IMG_20150813_191417I'm a bit of a sappy romantic. And when it comes to love notes, its like sap times 1000.

When I was young I read this story about this husband and wife that would write love letters and notes to each other and hide them in things. They would constantly be finding little reminders of how much they were loved in sock drawers, behind cabinet doors, in with the toothpaste, everywhere.

When the husband died, the wife went months without seeing anymore love notes. and then one day when she was baking cookies, she poured out a cup of sugar and uncovered one last note, hidden in the sugar jar.

Love notes are not just a one time occurrence. They are a physical piece of love that you can touch and hold. They are a memory in physical form that can transport you back to a moment of joy.

See what I mean? Sappppy romantic.

hatI always wanted to find someone who would write me little love notes. And when I do get notes or cards, I treasure them for forever. They all go in a little box that I have just for notes. It's a box full of love.

Unfortunately, I am dating this goofy guy who is more likely to show his affection with a strange and useless gift (usually way too large) from a yard sale or thrift store. Don't get me wrong, I very much appreciate the sentiment, but you can only own so many giant second hand costume hats.

He's not really a note-writer. And I'm not really going to be able to change that about him, I know it. But we came to a compromise. We use the Knock Knock pads to leave each other notes now. It's not quite as poetic as real love notes. But they are little pieces of love and they certainly fit into my box.

Today is Love Note day. If you're not the love note writing type, it's really okay. but just keep in mind that the person you love might really be the love note receiving type. So even if it's just a smiley face on a post-it, or a 'good morning' next to the coffee pot, write a little note today. I guarantee it will be appreciated.

So, what do you think?