IMG_20150813_191417I’m a bit of a sap­py roman­tic. And when it comes to love notes, its like sap times 1000.

When I was young I read this sto­ry about this hus­band and wife that would write love let­ters and notes to each oth­er and hide them in things. They would con­stant­ly be find­ing lit­tle reminders of how much they were loved in sock draw­ers, behind cab­i­net doors, in with the tooth­paste, every­where.

When the hus­band died, the wife went months with­out see­ing any­more love notes. and then one day when she was bak­ing cook­ies, she poured out a cup of sug­ar and uncov­ered one last note, hid­den in the sug­ar jar.

Love notes are not just a one time occur­rence. They are a phys­i­cal piece of love that you can touch and hold. They are a mem­o­ry in phys­i­cal form that can trans­port you back to a moment of joy.

See what I mean? Sappp­py roman­tic.

hatI always want­ed to find some­one who would write me lit­tle love notes. And when I do get notes or cards, I trea­sure them for forever. They all go in a lit­tle box that I have just for notes. It’s a box full of love.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I am dat­ing this goofy guy who is more like­ly to show his affec­tion with a strange and use­less gift (usu­al­ly way too large) from a yard sale or thrift store. Don’t get me wrong, I very much appre­ci­ate the sen­ti­ment, but you can only own so many giant sec­ond hand cos­tume hats.

He’s not real­ly a note-writer. And I’m not real­ly going to be able to change that about him, I know it. But we came to a com­pro­mise. We use the Knock Knock pads to leave each oth­er notes now. It’s not quite as poet­ic as real love notes. But they are lit­tle pieces of love and they cer­tain­ly fit into my box.

Today is Love Note day. If you’re not the love note writ­ing type, it’s real­ly okay. but just keep in mind that the per­son you love might real­ly be the love note receiv­ing type. So even if it’s just a smi­ley face on a post-it, or a ‘good morn­ing’ next to the cof­fee pot, write a lit­tle note today. I guar­an­tee it will be appre­ci­at­ed.

So, what do you think?