It's Pride week. We're excited.

We're excited for the rainbows. And for the balloons and confetti, and the giant party in the streets.
But mostly, we're excited that this week of pride will allow the city's LGBT people to be proud and fill the streets!!!



The first US Pride Parade

Simultaneously, we would like to remember and remind about the origin of Pride week.
The first ever Gay Pride march in US history was the Christopher Street Liberation Day on June 28, 1970. It was the one year anniversary of the Stonewall riots, the beginning of a movement.  People were tired of being in the shadow. They were tired of being treated as less than human. They took to the streets, with rainbows and banners and smiles and excitement, and they marched through New York City Loud and Proud. But also a bit scared. parents-families-and-friends-of-lesbians-and-gays-pflag

Today we have the luxury of being allowed to take over the whole city during the Pride Parade. We are surrounded by supporters and lovers. It's a great and glorious thing.


But at the same time, we all know there is still progress to be made! If you come for the party, stay for the fight. It's every day, everywhere, in small ways, in big ways. It's a fight for freedom. It's a fight for love.


So, what do you think?