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I think the cover really says it all...

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Bizarre, macabre, and absolutely fabulous, Miss Peregrine reads like a picture book for dark-minded adults.  Sprinkled throughout the story’s pages is a series of weirdly wonderful sepia-toned photos, all of which – the author claims – are genuine images he collected after countless trips to flea markets and rummage sales across the country.  The photos, arranged in groups of twos or threes, coincide with character descriptions in the text and are meant, I suppose, to spark the reader’s imagination – but honestly, Riggs’ writing is so richly descriptive, you’ll hardly need any help envisioning the odd world he’s created for us in Miss Peregrine.  This’ll be a hit with fans of Gaiman or Gorey, or really anyone who can appreciate a good ghost story.

*We're carrying the sequel, Hollow City as well!
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