UFOs. Am I right?

I'm all for the existence of aliens. Regardless of what I think plausible or true, I like to believe in such things as ET's. And who doesn't enjoy watching 'documentaries' and TV specials about alien encounters? The accounts of the witnesses are absolutely priceless every time. They're always the most crazy pants people ever. Or are they?? O_O Abductions and probes! It's hilarious now. Realistically this stuff terrified me when I was a little kid.

Scaring the jank out of me didn't stop me from loving alien movies though. Movies about aliens are always super sweet. Even when they suck. District 9, Independence Day, Starship Troopers, The Thing, Alien: all super f-ing great. Also the program Alien Planet that discovery channel did a few years back was super fun. It was a very possible idea of what aliens would potentially be like and how we'd send some sweet robots to the planet to scope it out for us.

guyz, this wasn't made in ms paint.

guyz, this wasn't made in ms paint. go here.

Anyway about this holiday. Here's the official site, which has some pretty great stuff on it including lolzy eye-witness accounts. But as for celebration it's as simple as things like watching alien movies or even just talking abut the possible existence of alien life. I already gave you a great list of stuff to watch. As you would expect, looking up information on this subject submerged me pretty quickly into conspiracy territory. Unsurprisingly UFO proponents in the UK are becoming skeptical. But I've gone too deep. So I'll leave some links to the crazier stuff I found, and also some of the simply awesome stuff that I found.

This happened.

This is some crazy Hindu stuff?

Astronaut sayin things.

This is the best. 


This is real nuts and actually just recently happened for realsies. Want to think he isn't crazy:

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