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The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

I’ve been on a fairy tale kick recently, but a lot of the “retellings” you find lying around these days aren’t half as clever as they think they are.  That being said, The Book of Lost Things is PERFECT in every way. Sure, Connolly recycles some old material here, like the story of Snow White and a few others, but it’s not because he’s lazy; he’s trying to have some fun with the traditional fairy tale. And it works. Besides being fun, The Book of Lost Things is incredibly sad. Nearly every character in this book has been touched by some sort of tragedy (and you’ll get to read all about it.) But that’s pretty much the entire point of this novel: people grow old, they die, bad things happen to them. And yet there’s so much beauty and joy and happiness to look forward to once we reach adulthood. In other words, you can’t stay young forever and WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO, YA CRAZIES?!  I’d definitely recommend this book to any ‘Peter Pan’ lovers. It might change your mind.

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