Back to school.  Back to school.  To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.


It’s Sep­tem­ber, and that means it’s Library Card Sign-up Mon­th!  One of the most impor­tant school sup­plies, and life sup­plies, is a library card.  Books are expen­sive, and there’s mag­ic in the rit­u­al of going to the library.  I know I was entranced by Roald Dahl’s char­ac­ter Matil­da, who spent hours in the library delv­ing deep into sto­ries.  


When I was a child, my moth­er took me to the library reg­u­lar­ly.  It was a rit­u­al I will always asso­ciate with her.  I loved it.  The children’s sec­tion was in the base­ment and even though the ele­va­tor at my local library (don’t wor­ry it wasn’t in Pittsburgh…go to the library!) smelled like pee, I always looked for­ward to my vis­its to the library.  It always felt like a spe­cial treat.  The adult sec­tion looked so grand in com­par­ison to my dear lit­tle children’s area. 

My first library card.

My first library card.

When I got old­er I am ashamed to say I stopped going to the library.  I nev­er went to the library at my uni­ver­si­ty, most­ly because it was a giant petri dish filled with cough­ing col­lege stu­dents who still hadn’t learned to cov­er their mouths whilst sneez­ing.  That was a missed oppor­tu­ni­ty.  That library was gor­geous and had amaz­ing resources.  Ahhh hind­sight, you bitch.  This year I am deter­mined to sign up for a library card! 


If you are inter­est­ed in get­ting a card at any of the Carnegie Libraries of Pitts­burgh, there’s some things you should know.  To receive a card you must show a valid form of iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and proof of address.  You must also fill out an appli­ca­tion  There’s plen­ty you can do with your new library card. 


I’m sure I’m not the only girl to fan­ta­size about being Belle from Beau­ty and the Beast.  Belle with the beau­ti­ful library!!!  Which brings me to my next point, libraries are beau­ti­ful.



And have you heard of New Zealand’s teeny tiny libraries that con­nect iso­lat­ed com­mu­ni­ties through a shared love of books?  It’s pret­ty inter­est­ing…

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So get out there!  Go get that library card!  With a library card you can trav­el through space and time.  With the right sto­ry, you can go any­where.


So, what do you think?