UPDATE: Net­flix picked up the film.  HAIL TO NETFLIX

I wait­ed and wait­ed for the release of favorite child­hood book for ages.  I fol­lowed every update for this movie since it was first sug­gest­ed.  I fol­lowed the cast­ing process and even re-read the book twice in prepa­ra­tion (once in French).  I read the reviews and became more excit­ed to see the pos­i­tive feed­back. I watched the trail­er numer­ous times in antic­i­pa­tion for Jamie Caliri’s exquis­ite work in stop-motion ani­ma­tion.

Then, March 14th rolled around and…
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While we con­tin­ue to antic­i­pate, re-read the clas­sic and it’s com­pan­ion.

My child­hood dreams were crushed.  Lit­tle Prince fans, we must now wait until lat­er this year until it hits your local the­aters. Para­mount Pic­tures decid­ed they will not han­dle the U.S. release of the film so they are wait­ing on anoth­er dis­trib­u­tor.  With a dis­ap­point­ing release of “Anom­al­isa,” Para­mount decid­ed not to risk the stakes going again­st Disney’s dom­i­nat­ing block­buster “Zootopia”. Espe­cial­ly after Dis­ney just took home an Oscar for the bril­liant “Inside Out.”

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Intro­duce the next gen­er­a­tion to the French mas­ter­piece by gift­ing an adorable one­sie along with some bath sup­plies!

May­be it’s time to make a trip to Canada?  The Lit­tle Prince will open in a wide release this week­end.  Remem­ber to bring your favorite store some maple syrup and donuts :)
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