I'm not gonna sugar coat this, guys.  It's hot.  Like, v. hot.  It's ok, though!  KU will be celebrating some seriously cool days during August! (See what I did there?) Click READ MORE to find out what that haps are around here, and come see us to join in our summer fun!

This is what I want August to look like always.

First up, August is Admit You're Happy Month! I know it's not always easy, especially since the world is soooo crazy lately, but that makes it all the more important to acknowledge and admit it when you're happy!  It's not a crime!  August is also National Eye Exam Month!  I literally JUST got an eye exam, but if I had known, I definitely would have waited for the month.  That just makes sense.

Mmmmmmm, champagne

The first week of August is chock full of awesome things, starting with National Clown Week (8/1-8/7)!  Then there's International Childfree Day, National Mountain Climbing Day, and Spider-Man Day (8/1); IPA Day and National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (8/2); International Beer Day (8/3); Mustard Day, Backgammon Day, National Disc Golf Day, International Hangover Day, and Champagne Invention Day (8/4); National Farmer's Market Week (8/5-8/11); and Root Beer Float Day (8/6)!

Come on, Geno. That's like Wingman 101. Get your shit together.

August's birthdays will kick off with The Joker and Herman Melville (8/1); then Kevin Smith (8/2); Neil Armstrong (8/5); Andy Warhol and Piers Anthony (8/6); and Sidney Crosby (8/7)!

Attack of the squashes!

Next we'll have Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night (8/8); National Book Lover's Day and the beginning of the National Hobo Convention (8/9-8/12) (8/9); National Duran Duran Appreciation Day and S'Mores Day (8/10); Vinyl Record Day (8/12); and National Prosecco Day, International Lefthanders Day, and the beginning of Weird Contest Week (8/13-8/17) (8/13)!

Ginevra Weasley is the woman that none of us deserve, but we all need.

The second week of August will feature the birthdays of Ginny Weasley (8/11); William Goldman (8/12); Alfred Hitchcock (8/13); and Steve Martin (8/14)!

Guys. Guys. I'm drooling.

The third week of August starts with possibly the best day of the year, Lemon Meringue Pie Day (also Relaxation Day) (8/15); then immediately afterwards there's another amazing day, National Rum Day and the beginning of Little Italy Days in Bloomfield (8/16-8/19) (8/16); Bad Poetry Day (8/18); National Hot & Spicy Food Day (8/19); and National Sweet Tea Day (8/21)!

Happy birthday, old sock.

Third week birthdays include Lois Lane (8/17); Gene Roddenberry, Ogden Nash, and Mr. Snuffleupagus (8/19); H.P. Lovecraft (8/20); and Christopher Robin Milne (8/21)!

Volcanoes are awesome, you guys.

The last week of August will be as fun as the first, starting with Tooth Fairy Day (8/22); Pluto Demoted Day, Vesuvius Day, and National Waffle Day (8/24); National Banana Split Day (8/25); More Herbs, Less Salt Day (8/29); and Toasted Marshmallow Day (8/30)!

And our final week of August birthdays will include Ray Bradbury and Dorothy Parker (8/22); Gene Kelly (8/23); Tim Burton and Sean Connery (8/25); and PeeWee Herman and Ira Levin (8/27)!

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