky may legally only be produced in the U.S.  Whisky aficionados everywhere enjoy Bourbon for its distinctive flavor which comes from aging the distilled alcohol in charred oak casks.  By law, the casks cannot be reused to make Bourbon and are frequently sold to Scotch whisky distilleries for use in aging their products.  That's right.  Scotch, the whisky so awesome it's only known by its country of origin, uses Bourbon casks for aging.  Boosh.

Another great thing about September is that it's Children's Good Manners Month!  Being polite is super important, you guys.  Manners are what keep society from deteriorating into chaos.  Srsly.  Also Dumbledore endorsed them, so you know they're important.

It's also Library Card Sign Up Month!  Man, I wish I had known that earlier this summer when I signed up for a library card.  I totally would have waited until September if I had known the whole month was dedicated to signing up for library cards.  We've discussed at length the importance of books and reading and libraries on this blog, so I won't reiterate here.  

honey month

Chris is really excited about honey, you guys.

Oh man.  More taste bud excitement!  September is National Honey Month!  Honey is referred to as "nature's perfect food" for a reason.  It will pretty much never spoil if kept properly, microorganisms have a difficult time growing in/on it, it was (and is) widely used for the treatment of many minor injuries and illnesses, and it is freaking delicious. I will definitely be making some baklava during September to celebrate!

Hey!  You know what's totally awesome?  Kards Unlimited.  We are pretty much the best store in existence.  We have, like, everything you could ever want AND the staff is the best group of people in the entire universe.  Plus we're cute.  Oh, sorry, September is also Shameless Promotion Month!  Since we are a small, family business, we have to promote ourselves without shame pretty constantly, but it's nice that we have this month to enjoy and celebrate it!

Finally, September is also Pleasure Your Mate Month!  Speaking of things that are super important, this is a big one of those.  I mean, think about it.  This person is stuck with you (in the best possible way) for the rest of their life.  Or at least the rest of yours.  You should literally devote your every waking moment to pleasing them.  If you can't do that, at least try to focus on it this month.

Important Dates in September:

1-7 - International Enthusiasm Week:  Get excited, guys!  IEW is about showing genuine enthusiasm for life as it comes.  You'll find, if you're enthusiastic, that it really changes your perceptions and therefore your life.  Get into it!

7 - Salami Day:  Yep, exactly what it sounds like.  Cured meats in general are really interesting, and salami is totally delicious, so we should probably definitely get into this.

8 - Original Star Trek Premiere:  On this date in 1966, one of the longest-lived (counting the following series), best-beloved, and crazy-awesomest sci-fi series ever premiered on NBC.

12 - Video Games Day:  Everyone who's anyone loves video games.  They're the entertainment of the future!  Also, studies indicate that they aren't nearly as brain-rotty as people thought.  In fact, playing video games in moderation (ha!) has been shown to help cognitive development, hand/eye coordination, and zombie-killing skills.  So stick that in your juicebox and suck it, books!

13 - Blame Someone Else Day AND Roald Dahl Day:  So Blame Someone Else Day always on the first Friday the 13th of the year, which, in 2013, is the 13th of September.  This is a very cool dating convention for a very cool holiday.  Blaming others is always preferable to accepting one's own responsibilities, obv.  Also, it's Roald Dahl's birthday, so make sure you stop in for KU's own Ruby Receipt giveaway!

18 - Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day:  This may be apparent to most of you, but we are highly in favor of greeting cards here at KU.  Consequently, we think greeting card writers are super awesome.  We love hugs too, so this holiday is just the cat's pajamas as far as I'm concerned.


So many great cards, guys. So many.

19 - Talk Like a Pirate Day:  Ahoy, ye scurvy bilge rats!  It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, so sail down for some grog and maybe a sword fight!  Plus eye patches, planks, beards, and general privateering!

22-28 - Tolkien Week AND Banned Books Week AND National Dog Week:  World's best trifecta.  Probably going to be the best week of all time.  I cannot stress enough how excited I am for this week.  It's like the confluence of the Awesome, Fun, and Rebel Alliance rivers.  Yeah.  Gonna be legendary.

22 - Dear Diary Day AND Hobbit Day:  Hobbit Day is Bilbo and Frodo's birthday.  I think it says something pretty interesting that the whole epic story of The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings hinges on the actions of two small, seemingly insignificant characters.  Dear Diary Day is all about getting those feelings on paper!  Sometimes it really just helps to let things out, you know?

23 - Celebrate Bisexuality Day:  What's better than sex?  Exactly!  More sex!  (If you said anything else, please stop reading now and go away.)  KU tends to be a pretty aggressively progressive environment, so we celebrate bisexuality with the best of them.  Come see!  (wink)

24 - National Punctuation Day!:  Punctuation.  The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

25 - National One Hit Wonder Day:  Ah, the one hit wondrousness.  I wish all the one hit wonders of the world could have a big party on September 25th.  That would be the best (and saddest, but mostly best) party of all time.  And it could be hosted by Vanilla Ice and Lou Bega.

26 - Love Note Day:  Dear blog readers,  I've meant to tell you this for quite some time, but I could never get it to come out right.  I love you.  You make my online life worth living.  I'm yours forever.  Love, Adam.

27 - Ask a Stupid Question Day:  Sometimes you just want to know if Taylor Swift is the singer girl or the actor kid from Twilight?  This is the day to ask those questions.

28 - National Museum Day:  Museums are the place you go when you want to see something awesome but not have to deal with people screaming maniacally like they do at concerts and the zoo and bars.  I love museums and we have several really great ones in Pittsburgh, so get out there and learn!

29 - National Coffee Day:  Mmmmmmm, coffeeeeeeeeeeeee.  For a person who doesn't really feed the need to caffeinate too often, I do really love coffee.  There's just something about it, whether you like it hot, iced, blended, espresso, whatever, there's just something about coffee that says sophisticated deliciousness.

30 - Blasphemy Day:  Aw yeah, blasphemy!  One of the funnest sins, to be sure.  Actually, Blasphemy Day is about the idea that religious beliefs should be open for examination and criticism just like political beliefs.  So it's kind of a boring free speech thing with a fun sounding name, but I'll forgive it.  As love as I can blaspheme, I'm happy.


Oreos are the besssssssssssst.

September Birthdays!

5 - Jack Daniel AND Werner Herzog  (Documentary on whisky, anyone?)

9 - Leo Tolstoy

11 - Adam Marthens  (Blogger extraordinaire and a pretty handsome devil, if I do say so myself.)

13 - Bella Swan

15 - Sophie Dahl AND Montgomery Burns AND Agatha Christie  (OMG, world's weirdest threesome.)

16 - H.A. Rey

19 - William Golding AND Hermione Granger AND Arthur Rackham  (Equally weird threesome?)

20 - George R. R. Martin AND Malcolm Reynolds  (Two of my favorite guys!  Happy birthdays!)

21 - Bill Murray AND Stephen King AND H.G. Wells  (Aw yeah!  Speaking of weird, haha.  But fun.)

22 - Frodo AND Bilbo Baggins  (Hobbits of Distinction.  That should be a book.)

24 - Arthur Guinness AND Jim Henson AND F. Scott Fitzgerald  (Apparently visionaries are born in late September...)

25 - Mark Hamill AND Shel Silverstein

26 - Johnny Appleseed

27 - T.S. Eliot AND Scott Pilgrim  (Two more of my favorite guys!)

30 - Truman Capote










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