Back to school.  Back to school.  To prove to Dad that I’m not a fool.


It’s September, and that means it’s Library Card Sign-up Month!  One of the most important school supplies, and life supplies, is a library card.  Books are expensive, and there’s magic in the ritual of going to the library.  I know I was entranced by Roald Dahl’s character Matilda, who spent hours in the library delving deep into stories.  


When I was a child, my mother took me to the library regularly.  It was a ritual I will always associate with her.  I loved it.  The children’s section was in the basement and even though the elevator at my local library (don’t worry it wasn’t in Pittsburgh...go to the library!) smelled like pee, I always looked forward to my visits to the library.  It always felt like a special treat.  The adult section looked so grand in comparison to my dear little children’s area.  

My first library card.

My first library card.

When I got older I am ashamed to say I stopped going to the library.  I never went to the library at my university, mostly because it was a giant petri dish filled with coughing college students who still hadn’t learned to cover their mouths whilst sneezing.  That was a missed opportunity.  That library was gorgeous and had amazing resources.  Ahhh hindsight, you bitch.  This year I am determined to sign up for a library card!  


If you are interested in getting a card at any of the Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh, there’s some things you should know.  To receive a card you must show a valid form of identification and proof of address.  You must also fill out an application  There’s plenty you can do with your new library card.  


I’m sure I’m not the only girl to fantasize about being Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  Belle with the beautiful library!!!  Which brings me to my next point, libraries are beautiful.



And have you heard of New Zealand’s teeny tiny libraries that connect isolated communities through a shared love of books?  It's pretty interesting...

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So get out there!  Go get that library card!  With a library card you can travel through space and time.  With the right story, you can go anywhere.


So, what do you think?