Last night's meeting was a success!  Book klubbers enjoyed a gorgeous spread of meats and cheeses and COOKIESSS while discussing this month's book (Little, Big by John Crowley).  A lot of strange stuff happens in this novel so we talked about some of the more perplexing parts of the book as well as our favorite characters - Nora Cloud was at the top of most people's lists, because she is beautiful and sassy - and favorite scenes (we won't spoil anything for you, if you're not yet up to speed).


Kandid shot.

From there we went on to discuss other books we're reading right now.  Carly is really into tarot, which is an oddly perfect pairing for Little, Big, and she might show us how to read a card spread at the next meeting if she remembers (Carly: remember!!).  We're curious.

pokemon tarot

Even Mewtwo needs a hobby, right?

And then Somehow (capitalizing it because that's what Crowley does in the book, #sofun) the conversation turned to Harry Potter.  Brigit heard a theory that the only way for new students to be sorted into Gryffindor is for them to specifically ask to be placed in Gryffindor, or at least ask not to be put into the other houses.  And also that the Trio represents each of the three other houses (Ron: Hufflepuff, Hermione: Ravenclaw, Harry: Slytherin) while at the same time exhibiting the traditional array of Gryffindor talents and personality traits.  So we talked/argued about that for awhile.


"Not Slotherin, not Slotherin..."

There! That's about everything.  Our next meeting is set for April 13th (6pm, our place) and we'll cover the second half of Little, Big, take suggestions for the group's next book and presumably talk about Harry Potter some more.  We've already heard a few ideas for April's book pick (Dracula, for one), but plenty more are welcome!  After the next meeting we'll take a Facebook vote and announce the winner.  Hope to see everyone in April!

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