Sweet hel­met, bro.

Soon I Will Be Invin­ci­ble by Austin Gross­man

What do you do when you find out your heart is the wrong kind?” asks the super-vil­lain of this sto­ry, Dr. Impos­si­ble. This comic book turned lit­er­ary fic­tion answers this ques­tion through the alter­nat­ing per­spec­tives of super vil­lain and super­hero.  I am so excit­ed about this book I can’t stand it, I am in full nerd mode already search­ing out the author online hop­ing he will be my friend. The devel­op­ment of each char­ac­ter is stun­ning not only in sub­stance but also tim­ing; the unbe­liev­ably rich orig­in sto­ries of each hero/villain unfold them­selves sud­den­ly and unex­pect­ed­ly-and they’re AWESOME! One min­ute you’re immersed in an epic bat­tle and the next you’re learn­ing about what Dr Impos­si­ble was like in high school, that his name was Jonathan, that you knew a guy like him, and that may­be things would have been dif­fer­ent if he got the girl.  But now, he’s fight­ing off a pot­bel­ly and liv­ing in a motel, plan­ning his next scheme to con­quer the world on his 12th attempt.  It’s got oth­er dimen­sions, time trav­el, aliens, armies of algae and fun­gus-what else could you pos­si­bly ask for?

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