All yes.

I don't remember if I've told you guys this, but I love pie.  (Wait, yes I do.  Remember Pi day?)  My favorite is Pecan.  There's just something about the caramel-y deliciousness that I find completely irresistible.  Then again, most baked goods have at least one quality that I find irresistible.  Low-carb diets are not a thing that I can get behind, as you might imagine.  Literally that thought makes me tear up a little.  Baking is one of my favorite pastimes, probably because I was exposed to it really early in life and because duh, cake is amazing.

When I was little, my father worked nights at a bakery, my mother frequently makes all kinds of desserts from scratch, and my family gets together and makes several hundred dozen Christmas cookies each year.  Baking is kind of our schtick.

Anywho, back to pie and championships.  Evidently there's an organization in this country called the American Pie Council.  Just for a moment let's pause and laugh a little about how something as simple and classic as pie got a 'council'.  That just seems superfluous (and more than a little pretentious) to me.  (And believe me, I know pretentious.)  Anyway, apparently every year the APC holds Pie Championships in a number of categories to determine the best pie in the nation.  You can learn more about the organization as a whole at their website.

If I had known this was a thing, I totally would have entered, like, years ago.  I've been wanting to experiment with an Orange Meringue pie for years.  I think it would rule, my mom doesn't think it would work, for some reason.  I'll show her.  Orange Meringue Pie will win it all next year, mark my words!  (Slash, a quick look at Allrecipes.com tells me that there's even already a recipe!  Wtf!)

So I know some people don't get as excited about homemade pie as I do.  To those people I give a hearty pshaw and good day.  Pies rule!



Alllllllllll the pies!

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1 Comment

  • BULLY! for pie. My favorite pie is blueberry. And, yes, you know pretentious, lol.

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