It’s Pride week. We’re excit­ed.

We’re excit­ed for the rain­bows. And for the bal­loons and con­fet­ti, and the giant par­ty in the streets.
But most­ly, we’re excit­ed that this week of pride will allow the city’s LGBT peo­ple to be proud and fill the streets!!!



The first US Pride Parade

Simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, we would like to remem­ber and remind about the orig­in of Pride week.
The first ever Gay Pride march in US his­to­ry was the Christo­pher Street Lib­er­a­tion Day on June 28, 1970. It was the one year anniver­sary of the Stonewall riots, the begin­ning of a move­ment.  Peo­ple were tired of being in the shad­ow. They were tired of being treat­ed as less than human. They took to the streets, with rain­bows and ban­ners and smiles and excite­ment, and they marched through New York City Loud and Proud. But also a bit scared. parents-families-and-friends-of-lesbians-and-gays-pflag

Today we have the lux­u­ry of being allowed to take over the whole city dur­ing the Pride Parade. We are sur­round­ed by sup­port­ers and lovers. It’s a great and glo­ri­ous thing.


But at the same time, we all know there is still pro­gress to be made! If you come for the par­ty, stay for the fight. It’s every day, every­where, in small ways, in big ways. It’s a fight for free­dom. It’s a fight for love.


So, what do you think?