So you know how we're always talking about fake holidays and how we love them at KU? Boss's Day isn't one of those. Boss's Day is completely, 100% real. It was started in 1958 by Patricia Haroski of Illinois. Her boss was her dad. Apparently Father's Day wasn't enough. But that kind of explains why Boss's Day is to Secretary's Day as Father's Day is to Mother's Day. (Did you like that SAT-style analogy? Yeah, I thought it was pretty sweet.)

I have a lot of bosses here at KU. Like a lot. I'm pretty new, so mostly everyone is the boss of me from time to time. If I worked somewhere different, I would probably hate that. I don't know if you guys have gleaned this about me from my blog entries, but I'm a bit of a know-it-all. In a different work environment, I would very likely not be excited about Boss's day even a little bit. Fortunately, my bosses are excellent humans of whom I'm very fond. So I'm going to take the opportunity of this very very real and not pretend at all holiday to say that I appreciate my bosses. If this weren't a card store, I'd probably even get them a card. Since it is a card store, though, I feel like that would be redundant. And/or superfluous. And/or obsequious. I'm trying to think of another good word to add here. I got nothing.

Come get your boss a card. For real. A good boss is not something to take for granted.

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