T-5 days to Valentine's Day, y'all!  If you already have your V-day plans, gifts, and cards, I congratulate you.  If not, you're in luck, because KU has everything you need to pull the perfect Valentine's celebration seemingly out of nowhere!  Click READ MORE to find the perfect combination!


Whether you're into anatomically correct(ish) hearts or fluffy puppies, we have all the snuggles!


More sets of Valentines than you can shake a stick at plus stickers to seal them!


Try these sets of vintage-illustrated Valentines! (We have a bunch more not sold in sets, too!)


Ah, Intercourses. Pretty great title, actually. Also full of delicious recipes to go with your Dolce Vita dessert teas!


Books, candles, and tea! Or, 'the big three' as they're known in some circles. (Not really, but they still make great gifts!)


Wrap and/or bag your gift appropriately! Cute packaging is extremely important!


Many of these Valentines are blank for your own personal brand of romantic expression.


We have a Valentine for any situation, so make sure you cover all your bases!

See you soon!

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