UPDATE: Netflix picked up the film.  HAIL TO NETFLIX

I waited and waited for the release of favorite childhood book for ages.  I followed every update for this movie since it was first suggested.  I followed the casting process and even re-read the book twice in preparation (once in French).  I read the reviews and became more excited to see the positive feedback. I watched the trailer numerous times in anticipation for Jamie Caliri's exquisite work in stop-motion animation.

Then, March 14th rolled around and...
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While we continue to anticipate, re-read the classic and it's companion.

My childhood dreams were crushed.  Little Prince fans, we must now wait until later this year until it hits your local theaters. Paramount Pictures decided they will not handle the U.S. release of the film so they are waiting on another distributor.  With a disappointing release of "Anomalisa," Paramount decided not to risk the stakes going against Disney's dominating blockbuster "Zootopia". Especially after Disney just took home an Oscar for the brilliant "Inside Out."

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Introduce the next generation to the French masterpiece by gifting an adorable onesie along with some bath supplies!

Maybe it's time to make a trip to Canada?  The Little Prince will open in a wide release this weekend.  Remember to bring your favorite store some maple syrup and donuts :)
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