We only get to see such a wonderful number in February every four years or so. Actually, we get to see it in years that are divisible by four evenly but not the ones that are also divisible by 100 unless it is divisible by 400 as well.

Leap years have always amused and fascinated me in a way that would probably make people question my sanity, something not out of the ordinary. I remember the day I found out about leap years. I was young and my mom was telling me about a girl I knew who had a birthday on February 29th and she was making a joke about this girl only turning two years old technically. Though I understood she was kidding my mind went somewhere else. I thought about all the possibilities of being born on a day that doesn't exist. Being forgotten about by time. Like leap year babies had the ability to time travel. They were able to exist in other dimensions and only had to really exist in ours every four years. They were magical fairy like creatures and I loved them. I would think about them from time to time and laugh to myself. Out loud. They were fooling everyone! Oh sweet leaplings.

Now Leap Year is even cooler because of why it exists. The history behind it: Egyptians (nomnomnom) then Romans, Caesar, priests doing it different than decreed, being in all the different calendar systems throughout the ages in some way. The way it synchronizes our calendar system with the seasons and the solar year because it takes the earth  365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds to travel around the sun, not 365 and how overtime that could eff with our ability to stay on track with the equinoxes. I LOVE ASTRONOMY. Don't get me started on the algorithms.

I think I just decided I want to get married on a Leap Year...

Yes I did. It's decided. And how perfect! There are lots of folky tales about a leap year being when a woman can propose to a man. If you say no though, you are required by law to buy her 12 pairs of gloves. To see this better explained just watch Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode because they are both very attractive. It wont explain the gloves thing though.

So enjoy this precious day, friends. It only happens 97 times every 400 years!

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